8 Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Bitter Leaf Juice

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Bitter leaf is a common leaf in Africa which is used for cooking various dishes and delicacies. However, not everyone is aware of its health benefits, especially the one which is obtained from the bitter leaf juice. Drinking bitter leaf juice might not sound pleasant and be the fun thing to do, however, it gives a lot of sweet benefits for your life.

Bitter leaf juice may be too bitter to taste and it may be a turn off for a lot of people. So, to reduce the bitterness of the juice, you can simply blend it with some other vegetables, such as spinach or fluted pumpkin.

If it is still too bitter for you to taste, you can also add some sweet fruit juices, such as pineapple, apple or even oranges.

Let’s take a closer look at the health benefits of drinking bitter leaf juice.

  • Curing Insomnia

The first health benefits of drinking bitter leaf juice is curing insomnia. Bitter leaf juice helps curing people who suffer from insomnia.

Try taking two glasses of bitter leaf juice every night and your body may be calm. When your body is calm, you will be able to sleep easily. Try reading these benefits of lemongrass for insomnia cure. If it is too bitter, you can add a little bit honey.

  • Reducing the Risk of Getting Cancer

Bitter leaf is rich in numerous anti-cancer properties, such as andrographolide compound. This compound has been found effective to treat prostate cancers, gastric cancers and colon.

Furthermore, there are some studies which have shown that the extract of bitter leaf can boost the immune system as well as inhibit the growth of tumor and prevent the development of cancer cells.

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  • Lowering High Blood Pressure

The bitterness in bitter leaf may make it unappetizing. However, it is also one of the benefits you can obtain. The bitterness in bitter leaf juice may help lowering your sugar level and controlling blood pressure.

No wonder, due to this fact, many doctors advise hypertensive and diabetic patients to consume bitter leaf. It is rich in potassium which plays an important role in preventing sodium from spiking up in the bloodstream.

Are you suffering from hypertension? Then, you should consider eating raw garlic. Besides lowering high blood pressure, you can also enjoy the other health benefits of eating raw garlic.

  • Weight Loss Program

Bitter leaf juice has some components which make it great as a therapy for burning off extra fat you have. You can get rid of that extra fat just by drinking bitter leaf juice.

Try to have a daily dose of bitter leaf juice in your diet, and you will be able to reduce the excess calories in your body as well as eliminating bad cholesterol.

  • Improving Fertility

Who knows that drinking bitter leaf juice can help improving your fertility? It does! Bitter leaf is very good to benefit the women’s reproductive system. Drinking bitter leaf juice is believed to help women to get pregnant.

How does it happen? It is because of the chemical compounds in the bitter leaf extracts promote the hormonal balance and boosts the immune system.

  • Toning up the Liver and Kidney

Kidney is a very important organ in our body. If the kidney breaks down, it would affect the entire body. Bitter leaf does a great job in taking care of the kidney and liver. No wonder, many people refer to bitter leaf as a cure-all.

  • Curing Stomachache

Drinking bitter leaf juice is also known as one of the well-known remedies for stomachaches. It is because it brings immediate relief and helps indigestion. If you have a stomachache, then you should also consider drinking some tea. You can read these health benefits of Chinese Tie Guan Yin tea.

  • Curing Prostate Cancer

Cancer could be cured by drinking bitter leaf juice too. It is known as a good way to cure prostate cancer. Prostate cancer, which is common among men who are older 40, has some symptoms such as difficult and painful urination.

Bitter leaf juice can increase the urine flow and reduce the pain and it regulates the spread of the cells as well.

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Bitter leaf juice is very beneficial for our health, however, there are some things you still need to pay attention, such as the side effects of consuming too much of it.

There might be some people who have an allergic reaction to a certain species of plant. Make sure to consult with your doctor first before deciding to consume bitter leaf juice.