31 Science-Based Health Benefits of Olive Leaves Extract

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This entire time people may have known numerous benefits of olive oil extracted from the fruit. However, there is another part of olive plant or Olea uropaea that also have numerous benefits especially for human health. That part is the leaves of olive.

According to several studies, Olive leaves contain many health benefits. Actually it has been popular since many years ago. Among the traditional Moroccan community, olive leaves are widely used to maintain the stability of blood sugar in the body.

Along with the numerous studies, now people begin to know and recognize the health benefits of olive leaves. There is a remarkable content of olive leaves called oleuropein. Studies about oleuropein substance have been conducted since 1900’s. The results of the studies state that oleuropein substance is extremely useful to fight against internal infection.

Oleuropein substance has anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties. Consuming olive leaves is said able to increase thermogenin which plays role to burn fats inside body effectively. There are severals ways of using olive leaves for health purposes. You can use it as tea and the health benefits of olive leaves tea is the same as others. Another way of consuming olive leaves is by extract the leaves. This article will discuss the health benefits of the extract of olive leaves, its nutritional value, and many more.

Nutritional Information of Olive Leaves Extract

Olive leaves contain anti-cancer substances those are apigen and luteolin and also anti-malarial substances that is cinchonine. It also has anti-oxidants, anti-inflammation, anti-fungal, etc. In addition, olive leaves extract is also rich in oleuropein which is very useful to treat various kinds of internal infections.

Per 15 millilitres of olive leaves extract contain:

  • 5 kJ calories
  • 53 % Calories from fat
  • 24 % calories from carbohydrate
  • 24 % calories from protein
  • 0 g total fats
  • 0 g cholesterols
  • 2 mg sodium

Health Benefits of Olive Leaves Extract

The amazing quality of olive has been known well among us, but do you know that the leaves of olive can also be used? There are several studies reveal that olive leaves have been used for centuries for medicinal purposes because they has remarkable healthy properties which can work against various diseases and symptoms.

  1. Rich Source of Antioxidants

Oleuropein content apparently can act as natural antioxidant. Rich source of antioxidant in olive leaves extract is known to be able to help reduce the risk of getting chronic disease like cancer.

  1. Anti-cancer Properties

There are many health benefits of Olive Leaves Extract. Apigenin and luteolin is two substances found in olive leaves which are considered as active anti-cancer properties. Some studies show that the extract of olive leaves is very effective to prevent cancer diseases like colon cancer, prostate cancer, stomach cancer, and liver. Anti-cancer properties also can be found in health benefits of papaya leaves papaya leaves

  1. Anti-inflammation Properties

Not only rich in antioxidant and anti-cancer properties but olive leaves extract also rich in anti-inflammation properties. It has been proven when the researchers conducted experiment on applying olive leaves extract on animals. Consuming olive leaves extract apparently give reaction in preventing of getting nerves damaged. 

  1. Cancer Prevention and Inhibition

Olive leaves studies show that olive leaves have ability to protect from getting breast cancer and show can reduce the growth of breast cancer in the initial phase. Moreover, it can treat tumor in the final phase significantly. You may also also read benefits of soursop leaves because it is very good for cancer prevention.

  1. Bone Growth

A research conducted in Spanish in 2011 finds that oleuropein can stimulate the production of growth cells in the bones formation (osteoblast). Therefore, it can prevent loss of bone density and treat osteoporosis.

  1. Anti-viral and Anti-bacterial

Oleuropein and other substances in olive leaves have effective feature in treating various micro-organism like bacteria and virus. These substances have ability to make amino acids and reduce the production of virus and bacteria.

  1. Lower Blood Pressure

It has been known that oleuropein is able to loose blood vessels, reduce blood pressure, and prevent from blood clotting formation. 

  1. Reduce Cholesterols

Besides all of benefits above, olive leaves extract also can fight against the formation of bad cholesterol (LDL) by preventing oxidation. This oxidized cholesterol is considered as bad cholesterol and can harm our health. Related article: health benefits of octopus for cholesterols

  1. Strengthen Immune System

Olive leaves have traditionally been used to enhance the function of the immune system and increase the ability of body to resist the invasion of organism. A liquid extract made from fresh olive leaves proved to have an antioxidant capacity of nearly twice from green tea and 4 times higher than vitamin C. You may also read related article to support immune system from benefits of thieves oil 

  1. Anti-fungal Properties

Skin diseases caused by fungus such as itching, scabies, dandruff, and ringworm can be so annoying right? Those fungal-caused diseases can be treated by olive leaves extract as external medicine.

  1. Anti-malarial Properties

Disease from mosquito bite like malaria can be treated by consuming olive leaves. The content found in olive leaves extract can prevent malaria symptoms in order to not make it worst and harm the body. You may also read benefits of bitter leaves and benefits of bitter kola to treat malaria disease.

  1. Decrease Skin Thickness

Skin thickness and skin elasticity are the signs of skin damage. The skin damage can lead to many disadvantages such as having the risk of getting skin cancers. In addition, olive leaves also can inhibit skin carcinogenesis and tumor growth.

  1. Fight Off Bacteria and Fungi

Olive leaves extract has an important role in fighting off infections including meningitis, chronic fatigue, malaria, candida infections, shingles, hepatitis B, pneumonia, and gonorrhoea. Moreover, it also has ability in treating urinary tract infections, dental, and ear infections.

  1. Treat Arthritis

Its anti-inflammatory properties play role as natural remedy for arthritis ailments. Arthritis is a disease associated with joints which causes swelling and pain. Treating arthritis could also by taking benefits of hemp oil for arthritis

  1. Treat Diabetes

Olive leaves extract performs a good effect on the formation of glycation end products (AGEs). That substance can be the factor in the development of diabetes and others chronic ailments.

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Others Benefits of Olive Leaves Extract

Here are more health benefits of Olive Leaves Extract:

  1. Cardiovascular Disease
  2. Regulate Heart Beat
  3. Increase Blood Flow in Coronary Arteries
  4. Balance Blood Sugar Levels
  5. Treat Hypertension
  6. Treat Polio
  7. Treat Allergic Reaction
  8. Treat Flu
  9. Promote Lungs Health
  10. Fight Against Free Radicals
  11. Joint Pain Reliever
  12. Toothache Reliever
  13. Diminished Food Craving
  14. Improve Wound Healing
  15. Treat Cold Symptoms
  16. Natural Treat for Ear Infections 

Precautions and Warning

Although olive leaves extract is likely safe both when it is used or applied by mouth or skin. It also can provide some disadvantages if it taken inappropriately and used in an excessive amount. Below are some precautions and warning of consuming olive leaves extract:

  1. Pregnancy and Breast-feeding

Although, there has not sufficient information related to the effect of olive leaves extract to pregnancy and breast-feeding but it is not suggested to used large amount of it for pregnant women.

  1. Diabetes

Even though olive leaves extract provides good effect on the formation of glycation, but it is likely lower blood sugar. Diabetic people should ask suggestion from doctor and check blood sugar before using it.

  1. Surgery

It might effect on blood sugar control during and after surgery. Therefore, it is suggested for people who would undergo surgery to not take olive leaves extract 2 weeks before undergo surgery.