25 Health Benefits of Ginkgo Biloba Extract Based on Research

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Ginkgo biloba is the last tree among the Ginkgophyte species. While other species has been extinct. It is also known as a “living fossil” by scientist. Due to their presence for thousand years. It is an interesting fact, that this plant has been known for its health benefit for centuries.

The tree is originally coming from Asia. Specifically, from China. You might have heard health benefits of eating irish potatoes which one of the benefit is to improve the memory. Either ginkgo biloba. Its main health benefit is to improve the brain function. Which will be explained further at another paragraph in this article.

Due to the high demand of this plant, there are some efforts to cultivate this plant. Some countries in Europe and South America is cultivating this plant for the last 200 years. This is to supports their scientist research to get the optimize health benefits of ginko biloba extract.

Some people also interest to growth this plant in their garden. Due to its high tolerance to many soil conditions, therefore it is possible to growth this plan anywhere. The easiest way to cultivate it is by buying cultivars. In addition, to successfully growth this plan, make sure it is well drained.

Nutritional Value of Gingko Biloba

Below is the nutritional value per 100gr of ginkgo biloba:
Calories 181cal
Fat 1.7gr
Saturated Fat 0.3gr
Cholesterol 0mg
Natrium 7mg
Kalium 510mg
Carbohydrates 38gr
Protein 4.3gr
Calsium 2mg
Magnesium 27mg
Iron 1mg
Vitamin A 558IU
Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) 0.3mg
Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) 15mg

Ginkgo biloba has many health benefits. Below is the detail explanation of the health benefits of ginkgo biloba extract:

1. Improve the Memory

A study has found that gingko biloba extract can help to improve the memory. It maintains the brain tissue and blood circulation of the brain. Therefore, it optimize the work of brain nerve.

2. Increase Concentration

The extract is also work to increase concentration. Because of its capability to improve oxygen supply to the brain. It is important for young people. Therefore, the extract is good to consume by children and middle-aged people.

3. Prevent Dementia

Due to the capability in improve the memory, it helps elderly to prevent dementia. The vitamin B contained inside the extract help to maintain the nerve system. Hence, the brain is well stimulated and avoid memory loss.

4. Prevent Alzheimers

Some studies find that ginkgo biloba can help to prevent alzheimer. The study brings an evidence that it optimizes the cognitive of the brain. Therefore, it is suit to use as a treatment on age-related brain problems such as alzheimer.

5. Anti-Oxidant

Due to the vitamin C contain, the extract is working well as an anti-oxidant. Hence, it is able to eliminate the free radical effect. This benefit mainly comes from the tea extract. Same as common benefit of many kinds of tea. In example is the health benefits of chai tea latte.

6. Anti-aging

The anti-oxidant capability leads to the benefit of anti-aging. It helps to avoid the sign of elderly.

7. Anti-cancer

As an anti-oxidant, it brings capability of anti-cancer. It breaks the nutrition to the cancer cell. Therefore, it prevents the growth of the cancer. Furthermore, it replaces the damage cell with a new one.

8. Maintain Skin Texture

The vitamin C in the extract result a smooth silky skin. The anti-aging effect works to reduce wrinkle. It is also preventing pimples. Hence, it resulted a younger look.

9. Anti-Bacteria

Ginkgo biloba extract can fight against bacteria infection. It increases immune system to produce amount of white blood cell. Therefore, it prevents the body to get ill.

10. Prevent skin disease

The extract also works to prevent dermatitis such as eczema and acne. The anti-bacteria helps to avoid germs and soothe the skin disease inflammation.

11. Maintain shiny hair
The vitamin C also help to improve the healthier hair. It makes the hair more shine.

12. Stimulate hair growth
Not only a shiny hair, it is also reducing the hair loss. It is stimulating the hair follicles to growth a new hair. Therefore, it resulted a thickness and bold hair.

13. Reduce Blood Pressure

Ginkgo biloba can help to reduce the blood pressure. This is because the extract help to cleans the blood and regulates the blood flow to the whole part of the body.

