6 Health Benefits of Bee Venom Therapy Will Amaze You

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Bees are well known for producing honey. Benefits of bee honey are very good for maintaining health. Many people consume honey produced by bees because the various contents of honey are very good for the body. In fact, the content in honey is also believed to eliminate toxins in the body.

In addition to producing honey, bees are also known as animals that can be used to treat some of the health problems experienced. Treatment is done by using a sting on the bee, and stung on the human body, with the aim of addressing health problems.

In medical terms, therapy using bees or bee products is called apitherapy. This therapy has been used as one of the ancient ways of medicine, one of which is used by Hippocrates to treat arthritis. A variety of bees can be used in this treatment, but the more frequently used is honey bees.

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Health Benefits of Bee Venom Therapy

When bee stings, or some other animal species that have the ability to sting, the stung body part will usually blister, or may be swollen. This is because usually, animals that have the ability to sting have toxins in their sting. However, bee stings are actually used for health therapy. Bee stings are believed to help overcome health problems. Bee therapy or commonly referred to as apitherapy, has several health benefits of bee venom therapy, including:

1. Stimulates Heart Work

Bee stings have toxins in them, the poison that is in the sting of the bee ie apitoxin. Avitoksin itself is actually a kind of substance that can provide a sense of warmth in the blood vessels. This warmth in the blood vessels can lead to the heart, and make the heart healthier because it provides work stimulation to the heart. (Read also : Benefits of reflexology foot massage)

2. Prevent Rheumatoid Arthritis

There are some health benefits of bee venom therapy. Rheumatoid arthritis is also called chronic inflammation of the joints, occurs due to a problem in the joints, which occurs due to several factors. Inflammation that occurs in the joints can not only be solved with joint pain medication but can also be treated with bee sting therapy.

3. Lowering High Blood Pressure

If you have high blood pressure and do have a history of high blood pressure, some people are usually advised to consume drugs regularly so that high blood is not easy to recur. Not only using drugs, prevent high blood pressure can also be with bee sting therapy.

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4. Overcoming Asthma Disease

The usual relief was given to people with asthma when relapse usually uses oxygen cylinders. However, if asthma often recurs, people with asthma will be easily inhibited activity. To overcome asthma can be done with a bee sting therapy. Toxins in bee stings can help clear the sputum in the bronchial tubes so that the disease can be avoided.

5. Overcoming Headaches

Headaches are often very disturbing activity and can cause the body feels lethargic. Taking headache medicine too often is also not good for health. another way that can be done with the bee sting therapy. Bee sting therapy is believed to overcome various types of pain, including a headache and various other types of pain.

6. Overcoming Insomnia

Patients with insomnia need to do this bee sting therapy, bee stings therapy can help insomniacs to easily fall asleep with a sound sleep. Patients who have been doing bee sting therapy will easily fall asleep soundly after therapy. 

How Bee Therapy Works

In each treatment session, it takes about 20-40 bees. The bees will be placed on certain body parts using tweezers and left to sting your skin for 10-15 minutes. To reduce the pain, the therapist will attach ice cubes in the skin area stung by the bee after the therapy session is completed.

When stinging the skin, the bee inserts its toxins composed of several complex substances. This sting will cause pain and swelling due to the ingress of histamine, dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. However, some useful substances that are also contained in bee venoms such as apamin, melittin, monoamine, and degranulating peptide-mast cells also come into the body. Not to forget the substance hyaluronidase and phospholipase-A2 which is also contained in the bee venom can activate the immune cells and produce immunoglobin E (IgE) in the body.

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Side Effects Bee Venom Therapy

Most patients undergoing bee therapy sessions experience only mild symptoms such as redness, pain and swelling in the area of stinging skin. Some others also experience itching, anxiety, fatigue, or flu symptoms. Some people with excessive allergic reactions should not follow this therapy because it is feared will lead to anaphylaxis (excessive allergic reactions that can end in death).

Stings of some types of insects can usually cause adverse effects because they contain toxins in the sting. However, bee stings are different from other insect stings. Bee stings in the right part right to help overcome various health problems that occur. The poison inside the bee sting is not harmful but good for health. Therefore, many diseases can be cured through the therapy of bee stings, or apitherapy.