Let’s Get to Know About the Health Benefits of Kefir

Kefir milk is a fermented milk drink made from whole grains mixed with bacteria and yeast to create a symbiotic relationship, which is getting popular lately with high demand by many people because of the benefits of kefir milk which is good for the body, just like benefits of cashew milk. Although they are both […]

What Are The Benefits of Drinking Kevita Probiotic for Health

The benefits of probiotic drinks, such as the benefits of drinking kevita, is something that has been common among many people. Therefore, no wonder if a lot of people with digestive problems prefer to consume this drink daily. Furthermore, even it is become a daily habit that always not forgotten every day. Since the benefit […]

21 Excellent Health Benefits of Fermented Foods (Top #1 Probiotics Source)

Fermented foods are foods that have been through a process of Lacto-fermentation resulting in foods full of probiotics or good bacteria. The process involves the sugars and carbs to become bacteria-boosting agents and to create lactic acid. As a result, the process also creates beneficial enzymes like Omega-3 fatty acids and b-vitamins. Moreover, the consumption […]

12 Health Benefits of Probiotics (No.6 Everyone Need)

In your body, there are tons of microorganism called bacteria. However, these bacteria are divided into two groups, good bacteria and bad bacteria. It is really important to maintain the balance between that good bacteria and bad bacteria because if the imbalance between those bacteria occurs, it will affect your health. The bacteria that considered […]

Top 17 List of Foods Contain Probiotics Naturally

Maybe you’ve heard “probiotics” before from advertising dairy products or yoghurt. But you know, what is the probiotics? Probiotics are beneficial bacteria in our digestive that keep our digestive system to remain healthy. According to the FAO/WHO (2002), probiotics are defined as microorganisms that live and when consumed may provide health benefits to the host, […]