10 Magnificent Health Benefits of Red Date Tea

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Most people in China commonly familiar with red date or usually also called longan. The fruit is feel sweet and soft. The smell also good and look delicious when ripe. Therefore, many Chinese people consume it in many ways. Including as a tea, since there is some health benefits of red date tea for the body. Hence, the production of red date tea nowadays is widely happening. Not only in China, but it is already famous up to the entire countries in the world.

Red date also know as jujube. It can be dried and put in a can for easily consume it. It is believe can be a good tonic health and made as traditional herbs in some Asian countries. Since it can help to balance the body health.

Therefore, in any special occasion, usually a red date tea is given as a gift. Specially for close friends and relatives. It is a good tradition that kept for years in Chinese.

Nutritional Value of Red Date Tea

Red date tea contains some minerals and vitamins. There are no specific nutririon value of the tea. But for sure it rich with sugar, vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin E, carbohydrates, protein, and several minerals that good for the body.

Below are some health benefits of red date tea that famous among peoples:

1. To maintains blood flow

It help to maintain the strong flow of blood inside the arteries. Therefore, it help to optimize the blood flow. This is the same benefits of magnetic bracelets for blood pressure control that also good for the blood flow.

2. As liver detoxification

It can help the liver and detoxify the body. Consuming red date tea can increase the body’s serum protein levels. Therefore, it work best in protect the liver and detoxify the body.

3. To soothes the nerves to help sleep

This tea will help to alleviate stress. The same benefits can be found in the health benefits of tatsoi greens. Therefore, it is good to manage insomnia and result a better sleep everyday. It can bring a pleasant feeling and minimize dizziness.

4. To eases sunspots or freckles

It can help to maintain the youthfulness and muscle tone. It can even help to reduce freckles. Therefore, it is good to have the tea every afternoon. It will bring a healthy skin appearance in the face and body.

5. To maintains youthfulness

It will help to maintain the youthfulness. Furthermore, it help to reduce the appearance of early wrinkles in the face. Since it is a good anti-oxidant for the body too. Therefore, it can maintain youthful look. This is the same health benefits of drinking dandelion root tea.

6. To soothes the stomach

Another health benefits of red date tea is to avoid stomach upset. Therefore, it is good to soothe the heartburn and ease the stomach pain. Furthermore, it helps to prevent intestinal problems and maintain a good digestive metabolism. 

7. To protects the throat

It will help alleviate a dry throat. Consuming the tea can soothe the inflammation and aid in the treatment of a dry throat. This is the same health benefit of licorice powder. Therefore, when feeling uncomfortable in the throat, the tea can be an option to soothe it.

8. Tonifying Blood

Some people believed that the tea can strengthen the spleen and stomach which helps to digest food and tonify the blood. Therefore, it is a good option for some medicine. If spleen and stomach are weakened it might affect the blood supply and lead to blood deficiency. Furthermore, the tea can help to avoid fatigue syndrome.

9. Reduce Cholesterol

Consuming the tea also good to maintain cardiovascular health. It helps to lower down bad cholesterol in the blood flow. Therefore, it can avoid the possibility of cardiovascular diseases such as stroke or heart attack. This is the same health benefits of ragi powder that can reduce cholesterol level in the body.

10. To prevent cancer

The tea also benefit as an anti-cancer that can act to eliminate cancer cell. It breaks down the nutrient absorption of cancer cell and replace with a good cell in the body. Therefore, it is good to treat any kind of cancers.

Recommended Intake of Red Date Tea

To prepare a red date tea is not really difficult. In fact it is quite easy to serve homemade red date tea. Try to look at below recipe in creating the tea:


  • 3 dried red dates
  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • 1 cup of 300ml water


  1. Boil ½ cup water and while boiling take the red dates and rinse well.
  2. When the water is boiled, put the red dates in a cup and pour the boiling water.
  3. Slowly add the honey inside the cup.
  4. The homemade tea is ready to enjoy!

Side Effects of Red Date Tea

The red date tea also have several side effects. Therefore, put on some cautions on below points when consuming the tea:

  1. It can result constipation, smelly stool, stomach bloating, red face, bad breathe, cough with yellow phlegm, worms, and mouth ulcers.
  2. It might give allergically reactions in the body such as rash, redness or swollen part of the body.
  3. Too much consume the tea can lead to diarrhea and stomach pain. Therefore, consume it as necessary.
  4. It can bring effects of dizziness and sickness. Stop consuming it when this symptoms are suddenly happen to your body.
  5. The tea might be not really good to consume by pregnant or breastfeeding woman. Therefore, try to avoid consuming the tea during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  6. Due to it sweet taste, it is suggested that diabetic patient not to consume the tea daily. Consume it as necessary one or two times in a week. Therefore, it is still beneficial but can avoid the diabetic condition in becoming worst.

A homemade tea is always beneficial for the health. It bring wellness to the body since years ago and believed to bring back body balance. Therefore, try to have a cup of tea everyday in your menu. Feel the different and enjoy the relaxing afternoon moment with a cup of tea.