3 Powerful Health Benefits of Thai Soups to Soothe Upset Stomach

Upset stomach is totally an uncomfortable condition, isn’t it? Not only because it is painful, it will also disturb daily activities. There is one way of comforting upset stomach, which is by consuming Thai soups. Thai soups are believed to have a lot of spices and ingredients that are very beneficial for comforting your upset […]

Health Benefit of Pad Thai – A Favorite and Delicious Thai Dish

It is always favorable to visit Southeast Asian countries as you can find many delicious food rich in spices. One of the best countries to visit is Thailand. Thailand provides you with a lot of afforable and delicious food that is not common to be found in other countries. Besides, the richness of the spices […]

Health Benefits of Pad See Ew – The Healthy Thai Rice Noodle

Thai cuisine is one of the most popular Asian cuisines in the world, well loved by people from the east and the west. Thai cuisine is distinct in combining a refreshing and rejuvenating hot and sour flavours, as evident in pad thai as well as benefits of tom yum Thai soup, Thailand’s national dish and […]

9 Top Thailand Herbs and Spices and Its Health Benefits

When it comes to Asian herbs and spices, Thailand is one of the countries which are rich of herbs and spices commonly found in Thai foods. The tropical climate of Thailand provides this country sunlight all year around to grow a lot of tropical herbal plants. Just like any countries in Asia, cuisines from Thailand […]