11 Best Banana Cue Benefits for Health Which Not Everyone Knows

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Everyone loves snacking, but not everyone realize the banana cue benefits for health. This delicious snack is a good option during morning or afternoon snack. Therefore, many people loves to try consuming this food and get the idea of the taste.

Apparently, this delicious food contain several nutrient that important to the body health. Through consuming the banana cue, it also helps to bring various positive result for the body and health. For those who never know banana cue and how to cook this delicious dish or snacks, pay attention on the picture.

Nutrient Content of Banana Cue 

This delicious snack is not only taste good, but it also quite healthy since it contain several important nutrients for the body. In each portion of banana cue, normally it will contain below nutrient:

  • 141 calories
  • 3.9gr of fat
  • 3.5gr of sodium
  • 28gr of carbohydrates
  • 19gr of sugars
  • 1gr of protein
  • 7mg of vitamin C
  • 10mg of calcium
  • 2mg of vitamin A
  • 1mg of iron

Banana Cue Benefits 

1. Rich in Calcium

Banana is famous with its calcium content. Therefore, consume the fruit will help to supply high calcium level for the body. The same way as the health benefits of Bulgarian buttermilk that also contain high number of calcium.

2. Improve Bone Strength

A high calcium content inside the body will manage to improve the bone strength. It can manage to add the bone mass so that the bone condition is keep healthy and not easily to get fracture. This is way banana cue is good to result a strong healthy bone condition.

3. Avoid Osteoporosis

By supply a high calcium content to the bone, it means it can also help to avoid the possibility to experience osteoporosis symptoms. The same way as the benefits of turmeric for bones that works to avoid this kind of bone health problems.

4. Manage Blood Circulation

Consume banana cue will help to manage the blood circulation. It can help to avoid blood cod by bring better blood system and viscosity. Therefore, it bring healthy neuron and great healthy body too.

5. Bring Energy

Banana cue contain a quite high number of carbohydrates. Therefore, consume this food is suitable during morning or afternoon snack to replace missing energy and replace with the new one. The carbohydrates inside the dish is the same health benefits of indian masala tea that works to improve the energy too.

6. Better Body Metabolism

Another banana cue benefits for health is to provide a good body metabolism system. This is the way banana cue will lead to extra energy for the body. It run fasten metabolic rate that will increase and optimize the body metabolism system.

7. Detoxification Process

Consume the food also a good way to bring a natural way of detoxification process. Since banana is always good to help cleanse out all the toxin from the body. The same way as the health benefits of sorghum leaves that also good to manage a detoxification process.

8. Support Diet

For those who needs to reduce weight and gain more muscle mass, then this snack can be another alternative. It lead to support diet by replacing carbohydrates from other food. Therefore, if running a diet, then this snack can be placed as one of the menu.

9. Avoid Anemia

Banana also rich in iron that works well to improve the red blood cell formation. Therefore, it can be another way to avoid anemia possibility and works to improve the blood flow too. The same way as the benefits of turkey berry for anemia that also good to fight against anemia symptoms.

10. Supply Vitamins

The snacks also good to supply various vitamins as mention above. Therefore, it helps to lead a healthy body all the time.

11. Control Blood Pressure

The food will help to manage controlling blood pressure in certain consumption. Therefore, it can manage to avoid hypertension too.

Recommendation When Consume Banana Cue

Even the snack is good to consume, there are several things to remember. This recommendation will benefit to avoid unwanted possible side effects if over consume the banana cue.

  • It can lead to gain cholesterol and increase cardiovascular diseases possibility since the food is fried. Therefore, always manage to consume it less than one time a week.
  • In case of experience any allergy symptoms after consume banana cue such as itchiness or redness skin, it is better to stop consume this snack.
  • Make sure to choose a fresh ingredients to avoid diarrhea and any other bacteria infection illness.
  • Avoid added sugar to avoid diabetes possibility due to increasing blood sugar level.

Those all the banana cue benefits for health that will help people to manage a better living by consume this simple snack or dish.

However, even it is claim to be healthy, make sure not to over consume. Since it can lead to another dangerous symptoms too. Through a wise consumption, we can taste the delicious of banana cue without worry of getting any problems on health in the future.