Health Benefits of Jalebi Fafda – Amazing Breakfast from India

Gujarati people celebrate Dussehra festival by consuming and offering special foods in order to remind Hindus the victory of goodness over the evil. Among those foods, jalebi fafda is considered the trademark dish for both the offering and their common breakfast menu. But behind this tradition, there are actual health benefits of jalebi fafda that […]

Health Benefits of Eating Samosa and How to Make One at Home

Without a doubt, Samosa is among the most recognized Indian dishes. But on the other hand, it’s also notoriously known as a rather unhealthy snack that causes several health issues. Does that mean you’ll have to avoid this wonderful tea-time snack? Fortunately you don’t have to, because there are surprisingly plenty health benefits of eating […]

5 Health Benefits of Kacip Fatimah For Every Women’s Needs

Herbal medicines are still on demand thanks to its natural substance which doesn’t damage your kidneys on a long term. The same can be said to Labisia pumila, better known as kacip fatimah. Specifically beneficial for women, you can find many health benefits of kacip fatimah from its entire plant. That is correct: Nothing is […]

Health Benefits of Kachumbari – Kenyan’s Take on Salad Dish

Wonder how other countries experience a salad dish? Well, a distant country from the East Africa called Kenya definitely has a unique take for that. Known as Kachumbari, this local salad delicacy is simple yet full of freshness. As the result, there are many health benefits of kachumbari that are unique and beneficial for you. […]

The Health Benefits of Kachori – Easy Indian Snack Recipe

Believe it or not, there are actual health benefits of kachori, a popular tea-time snack from India. This is great news for the fans of this spiced, fried bread because many people are still avoiding it for many health reasons. But don’t rush yourself right now, find out more facts and health benefits of it […]