10 Benefits of Swimming in Cold Ocean Water for Depression

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swimming in oceanSwimming becomes one of the most favorite pastimes for some people. Not only swimming in the pool, but some are fond of swimming in the cold sea water. In fact, swimming in cold seawater has an advantage over swimming in the pool because it can be useful as a depression therapy. A person who swims will produce endorphins that can overcome depression.

In addition, seawater in benefits of swimming in cold ocean water for depression also contains good nutrition for body health, such as:

  • Mineral
  • Sodium
  • Chloride
  • Sulphate
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium

Besides beneficial for depression, swimming in seawater is also useful for:

  1. Relieve sinusitis

The content of salt and minerals that exist in the sea water that plays a role in this. Salt content is an antiseptic that can relieve sinusitis and help a healthy respiratory system. read more: health benefits of spicy food

  1. Relieve psoriasis

Psoriasis is one of the autoimmune diseases that attack the skin. Seawater contains magnesium that serves to keep skin moisture. Salt and minerals also help relieve inflammation so psoriasis symptoms can be reduced. or try benefits fish oil skin disorders

  1. As a relaxation

A marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols says that people can relax and meditate by swimming in sea water. Respiratory patterns while swimming can stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system to the brain that affects positive hormones so that the body will become relaxed. or try health benefits of oil massage

  1. Nourish the skin

The salt content of seawater can help release toxins into the skin. As well as accelerate the growth of new skin cells. Magnesium is also to moisturize the skin. Both of these contents can make the skin healthier. read more: benefits of egg yolk for beauty and baby

  1. Smooth blood circulation

Seawater has the same content as the blood plasma. This similarity will make the blood circulation smoothly. The smooth blood will have a big effect on the health of the body in health benefits of blood donation regularly

  1. Cures respiratory problems

Salt in seawater helps make mucus and snot more fluid. So it’s easy to get out of the respiratory tract. Therefore, swimming in seawater can cure respiratory problems

  1. Maintain fitness

When swimming, leg muscles, arms and hands will move. This will make the body fit. Because swimming is the same as doing physical exercise that can maintain body fitness

  1. Maintain health until the elderly

According to research by Harvard Medical School, a fisherman or community living around the ocean has a longer life. This is because the content of seawater that is able to make the system running the optimal body that causes health will always awake. Even to the elderly

  1. Overcome acne

Acne is caused by many things. One of them is due to the bacteria present on the face. The content of salt in the sea water is used for cleaning the skin of bacteria attached

  1. Good for mental health

Relieving stress can be overcome with the benefits of swimming in cold ocean water for depression due to increased endorphins produced by the body when exposed to cold water


Consult a doctor if using sea water as a therapy for curing illness