Potential Benefits of Salt and Sugar Water for Health Problems

Salt and sugar solution have been known to be powerful and effective home remedy. It is simple, cheap, but never under estimate the benefits of salt sugar water. People also call it as ORS, or Oral Re-hydration Salts. Well, from the name, we can guess the main benefits of this solution. It takes a big […]

Unexpected Health Benefits of White Zinfandel Wine for You

Wine is an alcoholic drink which made from fermentation of fresh grapes or other fruits. Kind of wine is made from grape’s extract pollen of Vitis Vinifera species. Wine, which made from other fruits except of grapes, usually labeled where the place it come from, such apple’s wine, pome’s wine, etc. And it has named […]

Excellent Benefits of Indian Gooseberry Amla with Honey for Body

Since we have covered the basic health benefits of amla or the Indian gooseberry, now its time to discover further about the benefits of Indian gooseberry, amla with honey. Amla, or Indian gooseberry as we all learned is a small to medium-sized greenish yellow fruits that grow in shrubs. The nutrient-rich fruit, with its bitter-ish […]

Excellent Benefits of Tofu for Menopause – Natural Treatment

It is an undeniably truth that what you eat can eventually influence your body, whether it is going to make you healthier or otherwise. If you want to keep in a good shape, you definitely need to feed yourself with soy-based products since they offer a great number of beneficial nutrients for your body. Similar […]

Tell Your Friends about These Health Benefits of Amla Wine!

Amla wine is a type of wine made from gooseberries. Gooseberries, or the Phyllanthus emblica are native to Southeast Asia as well as the Indian subcontinent that grow in shrubs. The gooseberry plants range anywhere in between small to medium in terms of size, with round greenish yellow fruits. In the meantime, the gooseberry fruit […]

Health Benefits of Bulgarian Buttermilk – Calcium Source

Dairy products are recommended to be consumed as there is great nutritional value in it. In this article, we will talk about Bulgarian buttermilk which is popular due to its health benefits. As a matter of fact, this beverage is the slightly sour liquid that is left over after whole milk is churned into butter. […]

Unexpected Health Benefits of Sugarcane Wine (Nutritional Facts)

Sugarcanes are crop plants that are the keys to the production of sugar. Each cane accounts for 80% of sugars produced, while the remaining 20% are sourced from sugar beets. Other than for the production of sugars, sugar canes can also be utilized in the form of animal feed, food, pest controls up to sources […]

Unexpected Health Benefits of Campari Wine – Tell Your Brothers!

Campari is a brand of an alcoholic liqueur produced by the Campari Group of Italy. The wine, which has a distinctive bold red liquid is made using a traditional secret recipe made out of an infusion of herbs and fruits in alcoholic water. The ingredients are ambiguous and it is believed that only one person […]

Scientific Facts of Health Benefits of Red Wine vs Grape Juice

A glass of wine has the symbol of good moments, whether it is for a celebration of success, a gathering with friends or a romantic dinner date with your partner. In the meantime, the appearance of the red wine is often mistaken as “grape juice”. Indeed, red wine is sometimes referred to as the “grape […]

Unexpected Health Benefits of Red Moscato Wine for Your Daily Mood Booster

The red Moscato wine is a variety of red wine with a distinguishable sweet sparkling flavour sourced from the reddish Moscato grapes. It also has relatively low alcohol content, thus being able to be enjoyed my many across the globe. On the other hand, Moscato wines also turn out to be versatile, with it encountering […]