Benefits of Growing Your Own Garden for Your Physical and Mental Health

Do you love to be surrounded by plants? Plant is very important and beneficial for your life as it produces oxygen that is essential for life. Regarding to this essential matter, gardening is much recommended as it has a lot of benefits as well. It brings health benefits for your body, not only referring to the oxygen the plants produce, but also the other health benefits.

So, the first positive impact gardening gives to you is it gives you a beautiful view as your garden will be full of beautiful and colorful flowers and plants.  Besides, by gardening, you will work out as you will dig the soil and plant some seeds.

Let’s see why gardening is recommended for your health, the health benefits of gardening and what other benefits you can get by gardening.

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Why is gardening recommended for your health?

Gardening is a positive activity you can do in your leisure time. It will be more positive if it has more health benefits on your body. Here are the reasons why gardening is recommended for your health.

You can do exercise without feeling too tired!

You know how much tiring it is to exercise. By gardening, you can also exercise without getting worried of being tired. What is better than exercising and relaxing at the same time? When you garden, you will move a lot and do some movements, such as bending, stretching, lifting and also twisting. It will be beneficial for your muscles. You do not have to go to the gym to get healthy!

Beautiful garden, beautiful you!

As stated before, gardening is very healthy as it allows you to exercise a lot. By doing exercise, you can get some good effects, one of which is having good body shape. Besides getting good shape, you will be able to get beautiful garden as well. It will make your house more beautiful and interesting to see.

Happiness is easy to get!

By gardening, you will see a lot of beautiful flowers and plants. When you see something beautiful and pretty, your heart will be happy as well. Have you ever heard that happiness is the root of being healthy? When you are happy, you will get healthy automatically. So, get happy and healthy at the same time by gardening!

What are health benefits of gardening?

Considering the reasons why gardening is healthy, here are the health benefits of gardening. Check them out!

Stress relief

Do you believe that gardening help you to feel calm and happy? Gardening is believed to help reducing the stress hormone in your brain. There is a study conducted by some scientists about the relation between stress level and gardening. The research’s result is when some gardeners who were stressful task and they were asked to recover by gardening, their stress level was decreasing. They got their good mood in return after they finished gardening.

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Stay young for your brain!

Do you believe that you can help your brain to stay young only by gardening? Some activities in gardening is claimed to be effective to have calm effect on the brain, such as removing dying flowers or leaves on the plants. Moreover, gardening will give you a good feeling that is pleasant for your senses. It looks, smells, feels and tastes good in all way! Besides, gardening prevents you from getting dementia, the serious disease that affects your brain. When you get dementia, your memory will be affected and you keep forgetting about things. Surprisingly, gardening can prevent it all. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

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Source of vitamin D

When you are gardening, you are exposed to sunlight that gives you a lot of vitamin D. When you get sufficient vitamin D, your body will get more calcium. It will help you to keep your bones strong and fight diseases.

Now, you already know the amazing health benefits of growing your own garden. You can have pretty garden and getting healthier at the same time!

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