13 Health Benefits of African Bitter Leaf #1 Surprising

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The efficacy of African leaves surely is not as popular as some other medicinal plant. But African leaves have made the world of herbal medicine rise up with a wide range of research. One of the countries that developed the research on the efficacy of African leaf is China.

The origin of this plant is not known until now, but China has developed a treatment with African leaves for a long time. Various medical and herbal medicines try to use African leaves to treat various diseases. And, eventually, the researchers acknowledge that African leaves are very beneficial for health.

Characteristics of African Tree

African trees can thrive in tropical and subtropical environments. The way to breed this tree is by the process of stem cuttings. So, you just need to plant stems that have been issued branches and can grow fertile.

The character of the leaves has a small shape with a surface rather rough and shiny. If the weather supports the process of formation of the flowers, then small white flowers will appear. The trunk of the tree can grow high quickly and the leaves are dense. Part of a tree that can be exploited from African tree is the leaf, although in some countries like China, India, and Africa they also wear flowers as herbal medicine. Check out Health Benefits of African Bitter Kola

Benefits of African Leaf

African leaves become one of the leaves that can be used as a herbal treatment for various types of diseases. In addition, African leaves also contain a variety of good nutrients for the body such as phenolic acids, fatty acids, vitamins, essential acids, specialty oils, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents and various mineral sources.

So the African leaves can also make the body become healthier and protected from various types of diseases. Here are the health benefits of African bitter leaf that have been studied by various herbal medicine experts in China, India, Africa, Australia and various other countries.

1. Prevent Cancer

African leaves proved that it contains various antioxidant compounds that contribute to warding off free radicals. Various healthy cells destroyers can enter the human body through various ways such as food substances, pollutants or bad lifestyle.

This can increase the growth of cancer cells that can not be detected easily because it usually does not cause pain at the beginning of the symptoms. As a precaution, you can process fresh African leaves into tea. Boil fresh African leaf with three glasses of water, let it boil and reserve up to 1 cup. Drink African leaves boiled water if it is cold already.

2. Prevent Heart Disease

Heart disease can be caused by various causes. But medically heart disease is caused by the inability of the heart to process and regulate the heart pump that drains blood throughout the body. The decoction of African leaf that has dried can increase the prevention compound of heart disease to be more leverage. Compounds that contained in African leaves can shed plaque in blood vessels to the heart. You may also check out about Health Benefits of Bitter Almond Essential Oil


3. Lowers Cholesterol

Cholesterol becomes one of the substances that are harmful to the body, especially bad cholesterol derived from animal fats, saturated fats, and food substances that do contain cholesterol. Cholesterol also triggers various other types of diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and kidney failure. If you have a high enough cholesterol number then you can use the decoction of dried African leaves. You can add honey or orange juice to remove the distinctive flavor of African leaves.

4. Reduce Stroke Risk

Stroke becomes a disease that is feared by everyone. The stroke will attack the central nervous system that affects the motor system. In addition, a stroke can cause the risk of permanent disability and difficult to normal again. So, it’s better to prevent stroke since young. African leaves contain special compounds that can prevent stroke by helping the body’s metabolic system, reduce the risk of high blood pressure, and eliminate the fat content in the blood vessels.

5. Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

Blood sugar levels will actually be regulated by insulin which is produced naturally by the pancreas. But some people may have problems with blood sugar levels because of insulin resistance. If this happens, then the body does not have the ability to produce insulin so that blood sugar levels can be very high. consuming tea from the decoction of fresh African leaves for 2 times a day was very effective to lower blood sugar levels and make the blood sugar levels stabilize. You may also check out about Benefits of Bitter Gourd for Diabetes 

6. Set Blood Pressure System

The blood pressure system will actually be regulated by the heart. But the problem of blood pressure is also related to health conditions, salt intake, and lifestyle. That will cause why there are people who can experience low blood or high blood. These two disorders can make the body uncomfortable and also risk some other diseases. African leaves have properties to lower high blood pressure and make blood pressure stable. To perform this treatment it is advisable to consume boiled water of fresh African leaves.

7. Treat Malaria

Malaria is caused by a malaria mosquito bite. The disease develops in some tropical and sub-tropical regions. Symptoms of this disease are not initially seen because like the common cold but can be very dangerous if the virus has entered the body. The more severe symptoms are usually indicated by a sense of shivering and decreased appetite. You may also check out about Health Benefits of Bitter Melon Fruit

How to use:
Use the water from boiled of African dried leaves.
Boil a handful of dried African leaves with 5 glasses of water, reserve up to 1 cup, strain then drink. If it’s too bitter then you can add honey.

8. Treating Indigestion

The problem of digestive disorders can be caused by the digestive system that does not work well. Some types of digestive disorders that can be treated with African leaves are constipation, bloating, and diarrhea. The way is the same as other types of disease disorders, then you simply boil dried African leaves to tea. For the treatment of digestive problems should not add honey or flavor for more powerful effects.

9. Overcoming Abdominal Pain

Stomachache that can be treated with African leaves is an upset stomach caused by stomach problems. Symptoms of the disease is a discomfort in the pit of the heart if late to eat it will feel uncomfortable and decreased appetite. For stomach problems then you can use fresh African leaves as a herb. Drink boiled water African leaves when still warm so that the stomach feels more comfortable. You may also check out about Health Benefits of Bitter Kola

10. Detoxification

The process of detoxification is very important for the body. This process is done to remove toxins that exist in the body. We do not realize when the body turns out to contain a lot of toxins that come from food with preservatives, drinks with additional flavorings, air, and the environment. Toxins can cause various types of diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, tumors, and other diseases. For detoxification process should consume tea from fresh African leaves as much as one glass every day.

11. Lose weight

Overweight is usually caused due to fat accumulation in the body and metabolic system disorders. Metabolic system disturbed and causing the process of digestion and processing of carbohydrates into energy does not work properly. As a result, the body will have fat deposits. To help you lose weight then you can use water from a dried African leaf stew. Drink this tea on a regular basis, reduce the consumption of animal fat and exercise regularly. In this way, you can lose weight quickly.

12. Making Rests More Comfortable

Many people can not sleep soundly and cause insomnia. This disorder will send bad signals to the brain so the body cannot sleep well. To overcome this problem then you can make tea from dried African leaves. Drink one glass of dried African leaf stew before bed. The compound content of African leaves can help regulate the brain and motor system in order for the body to rest well. 

13. Overcoming Diuretic Disorders

Diuretic disorders can cause a person difficult to urinate. This disease attacks many elderly people. As a result, it can cause diseases of the urinary tract. To overcome this problem is to consume one glass of water from a freshly African leaf stew. However, if the complaint is reduced you should also stop treatment.

How to Use African Leaf

Method 1:

  • Take 3-5 pieces of fresh African leaves
  • Boil in 2 cups water
  • Reduce the cooking fire, leaving a glass
  • Drink every morning and afternoon

Method 2:

  • Take the African leaf as necessary,
  • Clean, then dry to dry
  • The dried leaves can be stored
  • Brewed like tea

African leaves are well known in herbal medicine methods in China. African leaves are an important source of protein and rich providers of quercetin, caffeoylquinic acid, and beta-sitosterol. Someday African leaves can be part of the modern treatment component due to its health benefits if African bitter leaf.