9 Top Asian Herbs and Its Benefits You Should Grow in Your Garden

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The power of Asian herbs has been well known worldwide because even since ancient time, Asian people have been studying and applying herbal plants for the sake of medicinal practices. Even now, when most people are tending to choose modern medicine than traditional medicines, still some people consider herbs as alternative or home remedy solution. The list of Asian herbs below may open your mind that considering adding them to your back yard may save you a lot of time or energy because sometimes it is just a waste of time for you to drive and meet your doctor when what you got is just light flu that you could deal with just by adding more Asian peppers, cinnamon and cloves to your chicken soup.

  1. Asian Peppers

Do you know why a lot of European people once wanted to conquer some countries of Asia like Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia? It is because of their Asian peppers that used to be very valuable in Europe. Well, lucky for you because now you could get peppers as much as you want just by going to the nearby groceries or supermarket. There are two types of Asian peppers widely known; white and black though both of them are coming from the same type of tree but the way they’ve processed are different. The health benefits of white peppers are also the same as what you get from black peppers.

Peppers are rich of vitamin C and the hot flavor of Asian peppers may promote positive effect to digestion. When it combines with vitamin C, peppers are great solution to treat condition like light fever and sore throat. Just adding more peppers to your soup or mashed potatoes, peppers will improve the flavor to help you improving your appetite as well.

  1. Green Onion

The other name of green onion is scallion onion and originated from Asia, though there are a lot of varieties that may grow in colder climate. You must be surprised how easy growing green onions is. When you go to traditional groceries, you will find green onions are offered along with their roots. What you need to do is just cutting the roots and planting them. In some weeks, you could harvest your own green onions in your back yard and enjoy all the health benefits of scallions onion.

Green onion is great source of certain vitamin like vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin K. That makes green onion is herbs that great for eyes health and could act as immunity booster. Vitamin K and some trace of minerals found in green onion could promote healthy bones as well.

  1. Coriander

Both coriander seeds and coriander leaves has a lot of medical properties and great cooking ingredients. Most Asian’s cuisine has coriander in their main ingredients, especially Indian’s and some regions like Indonesia and Malaysia. When it comes to coriander, not only the health benefits of coriander leaves you should know but the health benefits of coriander seeds as well.

Per 100 gram of coriander could fulfill up to 45% daily intake of vitamin C and more than 100% daily intake of vitamin A. If you need to accelerate your healing process, just add more coriander to your food to help boosting your immunity system. Not only that, coriander also contains some powerful antioxidants that make this herbs one of the top herbs you should grow in your back yard.

  1. Lemongrass

Among Asian people, lemongrass is more than just bushes that they grow in their backyard. The aromatic aroma of lemongrass has been used to kick away bugs and mosquitoes. Furthermore, there are a lot of health benefits of lemongrass and this herbal plant is also bringing a lot of medical properties to be added to daily diet.

The presence of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents in lemongrass are some reasons why this herbal plants are excellent home remedy to treat diarrhea and some skin conditions caused by fungus. Some studies about lemongrass also stated that lemongrass contains some anti-depressant properties that could help people dealing with symptoms of depression.

  1. Pandan Leaves

You must be surprised how much health benefits of pandan leaves are and some studies about this amazing herbal plant stated that the leaves are also valuable to fight various deadly diseases like cancer due to its anti-carcinogenic properties found in pandan leaves. Pandal leaves are originated from Southern Asia and could easily grow without special treatment.

Some studies have conducted regarding pandan leaves and one of the amazing health benefits of pandan leaves are its anti-inflammatory properties that could help relieving condition like arthritis and rheumatism. Not only that, pandan leaves are also potent home remedy for pain relief.

  1. Ginger

Ginger is one of the herbal plants that is essential for cooking as well as for beverages. Ginger is originated from Asia regions. The unique thing about ginger is its unique taste that a bit spicy but at the same time giving you the warm feeling; that’s why many Asians are very fond of ginger because this herb could be made into healthy beverages.

There are a lot of benefits of Ginger because this herbal plant contains some organic compounds like gingerol, shagaol and zingeron. Those are powerful antioxidants that could act as anti-inflammatory and anti-cardiotonic. That’s why ginger is very good for cardiovascular health, pain relief and even fighting free radicals. In lighter case, ginger is excellent home remedy to treat flu and sore throat due to its anti-tusive properties found in ginger.

  1. Kaffir Lime

One more of Asian herbs you should have in your back yard are kaffir lime tree because not only the fruit but the leaves of kaffir lime are bringing a lot of benefits to human health. It is one of the tropical fruits easily found in Asia especially regions like Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia. The unique appearance of the fruit is actually hiding the true health benefits of kaffir lime not only for health but also for beauty.

Since it is part of citrus family, kaffir lime is excellent source of vitamin and rich of anti-oxidants. So, kaffir lime is great home remedy to treat flu and highly recommended for those who are currently in recovery state because it could help boosting the immunity system.

  1. Red Onions

Among Asian, red onions are essential herb for their cuisines recipes. You must find red onions in almost every Asian’s traditional food. It is because not only it could help improving the flavor of the food but it contains a lot of health benefits of red onions that many Asian people have known since ancient time. Luckily, red onions could easily found in every country due to its adaptable ability to grow in almost every climate.

All varieties of onion are rich of vitamin C and red onions are also loaded with other organic compounds like biotin, minerals, some traces of vitamin B complex including folic acid. Red onion is also great source of dietary fiber. It means, red onions are natural immunity booster, solution to cholesterol and other conditions caused by inflammations. Furthermore, the antioxidants properties found in red onionsf are also effective to prevent cancer.

  1. Garlic

If you are not the descendants of vampire or Count Dracula, you could consider yourself lucky because you could enjoy all the health benefits of eating fresh garlic. Garlic has close relation with red onions because just like red onions, it is truly a challenge for you to find Asian’s traditional foods recipes without garlic. The unique taste of garlic is the reason why this herb is available in every kitchen around the world, not only Asian, garlic is one important ingredient for recipes from Italian to Mexican.

As low in calories, garlic is great solution for weight loss with some traces of vitamin C that makes garlic excellent immunity booster. Manganese found in garlic is excellent for cardiovascular health and helping managing cholesterol level as well as blood pressure. Some studies even have stated that antioxidants found in garlic could help fighting cells degeneration and prevent conditions like Alzheimer and Dementia.

You must be surprised how easy growing the Asian herbs in your back yard is because though most of those herbs were cultivated in tropical regions but some of them are adaptable to even colder climate. If it is impossible for them to grow, just find the varieties that similar to replace them.