15 Benefits of Gold for Skin Care #New Beauty Hacks!

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Every woman wants to be beautiful, and a number of them don’t mind using up their savings to visit a beauty center to get a smooth and pretty face. But did you realize something?

Among all the beauty products you see in stores, gold has become a common ingredient. Yes! Gold which is normally used for jewelry is now used as a beautification tool.

Indeed, it is said that this gold-for-cosmetics phenomenon isn’t a recent one. Queen Cleopatra of Ancient Egypt as well as Ancient Indian civilization were familiar with gold for skin care as well as treating diseases.

Their idea of using gold were said to come from their ancestors. A long time ago, gold is used to cure heart diseases, as gold is believed to improve blood circulation.

How it Works?

Gold is used for skincare by applying masks that have alloy ingredients with others made of different ingredients. Apply it thoroughly until everything dries, and then peel it off. Dab warm and moist cloth on the face to remove remaining masks or dirt that are still left behind.

Besides gold masks, another unique form of facial mask is the green tea mask. Here are the benefits of green tea mask for face.

For the last step, give your face some golden serum. It will take two hours in all. Not only it relaxes the body and skin, but for several it gives a special goodness to the skin. Many dermatologists recommend this type of facial mask. Apart from managing wrinkles successfully, gold also provides facial elasticity which also works as a solution for ladies who want to look young forever.

If you are still in doubt of the best beauty treatment, do not worry and do not hesitate to do gold facial. Gold has lower irritation risk compared to other alloys. When you have finally settled to do a gold treatment, you will enjoy a lot of benefits of gold for skin care, and here they are.

1. Stimulates Collagen Production

Collagen is what makes the skin elastic and youthful, and its production decreases the more we age. If our collagen supply declines, we tend to have a tired appearance. Gold as facial mask stimulates the production of collagen so that our skin remains soft, supple and youthful.

Collagen can also enter your body through oral consumption, such as through drinks. These are the health benefits of collagen drink.

2. Eradicates Skin Disorders

The older we are, the more our skin is going to be exposed with problems such as withering, black spots and wrinkles. Gold masks can anticipate that, by replacing old skin cells with fresh brand-new ones.

Apart from gold, fish oil is another known solution for skin disorders. Here are the benefits fish oil skin disorder.

More Benefits of Gold for Skin Care

It is no longer a secret that the usage of gold masks for skincare has been further developed into newer innovations.

Here are several advantages of gold for beauty treatment;

  1. Gold can prevent blackheads and acne thanks to its antibacterial nature. Here are also several health benefits of turmeric powder for pimples.
  2. Nutrients of gold can clean up dirt and toxins that stick into the face or body, plus it is useful for improving blood circulation.
  3. Gold gives a shining skin tone, as gold also provides oxygen supply to the outer layers of the skin.
  4. Gold reduces swell on the face, irritation, redness as well as black circles on the face, as the contents of gold itself has the ability to speed the flow of lymph nodes around your skin.
  5. Gold assures skin moisture as well as stimulating collagen production to improve skin texture to become tight, springy, clean and healthy, because gold also works as an anti-aging agent.
  6. It disguises wrinkles to make the skin look much younger, because gold provides elasticity to the skin.

Recommendations Intake

Gold does have inflammatory purposes which can also be used to treat other joint-related diseases, such as arthritis and rheumatic. The first case where gold particles is further developed into medicine is auranofin. Auranofin, which has the brand name Ridaura improves arthritis symptoms such as painful or swollen joints as well as morning stiffnesses. Auranofin is consumed orally.

Meanwhile, the last case of gold medicinal development is the sodium aurothiomalate. Sodium aurothiomalate is given through injections and can heal rheumatoid arthritis as well as tuberculosis. Those two medicines are the only known medicinal applications of gold so far. If you are afraid of injections, yoga can also be done to prevent arthritis. These are the health benefits of yoga for arthritis.

Cautions When Using Gold

Like other natural substances, gold also cause allergies, despite being rare due to gold’s reputation as a hypo allergenic metal. It happens mostly on women, and patients who are allergic to gold may suffer from contact dermatitis, contact stomatitis or even oral lichen planus. Oral lichen planus is the inflammation of the mucus membranes inside the mouth. While in the meantime, contact dermatitis is also a form of eczema, which is characterized by skin rashes due to contact with certain substances.

Other than that, the risk of gold allergies is also higher among dental patients who have gold fillings on their teeth. Patients who have allergies with gold are also bound to have similar reactions when exposed to nickel and cobalt.

Things to Remember

On top of the benefits of gold for skin care, before you finally proceed to gold skin treatment, there are several stuffs that you may need to take note of.

  • Before going on a gold skin treatment, make sure that you have consulted your dermatologist first. This is so because excessive gold content on your skin can be fatal to the skin.
  • It is best to do it in skincare centres that are run by professional dermatologists. It may cost more, but it doesn’t matter. It is best to be safe for maximum results!
  • If you decide on doing gold skin treatments, you’d better be above 17 years old.
  • For the best result, do treatments once in every two weeks.

Those are some helpful information on gold for skin treatment.  Hope it helps a lot!