Unexpected Health Benefits of White Zinfandel Wine for You

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Wine is an alcoholic drink which made from fermentation of fresh grapes or other fruits. Kind of wine is made from grape’s extract pollen of Vitis Vinifera species. Wine, which made from other fruits except of grapes, usually labeled where the place it come from, such apple’s wine, pome’s wine, etc. And it has named as fruit’s wine.

Because there are balance of natural chemical compound in grapes, they would be fermented by itself without additional sugar, acid compound, enzymes, water, and others compound. On fermentation process, it usually use yeast. Along fermentation process, yeast would consumed sugar of grape’s content, changes into ethanol and carbon dioxide.

Different varieties of grapes and yeast, will be produce different type of wine. Those varieties can be produced by complex interaction between biochemical process, reaction of fermentation process, environment of fermentation, and human intervention on the fermentation process. Wine has been produced for centuries ago. And what we knew, wine always indicated for drunks to common peoples.

There are many type of wine, such red wine, white wine, rose wine, sparkling wine, and fortified wine.

  • Red wine

This wine were produced by using of red or black grapes. And its product depends on the type of grapes, weather or climate, condition of land. Here they are famous wine that we ever know: Merlot, Pinot noir

  • White wine

This type wine were produced by using any type of grapes, but there is condition if using of red grapes. Red grapes cannot use the whole part, just only use the extract of it not include with its outer skin. The famous of types white wine are Muscat, Chennin Blanc, Chardonnay.

  • Rose wine

This variant of wine were produced by using type of red grapes in adequate quantity till rose-colored. These colored ones depends on usage of type the grapes and system of process.

Zinfandel grapes is main raw material of making zinfandel wine. Base color of this grapes is red ones, it used to make rose wine which is known as white zinfandel. This wine is made from zinfandel grapes (red wine-grapes), along mixed of its rind and flesh for few days. Then its rind will eliminate from mixture and left the extract of flesh. And its extract will become rose wine (white zinfandel).

Main difference of red wine and white wine production is production proceed, which red wine made of fermentation of the red wine-grapes by mixing rind and flesh of its grapes till the process is done. But in white wine production, made of its juice grapes without the rind. Because the color of red wine found on the rind’s grapes, and it obtained during fermentation process (sometimes after this process).

Production of wine must going through long-line processes, from plantation, fermentation, production, long storage, until the mixture of wine. Its alcohol levels in range between 10-13 percent and could be raised up until 23 percent. If it has low-range alcohol levels, it could be called wine. Otherwise it has high-range alcohol levels, it could be called distilled alcohol drink, abroad known Gin, Vodka or Rum (flammable liq).

Health Benefits of White Zinfandel Wine

We have been new consumption of alcohol drink (include wine), will bring health concern in the future, like as stroke, liver cirrhosis, heart disease, or even blood-vein disease. Beside of that, consumption wine on the right doses will give us more benefits to our health. We can find its similar benefits of black cherries.

We can see further information the benefits of white zinfandel wine.

  • Preventing of insomnia

Having high melatonin levels on it, useful for people who have acute insomnia. This contents helps us to get sleep well.

  • Preventing of cancer disease

We have knew that grapes have abundant of antioxidant content for long time. Polyphenol is kind of antioxidant which can prevent and delay growth of cancer cell. The rind have it, too. Antocyanine and pro-antocyanidine is anti-proliferation agent which inhibit of cancer’s agent. It’s similar to Health Benefits of Cancer Bush and Rooibos Tea

  • Preventing high blood pressure

On this wine has potassium content. Potassium has benefits for risk of high blood pressure. Low potassium intake can increase the risk of high blood pressure, because sodium intake will increase. So it very useful for high blood pressure’s patient. 

  • Lowering risk of heart disease

Flavonoid quercetin is natural anti-inflammatory agent which can reduce risk of atherosclerosis.

  • Decreasing risk of dementia/Alzheimer

Some lately research said that consumption of wine as much as recommended dosage, can prevent blood clots and blood vein inflammation.

  • Maintaining bone’s health

Resveratrol is natural content of its wine-grapes. It helps to absorb of calcium optimally, so that we have solid spine’s density. It has proven that kinds of wine-grapes (mainly zinfandel) have high levels of it.

  • Anti-aging agent

Enriched by antioxidant on its raw ingredients, make its wine have some benefits as anti-aging agent. Abundant of antioxidant helps our body to resist of free radical. So do the benefits of black olive, which have abundant of antioxidant

  • Having antibacterial function

With antioxidant inside of it, its wine automatically have antibacterial function too. It can prevent the bacteria of some disease. It’s similar to Health Benefits of White Borneo Kratom

There are more benefits of zinfandel wine that we should know.

Dosage of Consumption

Each peoples have different consumption of wine. It because lifestyle of common peoples have different consumption of wine, depend on its activity and food consumed.

Generally, consumption of wine in common peoples around two glasses of wine (150 cc a day for men), otherwise for women suggested a glass a day.

For rose wine, sweeter ones will be have higher calories. Rose wine have around 200 calories. So recommended dosage is a glass a day for better health. 


Beside the benefits for health, excessive consumption of wine could bring health problems. High concentrations of alcohol levels in our body, make serious health problems such as

  • Increase risk of the heart disease

Excessive consumption of wine, could trigger several health problem like as high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels. Based on developed research, excessive consumption of wine can cause of risk of the heart disease and arrhythmic.

  • Interfere form of the bone tissues

Right dosage of wine helps us to calcium absorption, but in wrong dosage of wine could interrupt calcium absorption and might increase risk of bone’s fracture.

  • Dehydration/lack of body fluids

Because it has tannin content, it could make dehydration. To avoid this condition, drink fresh water after take the wine. These simple tricks make our body still fresh.

  • High risk for cancer

For women, excessive consumption of wine make higher risk of cancer, especially breast cancer.

  • Be alcoholic or wine addiction

So, be wisely to consume the wine. Right dosage of wine could bring benefits to our health, otherwise excessive of wine could bring health problems. So, these are health benefits of white zinfandel wine above.