Benefits of Nutmeg in Skin Care – Natural Alternative Treatment

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The number of people who are willing to try natural way for skin care treatment is progressively increasing today. The reasons are varying from the cost of professional skin care treatment which is expensive up to there is no time for them to do intensive skin care, so the one that left is alternative skin care they could do from home in limited time and budget. Do you know about the benefits of nutmeg in skin care?

Why Nutmeg Good for Alternative Skin Care?

Some of you might be wondering why nutmeg is good for skin care. Nutmeg is one of the top Asian herbs and its benefits have been proven scientifically. Well, do you know that nutmeg contains some active compounds that could work magically in removing scars which caused by varying factors from pimples up to sunburn? In other words, nutmeg is one of the beauty hacks you should know as alternative skin care especially for you who are tight in budget and has limited time to do intensive skin care. The list of benefits of nutmeg in skin care might surprise you because some of you might have spent a lot of money and time just from the same result as you use nutmeg.

  1. Contains Potent Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Anti-inflammation properties found in nutmeg are effective to reduce swelling or rashes in skin especially caused by bacterial infection like pimples or acnes.

  1. Solution to Heal and Remove Scars

The high vitamin C content found in nutmeg will optimize the production of collage to regenerate skin cells. That is why there is no easier and more natural way to remove and heal scars but using nutmeg.

  1. Natural Way to Fight Pimples

Anti-inflammatory properties will reduce the swelling caused by bacterial infection that causes pimples while the anti-bacterial agents will deal with the bacteria to prevent further infections.

  1. Eliminates Dead Skins

You could use nutmeg powder as natural face mask or skin scrubs. The texture will help you eliminating the dead skins to reveal the natural and younger look of your skin.

  1. Removes Fine Lines

Not only dead skins will be removed, the vitamin c content and antioxidants found in nutmeg is excellent to remove fine lines and eliminate the trace of aging from your beautiful skin.

  1. Excellent Source of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are essential for skin. This magical compound will fight free radicals that cause premature aging. Antioxidants are also responsible in preventing oxidative stress in cells that could lead to severe condition like skin cancer.

  1. Contains Antibacterial Agents Good for Skin

One of the reasons why nutmeg are the best option for natural solution to prevent acnes and pimples naturally is the antibacterial agents which are super potent and with no side effects for skin.

  1. Controls the Oil Production

Excessive oil production could lead to dull skin, clogged pores, acnes, pimples and others skin problems. Using nutmeg as face mask or skin toner could help controlling the oil production.

  1. Solution to Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, nutmeg could be the best solution because it contains natural moisturizer for your skin.

  1. Natural Skin Moisturizer

The vitamin C benefits found in nutmeg will optimize the production of collagen. As the result your skin will become more glowing and well-moistuirized.

  1. Promotes Bright Tone Complexion

Bright tone complexion is very popular among Asian people. Now you know that having bright tone complexion is not only a dream because just by applying nutmeg face mask regularly could reveal your true and natural beauty skin.

  1. Fades Dark Spots and Blemishes

Dark spots and blemishes are caused by premature aging. The antioxidants content and vitamin C found in nutmeg are more than effective to help you dealing with these skin problems.

  1. Natural Skin Exfoliate

If chemical-based skin exfoliate will cause some rashes or redness to your skin, nutmeg will make your skin glowing. However, too much nutmeg could lead to the same problems as well especially for you who have sensitive skin.

  1. Prevents Premature Aging

You cannot stop the aging process but there are a lot of factors that could accelerate the process.  Well, surely you don’t want to look old before the age, do you? The antioxidants content found in nutmeg may help you preventing the premature aging to make you younger longer.

  1. Promotes Healthy Scalp and Hair

Not everyone realize that scalp is actually the part of the skin. Maintaining the health of the scalp is as important as maintaining other parts of your skin. Healthy scalp will lead to healthy hair and the minerals content found in nutmeg are also good to promote healthy growth.

Cautions of Nutmeg for Skin Care

The list of benefits of nutmeg in skin care may interest you to try this magical spice to your skin. This spice is one of the top Indonesian herbs and health benefits are wonderful. However, still there are some cautions you should aware as well so you should be super careful in applying this natural skin care treatment.

  • Allergic reaction is always possible to occur especially for you who are allergic to nut. Before you apply it to your skin is highly recommended to try it in some part of your skin to see the reaction.
  • It is also super important to use organic nutmeg only because you will need to apply the magical potion directly to your skin especially when you are about to use it as face mask or skin scrubs. Nutmeg which has been contaminated with dangerous chemicals is only causing you more troubles.
  • You should know that nutmeg has spicy flavour if you add it to your foods. It means, if you are using nutmeg powder too much, sensation like burning sensation may occur that could lead to inflammation, swelling or redness. So, you should be careful with the amount of nutmeg powder you use for your skin.

There are a lot of ways you could do to get all the benefits of nutmeg in skin care. Though today there are a lot of options of skin care products with nutmeg extract you could find in marketplace but making your own magical potion for your skin is highly recommended. You could use the health benefits of nutmeg powder that you could turn into natural face mask, skin scrubs, toning cleanser, spot treatment up to acne exfoliating cleanser that you could add or mix with other ingredients such as avocado oil, coconut milk, honey or lemon juice.