14. Maintain Cholesterol

The extract can lower down the contain of LDL and triglyceride inside the blood. It is also able to increase the HDL level. Therefore, it maintains the cholesterol level inside the blood.

15. Prevent Stroke

Due to the capability of maintaining the cholesterol level, it helps to prevent stroke.

16. Prevent Heart Attack

The extract helps to balance the cardiac system and maintain the blood vessel to the heart. Therefore it can help to avoid a heart attack.

17. Maintain Healthy Vision

The number of vitamin A inside the extract is bring a good benefit for the sight. It helps to maintain the eye vision by improving the blood circulation. Since it can lower down the blood pressure, therefore, it helps to prevent glaucoma.

18. Anti-depressant

The anti-oxidant helps to bring a pleasant feeling. Therefore, it can act as an anti-depressant. It relief the mind and give a calm thinking. Hence, it is good to prevent stress.

19. Relief PMS

Since it capable to act as an anti-depressant, therefore, it is help to soothe the PMS syndrome. It stabilizes the mood and the hormone during PMS. Furthermore, it reduces the abdominal pain during the syndrome.

20. Prevent Schizophrenia

The anti-depressant effect also a benefit to prevent schizophrenia. The calm effect reduces the paranoia feelings. Therefore, it brings a pleasant feeling.

21. Maintain Respiratory

The extract can work to maintain respiratory. It helps to lower down the inflammation on the respiratory system. Furthermore, it optimizes the work of the trachea and clean the mucus.

22. Prevent Asthma

It helps to stimulate PAF which can prevent asthma. Including soothe the allergically symptoms on asthma suffer.

23. Prevent Sexual Dysfunction

Since it can regulate the blow circulation, therefore, it helps a better reproduction system.

24. Relief Migraine

It is a good way to relief headache and migraine. It stimulates the nerve to reduce the head pain.

25. Anti-Inflammation

A study mentioned that the extract can works as an anti-inflammation. It soothe the swelling and eliminate the pain in infected area.

How to Use Ginkgo Biloba Extract

When thinking to gain the health benefits of ginkgo biloba extract, there are a lot of ways. Below are some of the way to use the ginkgo biloba extract:

1. Extract Tea

Making a homemade gingko biloba tea is quite easy. Frist, boiled some water. Then, put some gingko biloba leaves into the bowl. After that, pour out the boiling water. Wait for 5-10 minutes until the leaves absorbed by water and create some color. Last, strain into a cup. Finally, the tea is ready to serve. To add more flavor, you can mix with lemon or ginger. Take some minutes to see the health benefits of drinking warm lemon water or the benefits of ginger.

2. Juice

Some people gain the benefit of gingko biloba by making it as a juice. The taste will more to bitter and sour. Therefore, most people may not comfort with the taste. For a better flavor, it can mix with mint. The mint wouldn’t not only make the flavor fresher, but there is also some health benefits of mint leaves.

3. Capsule

Probably the most common extract of ginkgo biloba is a capsule. Since there are many kinds of this product in the medical store. Start from the cheapest up to the most expensive products. It helps people to easily consume the extract. Furthermore, it is easy to get.

Side Effects of Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Even though gingko biloba extract is considered safe to consume, still there are some effects. Below are some cautions when using the extract:

  1. People with allergic history is recommend to give more attention when using the extract. Due to it might cause allergic reactions, such as itchiness or nausea. Therefore, it is better to stop the consumption of the extract if the allergic symptoms are start to appear.
  2. There is an issue of increasing liver risk for long term use on this product. But this issue need further research and evidence. For those who want to keep a healthy liver, it is suggested to consume garlic due to the health benefits of garlic to the liver.
  3. Using this extract together with any medical prescription shall be under advised by doctor or caregiver. Due to the reaction with chemical medicine might bring negative effects. Mainly for people who in the middle of treatment such as in diabetics’ medication or any other disease medication. Furthermore, special caution shall be made.
  4. Pregnant woman suggested to avoid consuming this extract. Due to some reports that consuming gingko biloba extract can lead to miscarriage.