Benefits of Vada Pav The Indian Burger, Junk or Healthy?

Have you ever heard of the name Vada Pav? If you have recently visit India, or you came from a family with some Indian Culture, you might notice that these words represent one of the common and loved food in India, especially from its city of origin, Mumbai. Mumbai is the largest city in India, […]

The Health Benefits of Kachori – Easy Indian Snack Recipe

Believe it or not, there are actual health benefits of kachori, a popular tea-time snack from India. This is great news for the fans of this spiced, fried bread because many people are still avoiding it for many health reasons. But don’t rush yourself right now, find out more facts and health benefits of it […]

11 Best Banana Cue Benefits for Health Which Not Everyone Knows

Everyone loves snacking, but not everyone realize the banana cue benefits for health. This delicious snack is a good option during morning or afternoon snack. Therefore, many people loves to try consuming this food and get the idea of the taste. Apparently, this delicious food contain several nutrient that important to the body health. Through […]

4 Health Benefits of Consuming Pav Bhaji – Snacking with No Worries

Indian food is always interesting to be tasted. Have you ever try pav bhaji? It is a traditional Indian snack that consists of pav (bun or bread) and bhaji (thick vegetable curry). The taste is unique as it has a lot of spices inside it. Do you want to know more about pav bhaji? Check […]

3 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Consuming Pakora – Snacky with No Worries

Deep-fried snacks are very delicious, do you agree? Despite the oily appearance, the taste of fried snacks is always the best. However, there are many disadvantages of consuming deep-fried food. Pakora is one of Indian snacks that are deep fried. It can be found in restaurants or street vendors. The main ingredients of pakora are […]

4 Amazing Benefits of Kulfi – A Healthier Option of Dessert

Have you ever craved for something cold in the middle of sunny day? Ice cream is one of the best ways to cool down your mind or soul during the hot day. However, some ice cream makes you guilty because of the calories it has. You seem to be afraid of consuming ice cream as […]

3 Proven Health Benefits of Consuming Doner Kebab

Fast food has always been favorable for everyone as it is easy to make, fast to be served and delicious to taste. Is fast food always unhealthy? Some fast food are not that bad. Kebab is one of them. Doner kebab originally came from Ottoman Empire that is now known as Turkey. It is best […]

Health Benefits of Kathi Roll – Incredibly Healthy Indian Snack for your Diet

Are you wondering of having a good and healthy snack for your diet? There might be thousands types of snacks available in your area, but are they really healthy and good? You may check Health Benefits of Polenta Chips for Diet Snacks to give you slight idea of having healthy snacks. If you want a […]

Health Benefits of Pani Puri – Indian Snack to Try

Pani puri is an Indian fried bread snack, that consists of a round, hollow puri (Indian style fried bread), deep fried until it is crisp and filled with a mixture. That mixture itself is made up of flavoured water, tamarind, chutney, chilli, potato, onion, chickpeas as well as chaat masala powders. Pani puri is a […]

9 Great Health Benefits of Unsweetened Carob Chips for Cardiovascular

People might not really understand about the health benefits of unsweetened carob chips. Even some people might also not familiar with the chips. Mainly for those who are not liking cakes or cookies. Since the chips mostly use and mix with cookies. So that it becomes a delicious snacks that lovable by children and adult. […]