Health Benefits of Turkey Sandwich for Your Daily Meal

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If you are bored of the classic chicken sandwich served in every of your lunch, why don’t you try to switch it with turkey? Worrying about the protein? Turkey has a lot of protein content, around 32 grams in every 4 ounces.

More amazingly, turkey is low in cholesterol and fat, making it a healthier alternative for beef. Not only the meat itself, but there are also some benefits of homemade turkey broth you can enjoy if you need to speed up from recovery aside from eating the flesh.

Turkey Sandwich Nutrition

Before learning the benefits of turkey sandwich to start carving for this healthy lunch, here is the list of nutrition from one serving of turkey sandwich you can gain.

  • 21 g of protein
  • 46 mg of cholesterol
  • 13 g of fat
  • 29 g of carbohydrates
  • 417 mg of sodium
  • 269 mg of potassium
  • 324 calories

From the list above, it can be concluded that a serving of turkey sandwich is enough to make you full due to the amount of carbohydrates and proteins. Also, this is low in fat and rich in potassium. Unfortunately, the sodium content is high enough.

You can actually do some tricks to make the sodium lower by making a healthier turkey sandwich with fresh and nutritious ingredients. Need some more options of meat for your sandwich? Try homemade sausage.

Health Benefits of Turkey Sandwich

Some benefits homemade sausage can be gained while enhancing the taste of your classic, boring sandwich.

  1. Maintaining Body Weight

Don’t try so hard maintaining your body weight by pushing your body for workout. Try a piece of turkey sandwich might help. Compared with other types of meat, turkey is lower in fat, making it perfect for those who need a protein boost without having to add more weights.

Moreover, turkey comes with a complete package of nutrition including riboflavin, potassium, vitamin B, niacin and phosphorus. You can also try chicken noodle soup as variations because one of the benefits of chicken noodle soup is for weight maintenance too.

2. Keeping Cholesterol on Track

Not only low in fat, turkey is also low in cholesterol. Keeping your cholesterol low means that you keep your health away from cardiovascular disease.

Depending on how the meat cooked, the cholesterol level remains low and safe. So ensure you know how to keep it healthy and always consult it with your doctor or nutritionist if you have cholesterol or cardiovascular issues before incorporating it into your diet.

3. Treating Anemia

If you have anemia you need to boost your iron intake. Instead of taking supplements that could danger your kidney; opt for turkey instead since this meat is rich in iron. You can combine turkey with tomatoes and onions in your sandwich because the health benefits of tomatoes and onions combined together are amazing.

4. Addressing Hair, Nail and Skin Problems

The high content of protein in turkey could help you stay beautiful because protein is very essential for the nails and skin to be healthy. Moreover, turkey also contains minerals that are needed by your bones and teeth.

Cautions of Turkey Sandwich

Turkey is indeed rich in protein, low in fat and cholesterol. However, you need to choose the fresh, skinless white meat instead of the deli or lunch meat for making sandwich to get those benefits. As the carbohydrates, choose whole grain bread instead of white bread could be a great thing because you can gain the fiber, added minerals and vitamins.

Avoid adding mayo as the condiments of the sandwich if you still want it to be low in fat. Go with mustard instead or you can even add some pieces of walnuts or pecans to make your sandwich crunchier, tastier and healthier.

Recommended Intake of Turkey Sandwich

Just because turkey is healthy doesn’t mean you can eat it as much as possible. Two slices for your sandwich could be enough because too much meat might make your sandwich less tasty since the other ingredients are probably overwhelmed.

Now that you have turkey sandwich for the lunch, try sausage for your breakfast would make your day more cherish and energizing. Nutritional benefits of breakfast sausage include boosting your mood and immunity while keeping your body weight in track.

Remember to always use fresh ingredients for your sandwich: fresh meat, bread and vegetables. Enhance the flavor of your sandwich with the right condiments and don’t be lazy to cook your meat in the right way so that you won’t add fats or cholesterol to your healthy dish.