6 Important Health Benefits of Longjing Tea (Must Check)

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Tea is one of the most common drink in this planet, and almost everyone know what it is. It’s become a tradition in some countries. Take England for example, they have the afternoon tea tradition, which tea was served together with some slices of cakes and other sweet snacks.

Or East Asian countries, where tea become a sacred traditions in certain time through the year. Recently, tea become one of people sweet-escape if life starts to choke them out. It’s one of the best way to relax your mind, body, and soul for a while.

There are thousands of tea variants in this world, but the particular tea that we will discuss right now is Longjing Tea. I’m sure not many of you know this variant, but if you’re the tea lover you should ever heard this one. So, here are 6 important health benefits of Longjing Tea, let’s check it out!

What is Longjing Tea?

Longjing Tea, or commonly known as Dragon Well Tea, is one of the most famous China’s green tea. It’s famous for its vibrant green color and nice calming flavor. And unlike the usual green tea that you already know, Longjing Tea has the clear yellow color when served, and not clear green color. This tea was found in Hangzhou, Zhejang Province and still originating from the exact same place until now.

The folklore said that it was named as “Dragon Well” since in the area there was a well that has dense water, and after the rain came usually the rainwater made a sinuous and twisting boundary with the well water, which resembled the movement of a dragon.

After the leaves were picked, they straightly go to the roasting process in order to stop the natural oxidation process. This process is also similar to the one for making black tea and oolong tea. Roasting process is basically firing the leaves on a heated pan or by steaming them until dry. The best time to enjoy this tea is at the end of March, when the tea was freshly picked.

One fun fact about this tea is you can literally eat the leaves after infusion, and it also has another nickname as “imperial tea”. Thus, you may also check Health Benefits of Zaatar Tea

What’s inside Longjing Tea?

The nutrition contained in every two grams of Longjing Tea are total of 21 calories, 10 miligrams of sodium, 3 grams of total carbs, and 1 gram of dietary fiber. This tea also contained medium level of caffeine, good amount of Vitamin C which is good for your body, and fluorine which is good for your mouth and teeth health.

What’s the good sides of Longjing Tea?

Basically these are 6 important health benefits of Longjing Tea:

  1. Helps weight loss
    Basically most of the green tea has the element called oxidants that helps to burn fat inside our body. But based on research, food experts found that Longjing Tea has the highest amount of oxidants, which is called as catechins. This catechins mixed with the caffeine contained in Longjing Tea, and it proved to increases the metabolism and burns fat even faster than any other green tea. Thus, you may also check about Health Benefits of Korean Honey Citron Tea
  2. Helps to relax
    Tea is known for its soothing effect, and so as Longjing Tea. As for Longjing Tea, it contains amino acid called L-Theanine. This amino acid helps us to soothe our mind but also keeps us feel refreshed and energetic as well. 
  3. Great coffee substitute
    As explained above, this tea has a moderate amount of caffeine, which is good for coffee substitute if you can’t handle the caffeine amount on coffee. It will keep you awake but not as strong as coffee.
  4. Helps to lower cancer risk
    The good side of antioxidants beside weight loss is reducing the risk of cancer, and since this Longjing Tea has the highest amount of it, this is one of the best therapy for you to reduce the risk of cancer.
  5. Protects from heart-related diseases
    Regular sips of this tea will help you to avoid any heart-related diseases, since tea helps decreasing the amount of cholesterol and blood sugar levels which will be dangerous for health.
  6. Gives healthy smile
    Longjing Tea also contained fluorine, that will be useful to reduce bad breath and tooth decay, so consuming this tea regularly will give you bright and healthy smile as well!

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What’s the bad sides of Longjing Tea?

  1. Over-consuming tea is always connected with insomnia and restlessness due to the caffeine, stomachache and gastritis due to the oxidants, and increasing heart rate. And it also increases the risk of anemia since tea reduces the ability of absorbing iron around 25%.
  2. Pregnant women are not recommended to consume tea, especially green tea since the amount of caffeine contained will resulted in birth abnormalities. 

How to serve Longjing Tea?

First, you need to boil some water and let it cool until it reaches about 75 or 80 degree Celcius. Temperature is the main factor of making tea in best taste. Put a heaped teaspoon of Longjing Tea on a glass and pour the water. Let it diffuse around three or four minutes and you can enjoy it after. No need to add sugar since the basic taste of this tea is already sweet. Also, enjoying the tea in its original taste is the absolutely the best way and sure you don’t want to miss it.

If you have a sensitive taste buds, you’ll be able to recognize the quality of this tea as well, since it divides into six grades, from Superior, and then one until five. High quality Longjing Tea produces whole leaves that quite similar in appearance. Also the color of the leaves are usually brighter than normal tea leaves.

And if you really, really want to taste the original Longjing Tea, I suggest you to visit the original place, since mostly in the market people sell the inauthentic Longjing Tea. If you’re a beginner in tea tasting, you better take my suggestion so you won’t regret it.

This tea is totally good for the health, as long as the consumption is under control and not too much. Since it has both good and bad sides, you need to know yourself well before consuming it. That’s all about 6 important health benefits of Longjing Tea, hope you have the chance to taste one of the best tea in the world!

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