Wonderful Health Benefits of Sorghum Bicolor Leaf

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Sorghum bicolor, or simply known as sorghum is a species of grass that is cultivated for its grain, to be used again for human plus animal consumption, plus ethanol production. In terms of food, they are among the world’s most important cereal grain along with rice, wheat, maize and barley. What are the wonderful health benefits of Sorghum bicolor leaf?

An Introduction to Sorghum Plant

Health benefits of sorghum leaves is an erected crop that measures 3-4 metres in height. Originating in Africa, they have since been introduced to various tropical and subtropical parts of the world. The leaves are broad and coarse, with dimensions measuring 5 cm and 0.75 m in breadth and length respectively. Sorghum is an annual crop with a lifespan of one year.

What are its Health Benefits?

  1. Sorghum Bicolor Leaves Assist Digestion

First, health benefits of millet and sorghum does contain a lot of dietary fibre essential for assisting proper digestion. Inside sorghum, there are dietary fibre worth 48% of the recommended daily value! That’s a lot isn’t it?

  1. Sorghum Bicolor Leaves Prevent Esophegal Cancer

Second, sorghum contains antioxidant located on the bran layer of it. These antioxidants reduce the risks of esophegal cancer and free radicals in all.

  1. Sorghum Bicolor Leaves Manage Diabetes Symptoms

Sorghum has tannins that prohibit the absorption of starch by the body that regulates glucose and insulin levels in the body.

  1. Sorghum Bicolor Leaves Help Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is a gluten-allergy found in wheat-based food items. Sorghum magically, is able to relieve symptoms associated with celiac disease such as nausea, painful inflammation, and also gastrointestinal damage caused by gluten.

  1. Sorghum Bicolor Leaves for Bones

There are lots of magnesium found inside sorghum that is able to maintain calcium levels by increasing benefits of calcium absorption by the body. At the end of the day, arthritis and symptoms of osteoporosis can be minimized at best.

  1. Sorghum Bicolor Leaves Prevent Symptoms of Anemia

Iron, copper and magnesium contained inside sorghum help to increase the absorption of iron by the body, for a higher production rate of red blood cells and improve its circulation.

  1. Sorghum Bicolor Leaves Supply Energy

Sorghum posseses vitamin B6, which is needed by the body to convert food into usable energy by the body, and also for a more equal supply of energy throughout the day. Sorghum’s vitamin B6 content reaches 28% of the recommended daily value.

  1. Sorghum Bicolor Leaves and Thyroid Disease

Manganese is part of thyroxine, an essential hormone belonging to the thyroid gland. Sorghum has a lot of manganese for the better functioning of thyroid gland.

  1. Sorghum Bicolor Leaves Boost Cognitive Capability

Phosphorus inside sorghum is also responsible for cognitive capability improvement by maintaining the function of neurotransmitters. In fact, cognitive conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease is also due to lack of phosphorus inside the body.

  1. Sorghum Bicolor Leaves Improve Mood

And finally, sorghum bicolor improves mood thanks to vitamin B6, which also produces serotonin in the brain for better mood control.

That concludes the health benefits of Sorghum bicolor leaf, which makes it wonderful due to the range of advantages it offers to internal health.