17 Top Health Benefits of Espresso Beans You Should Know

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Nowadays, we can say that coffee is being a part of our lifestyle. One cannot wake up before sipping a hot coffee, and the other cannot miss the way drop by coffee shop and drink it along the way to the office. When we talk about coffee, we cannot miss espresso.

Yes, espresso is the expressed coffee drip from grounded coffee and a small amount of nearly boiling water. We can make any kinds of coffee drink such as cappuccino, macchiato, and latte from espresso. The making process of espresso usually occupies espresso machine.

About Espresso Beans

But have you ever heard about espresso beans? Wait, do you feel a little hazy here? What actually espresso is? Is it a drink or kinds of beans? And what to do with coffee beans? Well, let me explain. Espresso is made of coffee beans, either Arabica or Robusta. The coffee beans are being roasted before it is brewed into a coffee drink. And espresso beans are the coffee beans in which the beans take a longer time during the roasting process to produce a very good espresso shot.

Espresso beans are the darker roasted coffee beans prepared for a high quality espresso. So, if we talk about the different of the regular coffee beans and espresso beans, it is only the way we roast the beans. However, it is found that the espresso beans perform more health benefits of espresso beans than the common Health Benefits of Roasted Coffee Beans .

The Health Benefits of Espresso Beans

Espresso beans can be used not only for the coffee drink. The beans are able to presents some health benefits for us. Here are the health benefits of espresso beans we can get by consuming or using the espresso beans:

  1. Rich with antioxidant

Just like Health Benefits of Red Pomegranate, espresso beans are high in antioxidant. As we know, antioxidant can help us eliminate many diseases and health problems. It is possible since antioxidant is able to fight free radicals and the oxidative agent which cause damage on the tissues.

  1. Improve physical performance

By eating the espresso bean, we are able to get the energy from the caffeine faster than drinking the coffee. This way, espresso beans are able to improve our physical performance during exercise or work.

  1. Stimulate brain

The reason why people love to grab coffee in the middle of the office hour is that coffee can effectively stimulate your brain function. It refreshes your mind and triggers the brain to work harder when you stuck with your work. The stimulation can even be obtained just by inhaling the smell of the espresso beans. Thus, we can imagine the greater effect we can get from eating the beans.

  1. Elevate mood

Besides triggering your brain function, espresso beans can also elevate your mood. The caffeine in espresso beans has been known to be able in lifting mood in an instant way. Further, consuming espresso beans can also prevent stress and depression. 

  1. Prevent Alzheimer’s

Despite the severity of Alzheimer, there are some natural ingredients which are able to prevent the diseases. As mentioned before in the Health Benefits of Black Beans and Brown Rice, Alzheimer can be prevented by the consumption of the mentioned ingredients as they contain high antioxidant. The same thing also happens in espresso beans. The antioxidant in espresso beans is believed to be able in tackling Alzheimer’s.

  1. Burn fat

We have known the Benefits of Black Coffee for Weight Loss. It is due to the low calorie coffee is able to effectively burns fat and help you control your weight. The same benefit also appears in the health benefits of espresso beans to lose weight.  

  1. Prevent cancer

Regular coffee and espresso beans tend to be protective against some types of cancer. a certain study revealed that coffee drinkers have lower risk of two types of cancer, liver cancer and colorectal cancer, at 15% – 40%.

  1. Prevent stroke

As we know, the most powerful component in espresso beans and regular coffee beans is the caffeine. Caffeine can do many health benefits, such improving the blood flow. This way, we are able to avoid the high blood pressure and further prevent stroke. Some studies prove that coffee drinkers have lower possibility of stroke.

  1. Aid detoxification

Espresso beans have urination property. Thus, consuming espresso product may help optimize the urination. Urination helps you flush the toxins and unwanted substance out of the body through the urine. This way, we will be healthier as our body will be quickly cleaned right after we consume espresso beans.

  1. Exfoliate skin

We can also get the health benefits of espresso beans by occupying the external use. One of these is by roughly grind the espresso beans and use them as body scrub. The natural scrub from espresso beans will effectively exfoliate our skin. It gets rid of the dead skin while nourishing skin. Why should we need the scrub from the store if we can get the natural, purely safe, and cheap homemade scrub from the espresso beans?

  1. Brighten skin

As espresso beans give the health benefits for body skin, we can also take the benefits for the face skin. Using the ground espresso beans as facial mask is able to enhance skin radiance and brightness. Therefore, it can be a very friendly remedy for your skin as it is natural and safe to be used frequently.

  1. Nourish hair

The other external use of espresso beans is by using the ground espresso beans as natural hair mask. Make a paste from the espresso beans, rub all over the damp hair, and let it steep for about 10 minutes before rinsing it. The natural hair mask from espresso beans is able to prevent hair from breakage and slower the process of aging.

More Good Things About The Espresso Beans

The other health benefits of espresso beans are:

  1. Lower diabetes risk
  2. Prevent dementia
  3. Lower risk of Parkinson’s
  4. Protect liver
  5. Prevent heart disease


Recommendation in Consuming Espresso Beans

If you don’t like the bitterness of coffee, yet you really embrace the health benefits of espresso beans, there are some ways in eating the espresso beans.

  • First, you can melt baking chocolate, dip the espresso beans in the chocolate, let it dry in the freezer, and eat it when the chocolate dried.
  • This chocolate covered espresso beans is happening today, because it is both delicious and healthy.
  • If you want to make it healthier, make sure you use the low fat and low sugar chocolate, such dark chocolate.
  • This way, you will also get the Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate .

Or else, with the same steps, you can also substitute the chocolate with yoghurt. But if you are able to bear the bitterness, it is okay to eat espresso beans alone as a snack.

Precautions in Consuming Espresso Beans

Beside the health benefits of espresso beans, you should also pay attention to the side effect of eating the beans. The caffeine in espresso beans tends to raise the heart rate and blood pressure as one of the Caffeine Side Effects For Health.

Therefore it is important for those with hypertension to pay attention to their consumption of espresso beans. It may cause some side effects such insomnia, improved heart rate, and even shivering. And for those with no blood pressure issues, they still need to keep the moderation in consuming espresso beans to gain the health benefits of espresso beans.