9 Super Health Benefits of Soaking Feet in Warm Water

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Water, is an essential thing for our life and health. It is including cold and warm water. Both cold and warm water has been used as therapy treatment because of the benefits or you can read health benefits hot shower. The benefits are also almost same. For the warm water, you can take the treatment for all of the body with take a bath in a tub or just take it in the feet. Soaking in a warm tub for some people seems like a luxury item so it overlooked than soaking the feet in warm water.

Health Benefits of Soaking Feet in Warm Water

The treatment of warm water is often in feet and it called reflexology. The reason is because the feet have over 72.000 nerve endings, based on reflexologist named Jennifer Saraswati Moulden. The Health Benefits of Soaking Feet in Warm Water you can get for examples are increase blood flow, relieving congestion in internal organs and brain. For any further benefits, here are the details:

  1. Improves blood circulation

The biggest benefit of soaking feet in warm water is to improve the blood circulation. Warm water will stronger the heart because of the blood circulation to heart. It is very suitable for those who have high blood pressure or high stress lifestyle. You can do 2-3 times in a week regularly to get the heart pumping and blood flowing, which is as same as doing low cardio exercise.

  1. Helps to Sleep Well

Soaking feet in warm water will relax muscle and mind. It is very useful for those who often insomnia at night. When our body and mind relax, it will make us to sleep earlier and not attacked by insomnia. As we know, that insomnia will affect our body even personal life. This therapy soaking feet in warm water also helps us to get on a regular sleeping schedule. Or you can read health benefits of deep sleep.

  1. Prevents Diabetes

Soaking feet in warm water regularly will reduce the levels of glucose and sugar in the blood which are the main reason of diabetes. It has been proven by a study that the treatment is very useful for those who are suffering from diabetes. Diabetes is a disease that can be a real burden to the body over the years like blood pressure. Or you can read types of diabetes.

  1. Skin Clearances

The pores in skin will open up when you are soaking your feet with warm water. Then it will smooth your skin because it cleans up oils and dirt. The toxins in the body will be destroyed by the water natural elements through the process. If you want it for all of the body and get the best result, then you can take a bath of warm water in a tub. Or you can read health benefits of drinking water for skin and overall health.

  1. Reduces Flu and Cold Symptoms

Flu and cold symptoms are related to warm water. The warm water in the skin will reduce flu symptom like the mucus in your throat. The steam of the water which is can take away the wall of mucus in your throat. For the best result, you can take the treatment for 10-20 minutes. The other way that helps to reduce flu symptom and cold, you can also take one cup of hot water with droplets of eucalyptus oil. Inhale the steam and it will relieve the sniffle. Or you can read symptoms of flu.

  1. Muscle Relaxation

For those who like to spend times in gym, soaking feet in warm water may be familiar. It will relax your muscle as you doing it regularly. This benefit is suitable for you who like doing strenuous exercise. As your muscle relax, you can start to work again or doing daily activity for the next day. 

  1. Reduces Mental Exhaustion

One thing that is related to mental exhaustion is stress. This stress can affect our whole life and to reduce it you can try to soak your feet in warm water. This treatment will help you to relax your mind and feel comfortable. When you are relax, you will forget the things that make your mental anguish. You can try soaking your feet in temperature 104° F for the best result.

  1. Reduces Migraine

When you are migraine, you can try to soak your feet in warm water. The Health Benefits of Soaking Feet in Warm Water is to reduce the migraine. Your feet will feel warm that makes all of your body including your brain relax and comfortable. As we know that migraine can affect because we are stress. And previously already described that it can relief stress, that means also for migraine. To make it work as its best, you should take it at perfect temperature.

  1. Helps People with Arthritis

For you who are with arthritis, you can try to soak your feet in warm water with black pepper, cinnamon twigs, and Hong Hua. It will remedy your arthritis pain. In addition to lower the risk of common cold, you can add fresh ginger root. Or you can read health benefits of guava leaves.

There are some Health Benefits of Soaking Feet in Warm Water. You can take the treatment with notice the time and temperature of warm water you need to get the benefits. First, you have to make sure that the water is not too hot or too cold. You can soak your feet for 20-30 minutes only at temperature from 100° to 115° F (43°C- 46°C).