Unexpected Health Benefits of Campari Wine – Tell Your Brothers!

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Campari is a brand of an alcoholic liqueur produced by the Campari Group of Italy. The wine, which has a distinctive bold red liquid is made using a traditional secret recipe made out of an infusion of herbs and fruits in alcoholic water.

The ingredients are ambiguous and it is believed that only one person in this world currently has the knowledge of it. Interestingly, Campari is also widely used as a base ingredient to various alcoholic beverages, aperitifs, cocktails. How does Campari taste like? And what are the health benefits of Campari?

A Brief History of the Campari

In the 1860s, Gaspare Campari invented this drink in Novara, Italy. Originally the red colour of the liquid was the result of mixture with carmine dye, which is the extract of the cochineal insect. The beverage started to be mass produced in 1904 when it acquired and opened a factory near Milan, Italy. It was also during the management of Davide Campari, who was both Gaspare’s son as well as his successor that Campari liqueurs started to get exported. Its initial export destination was to Nice, a resort city in the French Riviera.

Cocktails Made out of Campari

There are two main variations of cocktails that can be made out of the Campari; the Negroni as well as the Americano. The first one, Americano consists of Campari, sweet vermouth as well as club soda, garnished by lemon peels. Americano is closely related with the invention of Campari wine because it was first created in the Caffe Campari that belonged to Campari’s inventor, Gaspari Campari back in the 1860s. Originally it was named the Milano-Torino, because Campari is from Milan while vermouth was sourced from Turin.

Negroni Cocktail is a famous iconic Italian cocktail made 3 centilitres each of gin, vermouth rosso, as well as Campari itself, to be garnished with orange peel. The Negroni was believed to be invented in 1919 Florence, Italy because that is the earliest record of this drink available.

It was first created in Caffe Casoni (formerly Caffe Giacosa). One customer, Count Camillo Negroni ordered an Americano and gave the bartender a special request to strengthen it by adding gin instead of normal soda water. After making the mixture, the bartender gave the drink a few slices of orange peels to distinguish the drink from Americano. It has been referred to as the Negroni since that time, in honour of Count Negroni.

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What are its Health Benefits? 

Here are the health benefits of Campari wine:

  1. Campari’s Orange Peels have a Myriad of Health Benefits on its Own

One of Campari’s classical cocktail recipe, the Negroni is served with orange peels. Although it may seem nothing, orange peels should never be underestimated at all! They are thought to bring you 4x more health benefits compared to that of the orange flesh. Orange peels contain four main compounds; the hesperidin, anti-histamine, antioxidant, as well as anti-inflammatory agents.

Hesperidin is a flavonoid that helps manage blood pressure and cholesterol. The flavonoid found within orange peels, the PMFs are proven to lower down cholesterol more effectively as compared to pharmaceutical products.

Histamines are substances that triggers allergic reactions. Orange peels contain anti-histamines to prevent the occurrence of allergic reactions.

Meanwhile, the antioxidants inside orange peels come in the form of vitamins A and C, which are of course working very well in fighting the infection of viruses and germs that cause infection, cold and flu, plus upkeeping anyone’s health condition at its best. The antioxidants of orange peels also have the ability to be used as an alternative for skincare so that common dermatological problems, such as blackheads, dead cells, pimples and dry skin can easily be avoided.

And finally, the anti-inflammatory properties of orange peels also treat gastrointestinal diseases such as diarrhea, heartburn plus acidity.

So, if you have the opportunity to drink cocktails made out of Campari, don’t miss out the orange peels! 

  1. Campari as an “Amari”

Campari, along with health benefits drinking Jagermeister and the likes are classified as the “amari”, or bitter-liqueurs that have been regarded as digestifs in Europe for ages. Digestifs are foods or drinks consumed to aid digestion. Amaris are also the traditional Italian method of curing side effects of overeating.

There is also a traditional European belief that consuming digestifs or amari after a meal actually aids digestion, although there is no empirical theory found to support this belief. The Italians see a smoothly run digestive system is the key to anyone’s health and happiness, plus keeping their emotional states in check.

  1. Campari Supports the Production of Enzymes

As a bitter liquor, Campari helps the production of enzymes in both the stomach and mouth. Enzymes in the mouth are mostly found in the saliva, in this case they are called “amylase.” Amylase reacts on starches by breaking it down into smaller carbohydrate molecules. It also improves energy, leads to a healthy digestion, guards the body from both diabetes and cancer, and also as a stress manager.

Meanwhile, enzymes in the stomach are known as pepsin. Pepsin breaks down protein into smaller peptide cells in order to be digested properly. 

  1. Campari is Good for the Liver

Bitter food or drink, such as Campari is good for the liver because it helps the production of bile and the stomach to create bicarbonate. Bile is produced by the liver, stored in the gallbladder, and used for digestion by breaking down fats into fatty acids in order for them to be properly digested and absorbed.

In the meantime, bicarbonate or baking soda reduces stomach acid as well as for treating heartburn, indigestion plus stomach upset.

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Those are the health benefits of Campari wine. As you can see, despite Campari is a secret recipe, most of its health benefits are contributed by its bitter flavour. Next time when you order cocktail, don’t forget to order Negroni, Americano or anything made out of Campari.