15 Health Benefits of Millet Cereal for Breakfast and Wheat Allergy

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One of the cereal grains that not really common to consume is millet cereal. As some people might never consume this cereal, while there are some health benefits of millet cereal for breakfast. Therefore, try to get more overview on this kind of cereal will be a valuable thing. Not only to add more information for breakfast alternatives, but also to bring some benefits for the body through this grain.

Millet actually grains that comes from the small seeded grasses. The plant easily grow around the world mainly in Asia and Africa. Therefore, to get the grain is not difficult and to fill the world demand also quite easy too. This make millet cereal become another alternative for breakfast mainly with gluten free content. Hence, it will be good to try having this menu included in the breakfast as one of the option in managing the body wellness.

As many people aware that gluten free products are good to deal with several symptoms. Mainly for them that experience allergy to wheat products. Furthermore, apparently gluten free food also good to deal with reducing chronic diseases but excellent to be the energy sources too. If want to know further on the health benefits of millet cereal for breakfast, see below list of points.

1. Energy Source

Millet grains are rich with carbohydrates. Therefore, it is one of the meal that will help to supply the needed energy for the daily activities. This is why consume this cereal will be good for breakfast replacement. Furthermore, the benefits of millet cereal is the same health benefits of red bull that help to provide energy and increase power.

2. High Fiber

Millet cereal also contain a high fiber. Therefore, consume this cereal can work to bring a good supply of the fiber for the body. Hence, it is a good menu in the morning for people that want a breakfast with a lots of fiber content.

3. Improve Metabolic Rate

Consume this cereal will also work to improve the body metabolism system. Therefore, it can improve the metabolic rate and improve nutrient absorption too. Hence, it will help to avoid fat inside the body system.

4. Optimize Digestive

The fiber content in the cereal will work to improve the digestive system by stimulate intestinal movement. Therefore, it will work to result a fasten digest and help to avoid further digestive problems. This is the same health benefits of purple hull peas that can help to optimize the digestive too.

5. Avoid Constipation

As the digestive system will work better, it will help to avoid any problem such as constipation. Therefore, consume the cereal will help to flush out all the gas inside the stomach and soothe the symptoms.

6. Prebiotic

One of the health benefits of millet cereal for breakfast also to act as a prebiotic. This can benefit the digestive system to work optimum and help manage a healthy intestinal too.

7. Maintain Cholesterol

The same way as many grains and gluten free cereal, millet also can help to balance the LDL and HDL level in the blood arteries. Hence, it can maintain the cholesterol level and avoid any blood cod. Furthermore, it will help to manage a better cardiovascular and avoid stroke symptoms. This is the same way as the health benefits of eating raisin bran cereal for breakfast that can help to maintain cholesterol level too.

8. Healthy Heart

As the cereal works to manage a healthy cardiovascular, it will also improve the heart vessel. Therefore, it can be one of the good mechanism of prevent heart attack and manage a healthy heart condition.

9. Prevent Diabetes

The cereal also benefit to prevent diabetes symptoms. This is because it will help to reduce the blood sugar content inside the blood cell and arteries.

10. Avoid Allergy

This gluten free cereal is one of the perfect meal for those with allergy symptoms. Special for people that intolerant with wheat products. Consume this allergy will help to supply the needed nutrient but lead to avoid further itchiness or rash. This is the same benefits of edamame pasta that can help to avoid allergy symptoms too.

11. Reduces Asthma

Normally allergy can lead to asthma symptoms. Therefore, once the allergy can be handle, then the asthma symptoms will also reduce. This is why the cereal can benefit to avoid asthma too.

12. High Protein

This cereal also contain a high number of protein that can benefit the brain function and improve the muscle. Therefore, having millet cereal in the morning will lead to a better memory and bring positive thinking too.

13. Anti-Oxidant

One of the powerful benefit of millet cereal is to act as an anti-oxidant agent. Therefore, it helps to avoid free radical effect and can work effectively to bring a younger appearance too. This is the same way as the health benefits of farro that also a good anti-oxidant agent too.

14. Anti-Cancer

The anti-oxidant capacity not only works to avoid toxin. Furthermore, it will lead to act as an anti-cancer. However, still it needs further evidence and research. So fat, the cereal only help to promote a good cell and optimize the cell regeneration.

Millet Cereal Recipes

If want to serve this cereal as one of the breakfast option, make sure to get to know the easiest recipe. This will help to save the time but add some powerful energy. Below is a simple millet cereal recipes that common to follow.


  • one cup of millet
  • two and half cups of water
  • half teaspoon of Himalayan salt
  • a cup of milk
  • some raisins


  • Prepare the millet in a pan with lid.
  • Dry sauté the millet with medium heat and wait for several minutes.
  • Add the salt and water inside it.
  • Cook for around half hour or until all the water absorbed.
  • Pour the milk and raisin, simmer it in medium heat.
  • Turn off the heat and let it cold.
  • The millet cereal ready to serve.

Those all the health benefits of millet cereal for breakfast that can be an alternative of gluten free food. Therefore, people that experience some allergically symptoms mainly due to wheat products can safely consume this grain as alternatives. Furthermore, even for those that have no allergically conditions, still this grain can benefit you as listed above. Hence, there is nothing wrong to try starting the day by consume millet cereal.