Health Benefits of Bee Propolis Capsules and Side Effects

Aside from honey, royal jelly, benefits of bee pollen, health benefits of chewing beeswax natural beauty treatments or bee bread, another notable bee product that you should take notice of is the bee propolis. Bee propolis, or the bee glue is the outcome product of bees by combining saliva and beeswax with exudate sourced from botanical […]

Health Benefits of Bee Bread – Nutrition Facts and More

The name bee bread may sound like it refers to a bread that is shaped like bees, where in fact it almost has no resemblances to bread at all. Bee bread is actually a form of  benefits of bee pollen that is fermented naturally by bees. Bee bread itself has its other names such as […]

6 Health Benefits of Bee Venom Therapy Will Amaze You

Bees are well known for producing honey. Benefits of bee honey are very good for maintaining health. Many people consume honey produced by bees because the various contents of honey are very good for the body. In fact, the content in honey is also believed to eliminate toxins in the body. In addition to producing […]