Benefits of Doing Surya Tratak (Mental, Physical, Spiritual Health)

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Sun as biggest energy source can contribute many things for our physic and mental to gain energy and positivity. This is also the reason why there are some activities for our body and soul which involves sun.

For instance, sun gazing or what it is called with surya tratak in Indian. So, what are the benefits of doing surya tratak?

The Benefits of Doing Surya Tratak

Just like sun salutation or surya namaskar with its Benefits of Doing 108 Surya Namaskar Daily, surya tratak can also recharge our body and soul. Here are some of the benefits of doing surya tratak.

  1. Lift mood

A certain study concluded that sungazing or surya tratak practice is able to stimulate pineal glands. Pineal glands are one of the most important glands as it produces melatonin and serotonin which are known as happy hormones. This way, we can have our mood lifted.

  1. Increase energy

Long ago, people practice surya tratak for their spiritual need. Today, modern people do this to increase their vitality. It is because sun gazing optimizes the secretion of hormones which is able to increase energy levels.

  1. Positive thinking

Waking up in the morning, feel the soft breeze, gaze at the sun light and feel the warmth. It is very good to build your positivity. We know, every goodness starts in the morning. It is similar to the Benefits of Doing Kapalbhati .

  1. Increase the actual size of pineal gland

A research showed that person who constantly practice surya tratak till their 70s has gland three times bigger than the normal gland. It is amazing since as we are aging, the gland is commonly shrunk. The bigger gland is more beneficial for health.

  1. Reduce addiction

This activity is very good to stimulate your body to flush all the toxins and purify our body. These benefits of doing surya tratak can also be beneficial for those with addiction to alcohol and sleeping pill. It makes your life better and reduce the addition.

  1. Let go of allergy

Some people are allergy to the morning coldness. And you know, the never ending sneezing make you sick of it. But if you want to get through all of it, just practice surya tratak or sun meditation with its Health Benefits of Sun Meditation regularly. It enables your body to adjust to any situation and condition as the sun light may nourish your body very well.

  1. Improve immunity

The regular activity involves waking up in the morning, breath in the fresh air, and gazing on the rising sun is very good to improve your immune system. This way, the regular surya tratak practice will make you healthier.

  1. Help you sleep

Surya tratak practice is effective to optimize the pineal glands in  melatonin secretion. Melatonin as a hormone plays an important role in the regulation of sleep cycle. The well-functioning melatonin will help you sleep well.

  1. Reduce weight

One of the benefits of surya tratak is reduce weight. How can it be? Well, our body can be well nourished by sun light. Therefore, we can reduce our need of foods and able to control weight and even reduce some pounds.

  1. Relieve stress

Just like the Benefits of Shaolin Qigong, practicing surya tratak can give you mental, physical, and spiritual benefits. One of the mental benefits you can get is how your stress perfectly removed. This activity helps you achieve balance and confidence which is important to get rid of stress.

Recommendation on How to Do Surya Tratak

To practice surya tratak and get the benefits of doing surya tratak, you have to look at the sun at least once a day. It is usually done within first hour after sunrise or before the sunset. This is to minimize the effect of ultraviolet and infrared exposure which is harmful for eyes and body.

To do this, the first thing to do is by standing on the bare ground with your bare feet and look at the sun for 10 seconds only. You can gradually increase the duration each day with 10 seconds interval. You can stop anytime you feel discomfort with your eyes your posture.

Practicing surya tratak for 1 – 3 months can give you mental benefits. Then, doing it for 3 – 6 months gives you physical benefits. Then, doing it for 6 – 9 months is good for your spiritual health.  However, you might need to stop when you have already reach 44 minutes sungazing practice for about 9 months

It is for the sake of eye health. We know that to much exposure to direct sunlight is not good for the retina. And if you feel discharged after stopping the sun tratak practice, you can substitute the practice by doing 45 bare foot walking in the morning and get the Health Benefits of Grounding Walking Barefoot .