Health Benefits of Taro Bubble Tea – New Popular Healthy Beverage

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There are a lot of healthy options of beverage you could enjoy in daily basis and one of the beverages that become popular recently is bubble tea. Well, though this type of beverage is not a new stuff and invented for the first time in 1980s but the modern package and brand is increasing the popularity of this type of beverage in the past years.

What Is Taro Bubble Tea?

History stated that this type of tea was initially invented in 1980s and has been part of Taiwanese’s drink since then. Bubble tea is made of tea which is mixed with milk, sugar and the legendary bubbles similar to pearls made of tapioca and food colouring. Though there are some types of bubble tea which is using natural ingredients like taro with its natural purple colour and texture similar to tapioca. So, the next question is what the health benefits of taro bubble tea are. Well, for those who are consuming this type of beverage in daily basis, finding out about the benefits is essential.

  1. Has Lower Calories Compared to Other Popular Beverages

Have you ever counted the amount of calories in your favourite drink? Well, speaking of popular beverages, taro bubble tea has lower calories compared to Starbucks Caramel Frappucino, especially when you add less sugar and only using fresh milk.

  1. Non-Carbonate Alternative Beverage for Children

It is not easy for parents to find alternative beverage for children who prefer soda or sugary drink. Well, taro bubble tea is not only attracting your children’s attention due to its unique appearance with all the colourful bubble but also super healthy compared to other carbonate beverages.

  1. Low Caffeine Content

For some people having caffeine in their drink is a must but too much caffeine could lead to sleeping problems, anxiety and some stomach problems. Well, taro bubble tea contains low caffeine content but enough to boost your focus.

  1. Easy Beverages Variation

There are a lot of variations you could make from bubble tea. You could fresh fruits, colourful bubble, jelly and many more. Moreover, you could experience with the flavour as well by adding vanilla, chocolate or several of fruity flavours.

  1. Taro Contains Potent Antioxidants

The taro itself is containing potent antioxidants like some essential vitamins, beta-carotene and polyphenols. Antioxidants are excellent way to fight free radicals and preventing some chronic health conditions. The health benefits of beta-carotene come from the natural purple colour of taro.

  1. Milk Is Excellent Source of Calcium

Milk is one of the main ingredients added to taro bubble tea. Milk is excellent source of calcium and health benefits of calcium are good for bones, oral organs, hair and even skin. Moreover, for children milk is essential to help optimizing their development.

  1. Vitamin A Good for Vision

One more health benefits of taro for human health are good for vision. The present of vitamin A, vitamin E and beta-carotene found in taro is the reasons why this beverage is good for vision especially for children in development stage.

  1. Beta-Carotene Is Excellent for Skin

One more benefits of beta-carotene are good for skin. If you want to maintain your healthy skin, perhaps consuming taro bubble tea is a good option. Moreover, the tea contained in this beverage is excellent antioxidants source well known to be super good for skin health.

  1. High Vitamin C Level

Taro is well known to be packed with vitamin C benefits. This vitamin is super essential for metabolism because it helps optimizing the nutrients absorption especially minerals. Vitamin C is also excellent immunity booster to provide protection. Vitamin C is also one of the powerful antioxidants to help fighting the worst effect of free radicals.

  1. Contains Healthy Fiber Content

Having healthy gut will lead to healthier metabolism. It means infections, diseases, health conditions could be prevented. Taro is excellent source of fiber and one of the main health benefits of fiber is promoting healthy gut, lowering cholesterol level and generally good for heart health.

  1. Good for Heart Health

As mentioned in the previous point, fiber has significant role in reducing the risk and symptoms of high blood pressure to promote healthy heart. Moreover, due to its ability to bind and wash off cholesterol from body system make taro one of the highly recommended foods that lower cholesterol level.

  1. Reducing the Risk of Diabetes

There is no way to cure all types of diabetes and there is no easy way to manage the blood sugar level. However, taro may be one of the best ways to reduce the risk of diabetes.

Cautions of Drinking Taro Bubble Tea

Well, though taro bubble tea sounds like a perfect beverage for children but right now, taro bubble tea has become one of the people’s favourite drinks because it contains caffeine to boost their focus but quite low in calories. However, still there are some cautions you should know about taro bubble tea.

  • Well, the number of calories is actually depending on how much you put sugar on the drink. the taro itself already contains calorie, so you have to be super careful in adding the sugar to limit the calories intake.
  • As mentioned above one of the health benefits of taro bubble tea is containing low caffeine content. Well, you should remember that the ability of each person in tolerating caffeine is different. If you are sensitive to caffeine, even consuming bubble tea could cause rapid heartbeat and sleeping problems.
  • If your children love to drink taro bubble tea is highly recommended for you to make it homemade instead of buying from the stand because you could control the amount of calories, sugar and type of milk you could add to the drink.

The combination of health benefits of tea, taro and milk are making this taro bubble tea one of the healthy drinks not only for children but also for adults. However, as mentioned in the cautions, the health benefits of taro bubble tea is depending on what ingredients you use to be mixed in the drink. Some seller may add high-fructose corn syrup as the sugar alternative and instead of using fresh milk they use condensed milk which is also high in sugar. That is why homemade taro bubble tea is the best option if you want to get all its benefits.