3 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Consuming Pakora – Snacky with No Worries

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Deep-fried snacks are very delicious, do you agree? Despite the oily appearance, the taste of fried snacks is always the best. However, there are many disadvantages of consuming deep-fried food. Pakora is one of Indian snacks that are deep fried. It can be found in restaurants or street vendors.

The main ingredients of pakora are mostly onions, potatoes, chili powder, flour, cauliflower, chicken and some Indian spices. Read 3 Proven Health Benefits of Consuming Doner Kebab and Health Benefits of Pani Puri – Indian Snack to Try to get to know more about healthy Indian snacks.

What canyou find in one serving of pakora?

As statedbefore, pakora is a type of deep-fried snack which main ingredients arevegetables and Indian spices. Pakora is sometimes eaten with bread.  Chicken and fish can also be added to pakorato make it tastier. There are some types of pakora: pyaaz pakora, aloo pakora, paneer pakora and palaak pakora. Pakorathat is made from onion is pyaaz pakora. Potato is used to make aloo pakora.Cottage cheese (paneer) is used to make paneer pakora.

In pakora,there are many ingredients you can find, such as vegetables and Indian spices.The vegetables used in pakora are usually onions, potatoes, chilies, corrianderleaves, cauliflower, spinach and other vegetables.

Pakora isusually enjoyed as snack or appetizer before heavy meal is served. Masala chaiis usually served to guests with pakora during wedding ceremony together withtamarind, chutney and raita. Pakora is not only popular in its origin country,but nowadays, you can find it in western country, such as United Kingdom.

How nutritious is pakora?

Though itis deep-fried, pakora is still healthier than any junk food served in fast foodrestaurant. In one serving of pakora you can find:

  • 166calories
  • 14.3g of carbohydrates
  • 9.9g of fats
  • 3.9g of proteins

Do you see it? Consuming pakora is not as harmful as consuming one piece of hamburger, is it? You may read other snacks that are low in calories such as Health Benefits of Polenta Chips for Diet Snacks and Health Benefits of Zucchini Chips For Skin And Diet.

How to make healthy version of pakora?

If youthink that pakora is not as healthy as you want, you can make some variationsof it. Here are the ways to make healthy version of pakora. This is an adoptedrecipe from Slimming World. This kind of pakora is free of gluten, dairy and itis vegetarian.

You willneed:

  • 100 g of sliced onion
  • 100 g of carrot, thin-sliced
  • 100 g of zucchini, thin-sliced
  • 1 cup of canned chickpeas, drained
  • 1 tsp of ground corriander
  • 1 tsp of cumin
  • ½ tsp of masala salt
  • ½ tsp of chili powder
  • 1 clove of garlic, crushed
  • 1 tsp of grated ginger
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 2 tsp of cornstarch
  • 1 tbsp of olive oil

How to makeit:

  1. Heat the oven to 200 to 400 degreeof Fahrenheit.
  2. Put zucchini into a bowl, add somesalt and leave for 10 minutes.
  3. Add some carrot, onion, garlic andginger into the mixture.
  4. Add all the spices and mix themwell.
  5. Put the egg into the mixture,combine well.
  6. Make sure you drain the chickpeasuntil there is no water, put them into food processor. Wait until they arechopped perfectly.
  7. Mix it with the vegetables and addsome cornstarch into it. Combine them well.
  8. Put ½ tbsp of olive oil to a fryingpan and turn into medium high heat.
  9. Make the mixture into the shape ofpatties, make 9 of them. After the pan is hot enough, put 4 pakoras on it andfry until it is golden brown. Do the same thing with the other side.
  10. Move them into baking tray, coveredwith parchment paper.
  11. Bake the patties in the oven forabout 20 minutes.
  12. The pakora is ready to be served.Enjoy!

This version of pakora is very healthy and good for your losing weight program. It has less calories than the ordinary pakora as this pakora only has 95 calories! Wow, that’s perfect for losing weight because there is less calorie.

What are the benefits of consuming pakora?

Before consuming a certain type of food, there must be consideration about whether the food is healthy for you. These are the three health benefits of consuming pakora. Check these following out!

Source of energy

Cornstarch as one of the main ingredients inpakora is very beneficial for giving you energy. One tablespoon serving ofcornstarch gives you 8 grams of carbohydrates. It will be beneficial for you tocarry a lot of activities. Zucchini is also one of the ingredients that boostsyour energy.

Weight loss

You know that the main ingredients of pakoraare vegetables. Vegetables are very rich in fiber that makes you easily feelfull. By feeling full, you will think twice of consuming other snacks. Besidesthat, this snack is low in calorie, so it is safe!

Anti-oxidant agent

Onion is one of the main ingredients in pakora. Do you know that onions have a lot of health benefits to your body? One of them is as anti-oxidant agent. By consuming onions, the risk of getting cellular damage and diseases, like cancer can be minimized.

So, don’t hesitate to consume pakora. It is easy to make, very healthy and full of nutrients. Grab some vegetables and make your own version of pakora! Enjoy!

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