Check These Health Benefits of Millet and Sorghum – Affordable Grains

In Southeast Asia, the production of grains is noticeably larger than other parts of the world. It mainly due to rice as one of the most consumed staple foods. Beside rice, there are also other variants of grains with multiple benefits. Some examples of multifunction grains are millet and sorghum. These grains are more affordable […]

Here’s The Health Benefits of Dill Seeds When Breastfeeding

Dill seeds (Anethum graveoles) are the seeds that belong the dill herbs of the Apiaceae family of celeries. In addition, it is the only known species within the genus Anethum. Dills are home to Eurasia. Consequently, Eurasia is also where dills are mostly used, be it as a spice or herb for food flavouring. Dills […]

Check These 8 Health Benefits of Sabja Seed (No.1 Good for Weight Loss)

Sabja is what Indian people would call basil plant. In Indonesia it is called kemangi, the leaves often eaten raw (unprocessed) with other fresh salad (cabbage, green beans, and a few slice of cucumber) as companion to main food such as fried fish, or roasted chicken. There are many varieties of sabja plant, all of […]

6 Invaluable Health Benefits of Ogbono Seed You Never Heard Before

Ogbono is a native African trees, which cultivated mostly for its fruit and seed. It is given various names, such as bush mango, dika, african mango, or wild mango. They even have a local cuisine made with dry ogbono seed, and its name is ogbono soup. In its native land, ogbono seed has been used […]

These 7 Health Benefits of Bush Mango Seed Will Surprise You!

African fruits have always been interesting research subject for scientists or maybe, fruit enthusiasts. They found that those fruits have unique properties, and very appealing. Even the seeds can be useful sometimes. One of them beneficial seeds can be found inside bush mango fruit. It’s native of Central African, and commonly found and cultivated there. […]

Secret Health Benefits of Palm Kernel Seeds Revealed – Good for Heart!

Palm kernel oil has been used as material of many products. Take soap or bodywash in your bathroom as example and look at the composition. Some soap manufacturer use palm kernel oil as their material. Before we go further, let’s explore everything about palm kernel. Palm kernel is a seed of oil palm fruit. It is […]

Astonishing Health Benefits of Kamansi Seeds You Never Knew

There are many choices of staple foods you can choose as your main diet. Starting from rice, potato, sago, meat, fish, wheat, and many more. In many cultures, people have also picked kamansi or breadfruit as their staple foods. A staple food is a food that packed with high calorie of energy and three important […]

8 Top Health Benefits of Kasni Seeds (No.3 is Good for Weight Loss)

Kasni or common chicory (there are various names for this plant depend on the country, i.e. endive, witloof, sugarloaf, succory, sikuri, sigorei etc) is a perennial plant of Asteraceae family. It is easily recognized by its bright blue flower. This plant is native to Europe, but eventually found its way to Asia and America. The […]

9 Surprising Health Benefits of Kharbuja Seeds (Must Read!)

Kharbuja (or in Western countries known as Muskmelon) is a fruit that first discovered in Borderline Countries of Europe and Asia. It is commonly consumed while it’s fresh, though sometimes it’s needed to be dried first. This fruit eventually found its way to Asian countries, where its range of benefits extended by people there. For […]

Health Benefits of Niger Seeds Oil – Proven Herbal Uses

What is a niger seed? Niger seed, or otherwise known as nyjer or thistle seeds, is actually a bird food that resembles black rice. Despite its name, it has no reference to a country or even that offensive racial term. In fact, it first originates in the highlands of Ethiopia, a country in eastern Africa, […]