15 Health Benefits of Red Clay Just Revealed Here!

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People from the earliest civilizations have been using various natural ingredients for skincare. One form of skincare product that has seen its existence from the earliest days are clays. Clays are naturally formed silicates that comes from the Earth’s soils, which contain important vitamins, nutrients and minerals.

They take good care of the skin by absorbing dirt, oil, as well as toxins, while exfoliating dead skin cells, reduce pore sizes, tightens and rejuvenates the skin while improving the overall skin quality in return.

What is the Difference in Between Clay Mask and Mud Mask?

Before we proceed, we must take note of the main differences in between clay mask as well as mud masks. Despite being sourced from Earth’s soils, one should remember that they are not the same thing after all.

Mud masks are hydrating agents, which regenerates skin by providing water supply. This has made it watery in texture and therefore useful for those who have a dry skin texture. Mud masks also heals the skin by maintaining blood circulation within skin cells, cleanse the skin from excess dirt and sebum, moistens, brightens and softens the skin in return.

While in the meantime clay masks are dry agents, which are meant for oily or acne prone skins. Apart from removing excess dirt and oil, clay masks exfoliate the skin, reduces pore sizes to prevent foreign particles from entering as well as tightens the skin. One thing that you need to remember is that you are recommended to apply clay masks on the face once or twice a week at most, otherwise the skin will be unbearably dry. These are the health benefits clay soil.

What is the Red Clay Mask?

The red clay mask is sourced from Morocco’s wholly natural powdered red or ochre coloured clay mined from the Atlas Mountain Ranges. It is related to the rhassoul clay and it possesses a smooth texture and are known to be exceptionally mineral-rich and useful to absorb impurities from the skin. It can cleanse both the skin and pores and tighten the skin organically. One benefit of the red clay mask is that it is an excellent yet safe cleanser and purifier for individuals with sensitive skin.

What are the Health Benefits of Red Clay Masks?

Here are all the health benefits of Red Clay:

  1. Best for Sensitive Skin

Its dry texture and good absorbing skills made it a safer option for sensitive skin. It helps several skin disorders such as eczema, sunburn or psoriasis. The clay helps to re-balance the skin, reduce sensitivity, and improves both the skin texture and elasticity.

  1. Safe for Acne Patients

Just like the benefits of aloe vera gel for acne, red clay masks are safe for acne-prone skin. Red clay masks are also working well for acne-prone skin thanks to its excellent astringent properties. Astringent means that it can cause the skin tissues to contract. It reduces pore sizes, fixes the broken pigmentation in the area where pimples appear previously, tightens and softens the skin. 

  1. An All-in-One Skin Treatment

Red clay masks can also be utilized to get an all-throughout skin treatment package. Not only it removes excess sebum or dirt from your face, but also smoothen skin texture, improve skin firmness clarity as well as elasticity, removes dead skin cells, and exfoliates the skin. Here are the benefits of lemongrass essential oil for skin.

  1. Has a High Negative Charge

A high negative charge in this context means that the surface can be cleared easily from pollutants. The high negative charge contained inside red clay allows it to dry stubborn blackheads and suck it out easily.

  1. Non-Toxic

Being non-toxic, it can easily guard the skin from toxins that cause skin irregularities. Indeed, it is also an organic skin cleansing material because it does not have any chemicals that can cause certain reactions on the skin.

  1. Its Effectiveness Has Been Proven Since Ancient Times

The usage of red clay for skincare has been practised since the times Ancient Egyptians and the Ancient Romans, where it was once a luxurious commodity that only noblemen or members of the upper class who can afford it. These wealthy people use the red clay to tone and enrich the skin in the form of soap, shampoo, or skin conditioners. Its practice has since been continued across the Middle Ages up to the modern age.

  1. Rich in Silica plus Magnesium

Its high silica and magnesium content means that skin elasticity can be upheld at best with the help of these two. Silica is superb in connective tissue repair, which is exactly what our skin needs in order to be strong and healthy. While in the meantime, magnesium breaks apart fats and oils which restricts the level of oiliness of our skin and also reduces stress on our skin, prevalent from the occurrences of acne and rosacea. 

Other Uses of Red Clay Masks

Here are some other known uses of the Moroccan red clay masks and how to prepare them.

  1. Facial Mask

Red clay facial scrubs are wonderful to prevent the growth of acne in acne prone skins as well as to halt the appearance of aesthetically-annoying blackheads.

  • First, mix the powder with water and diluted apple vinegar
  • Stir and apply it onto the face

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  1. Facial Scrub
  • To get a facial scrub out of red clay mask, don’t rinse away the mask immediately from the face.
  • Instead, mix it again with warm water and use your fingers to scrub it on your skin in small circular motions.

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3.  Hair Mask

  • Prepare 1 tablespoons of Moroccan red clay and ¼ to ½ cup of water or diluted apple vinegar.
  • Create a mixture out of them.
  • Pour on your hair and leave it for a few moments.
  • Rinse thoroughly afterwards.

4. Full-body Mask

  • Apply the whole clay into your entire body for detoxification.
  • Rinse thoroughly afterwards.

Indeed, there are many health benefits of Red Clay, all for beauty treatments too.