Surprising Benefits of Doing 108 Surya Namaskar Daily for Mental and Physically Healthy

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Surya namaskar or the salutation to sun consists of sets of yoga movement. You can get the full benefits by doing all the movements of surya namaskar 108 times. So, what are the benefits of doing 108 surya namaskar daily?

The Benefits of Doing 108 Surya Namaskar daily

As mentioned before, the surya namaskar movement may give you the benefits of doing 108 surya namaskar daily. Here are some of the benefits you can get by doing surya namaskar postures:

  1. Increase flexibility and stamina

Surya namaskar involves a set of movement and posture which are able to increase flexibility. It can also increase stamina through the regular practice.

  1. Cleanses respiratory system

As we know, we can get the Health Benefits of Diaphragmatic Breathing. Yoga, including surya namaskar always involves diaphragmatic breathing exercise. This way we can have better and cleaner respiratory system.

  1. Well-built body

The posture in surya namaskar require strong muscle. This is one of the best ways to train your muscle and have the well-built body. The other exercise which is potential to build your muscle is kapalbhati with the Benefits of Doing Kapalbhati for muscle building.

  1. Healthy lower body

among all the body parts, the movement of surya namaskar give a chance for you to improve the health of your lower body part. It gives special treatment to your body part.

  1. Mentally calmer

We have known Health Benefits of Prayer and Meditation for Spiritual Healing. And we know that surya namaskar involves meditation. Besides presenting the physical health benefits of doing 108 surya namaskar daily, it can also give you mental benefits. It helps you a lot to make you mentally calmer.

  1. Improve blood circulation

The movements added with the breathing exercise can be a benefit for your body system. It improves blood circulation very well.

  1. Cleanses nerves system

although the posture seems to be so simple, surya namaskar posture helps your body to have better circulation. It can also help you to clean your nerves system.

  1. Better skin complexion

Not only beneficial for your body and mental health, the sun salutation is also beneficial for your beauty. Well, surya namaskar helps you to have better skin complexion by enhance blood and oxygen supply. So, your skin gets what’s needed.

  1. Good for hair

You may wonder how physical activity can enhance your hair beauty. Well, surya namaskar or sun salutation incorporates various yoga asanas that supply the blood, nutrition, and oxygen to hair. This way, you can have luscious hair.

  1. Lose weight

There are some movement of surya namaskar which require optimum abdominal muscle stretch. This exercise helps you burn calories, especially when you do it in the fast pace regularly. Not only healthy, it supports your healthy and slim body.

  1. A remedy for heart

This exercise can perform as natural remedy for cardiovascular problems including high blood pressure. Surya namaskar is such a benefit for heart muscle to correct irregular heart beat and get the normal blood pressure.

  1. Good for digestive system

The yogic posture in surya namaskar is good for digestive system. It is because the movement require abdominal organs stretch. It gets rid off some digestive problems such as constipation. Such a help for healthy and happy gut.

Recommendation in Doing 108 Surya Namaskar

For common people it seems impossible to carry 108 surya namaskar daily. However, some people succeed in doing it. So, what are the tips? Here are some of the recommended tips for doing 108 surya namaskar.

The first, you have to work up to it. Start with small number and work up until you hit you 108 number.

Second, make sure you drink enough water a day before you practice surya namaskar for your better energetic performance.

The third, it is also important for you to take a break when you need it. You must give your body a break even when you commit to work up. Just rest in child’s pose and get the Health Benefits of Children’s yoga.  And the last, always hold your mind. Try to stay focus during the practice. This is the key to have optimum benefits of doing 108 surya namaskar daily.

Precautions of Doing 108 Surya Namaskar Daily

Doing regular 108 surya namaskar daily may give you benefits for health. However, the movement might not be safe for people in some certain conditions as listed below:

  • people with back pain due to accident of permanent injury.
  • Pregnant women
  • Women in their period
  • People with bone or joints disorder
  • Men with hernia
  • People with breathing problem

People in the conditions mentioned above is suggested not to do surya namaskar, especially all the 108 surya namaskar daily. It is because the exercise is included into vigorous physical activity, although the movements or posture is considered to be simple, just like Vinyasa Yoga and its Health Benefits of Vinyasa Yoga.