13 Verified Health Benefits of Eating Crabs

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In Indonesia, Crabs is a luxurious food. Because its price is so expensive, its taste is so delicious and it also has a lot of nutrients in its. So that, there are health benefits of eating crabs for our healthiness.

Contains of Crabs

Based on the research that is done with 100 gram crab, it was known that crab body part which can be consumed around 45%. Although it is just a little part that can be consume, but its contains high nutrients. The nutrients in crabs are

  •  Energy (151 kkal)
  • Protein (13,8 gr)
  • Fat (3,8 gr)
  • Carbohydrate (14,1 gr)
  • Calcium (210 gr)
  • Phosphor (250 gr)
  • Iron ( 1 mg)
  • Vitamin A (200 IU)
  • Vitamin B1 (0,05 mg)
  • Vitamin C (0 mg)

Besides that, crab also has small amount benefits substances for our healthiness, such as Vitamin B12, Omega3 acid, Selenium, Copper, Zinc and saturated fat.

With that nutrients and substances, there are many health benefits of eating crabs for our body, such as

  1. Increase Energy and Stamina

Vitamin B12 can support to increase fat acid and amino acid metabolism. It is added high protein and benefits for arranging metabolism, make crab can be used for increasing low stamina.


  1. Cure wound fastly

Protein, vitamin B12 and Zinc mineral in crab also have functioned to cure wounds fastly. Protein in crab can fix worn out cells, vitamin B12 and Zinc mineral produce erythrocytes.

  1. Increase Immune System

If you were afraid about diseases in transition season, you should try to consume seafood like crabs. Protein, Omega3 acid, and Selenium in crab, have benefits for build up and increase immune system. 

  1. Prevent Heart Diseases

Cardiovascular disease (heart) can be prevent with crab, because its nutrients can neutralize bad cholesterol level in blood. Besides that, Selenium in crab is also used to prevent worn out body cells that were caused by free radical of heart disease causing.


  1. Increase Intelligence

As we know, there is a lot of omega 3 acid in milk, but crab has been more omega 3 acid than milk. The main function of omega 3 acid is increasing immune system and our intelligence.

  1. Take Care Eye Vision

Crab also can help us to take care eye healthiness because it contains a lot of vitamin A. You may also read vitamin A benefits for eyes vision.

  1. Prevent Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis or bone loss can be prevent b consuming crab. Because it also contains high benefit protein and Copper that helped to build up cells and bone nerves. You may also read how to prevent osteoporosis naturally and symptom of osteoporosis.

  1. Help Diet Program

Crab is very good for someone who was doing diet program, because its saturated fat can help her diet. This sea animal also has low fat, it is 0.2 gram/100 gram. You may also read health benefit of diet in fruits and vegetables.

  1. Help The growth of Fetus and Baby

For pregnant mom and breastfeeding mom are very recommended to consume crab, once or twice in a week. High protein and omega 3 acid in crab can help to build up membrane cells in brain of fetus and baby.

  1. Avoid Cancer

Weak body is very vulnerable to free radicals that can cause cancers. That two problems can be prevent by consuming crab. Because crab contains protein, omega 3 and Zinc that have function to increase immune system. Selenium also can used for preventing warn out cells that was caused by free radicals. You may also read how to prevent cancer naturally and medical plants used for cancer treatment.

  1. Prevent and Cure Anemia

If you consumed crab regularly, it can prevent and cure anemia. Because of vitamin B12, Copper and Zinc in this animal are very important to produce erythrocytes.

  1. Avoid Prostate Disease

Crab can prevent prostate disease because Zinc in it can prevent enlargement prostate.

  1. Take care Skin and hair

For woman who always cares her body treatment, She should to consume crab because it is very good for beautify. Zinc in crab can prevent her hair fall out and vitamin B12 can take care nerves and skin cells.

Tips for Consuming Crab

Although crab has complex nutrients and many benefits for our healthiness, but we do not consume crab without rules. Because crab also contains contaminants like heavy metals, dioxin and mercury. So that, before and after consuming crab, we should to notice many things, such as:

Cholesterol in crab is so high, it is 76 mg/100 gram, while cholesterol is recommended for consuming in a day is not more 300 mg. So that, if you want to get health benefits of eating crabs, you should eat it sufficiently and not too excess, because if you eat it too excess, you will not get health benefits, but diseases. 

Know More about Crab

Crab or we also call it, Ketam, is an animal from Crustacea class of the Infraorder Brachyura which typically have a very short tail (brachy = short, ura = tail). Animal that life in around the world has a couple of claws with its body covered by a thick exoskeleton.

Some of crabs live in the ocean forever, some of crabs live in the ocean and land or beach, and some of crabs live in fresh water (river / lake). Crabs have many size, start from a few millimeters until 4 meters.

Cautions of Eating Crabs

If you have allergic with crabs, you should to be careful for consume crab meat. The symptom of allergic crab can cause rash and anaphylaxis that can make died if it did not cure soon.

Crabs also can cause food poisoning easily if it did not prepared well. Crabs must be fresh, without strong smell and it must be saved cold or freeze if it did not eat directly.