11 Incredible Benefits of Coconut Water for Dehydration After Running

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It is no longer a secret when talking about the benefits of coconut water for dehydration. Therefore, many people has feel this advantages since many years and even some people consume the water daily. This is mainly in Asian countries, where coconut water can get easily anywhere or in any corner of the town.

Coconut water believe rich in vitamins and minerals. It also rich with ion that help to replace the loss ion from the body during tiredness. This make coconut water a favorite beverages when exhausted. Furthermore, in many race, people usually consume the water to increase their stamina and to avoid further sore throat. The taste is so fresh and it will create a better feeling during exhausted. This is why coconut water is one of the most favorite drink in Asian countries, specially during summer time.

Nutrient Content of Coconut Water

In a glass of coconut water, there are several content including minerals that help to manage the wellness. Usually it will consist of below lists of nutrients.

  • 45 calories
  • 252mg of sodium
  • 600mg potassium
  • 9gr of carbohydrates
  • 2.6gr of dietary fiber
  • 6gr of sugar
  • 1.7gr of protein
  • 6mg of calcium
  • 10mg of vitamin C
  • 4mg of iron
  • 5mg of vitamin B6
  • 15mg of magnesium

For further benefits of coconut water for dehydration, see below lists of points for a more clear explanation.

1. Natural Electrolytes

Coconut water believe can work as a natural electrolytes. It will automatically replace any loss of ion from the body when the mechanism of exhausted or sweat is starting. Therefore, it will help to bring back the ion inside the body system and bring capacity as a good electrolytes. This is the same benefits of grapefruit before workout that will help as a natural electrolytes too.

2. Avoid Exhausted

The capability of become a natural electrolytes will help to avoid any symptoms of exhausted. Mainly after doing some hard activities with a lot of sweat. Consume the water can help to manage avoid further exhausted specially during a sunny day.

3. Replace Sweat

Once the water comes in to the body, it will work to replace the sweat that has been produce after physical activities. Therefore, it will manage a better body condition during activities. This mechanism is the same way as the benefits salt sugar water that help to replace any sweat after doing something tired.

4. Avoid Dehydration

Since the water is good for replace the electrolytes, it will be a good way to keep the body avoid any dehydration possibility. This will also lead to manage a better body liquid and bring more wellness even after doing some tiredness activities such as running or other sports.

5. Bring Energy

When the body away from dehydration effects, it will slowly bring back the energy to normal level. Therefore, consume the coconut water actually also a natural mechanism to boost the energy back. This is the same benefits of drinking lion dates syrup with milk that will also bring back the energy in a sudden. 

6. Avoid Dry Throat

Another benefits of coconut water for dehydration is to manage avoiding any possibility of getting sore throat. As dehydration usually can lead the throat to a dryness. Through consume proper liquid, it will help to keep the throat moisturize and away of any throat diseases or infection.

7. Refresh Body

Consume the water also a good way to bring refresh feeling to the body. Since after doing some exercise people usually will get so tired. Then, the coconut water is a good solution to bring back the fresh or to help manage a better feeling. This is the same health benefits of children yoga that will help to refresh the body too.

8. Moisture The Throat

The coconut water is another way to moisture the throat. It is an effective way to avoid any pain due to throat dryness. Therefore, when feeling exhausted, it is better to directly consume the water and have a rest for several minute until the throat feeling more fresh again.

9. Balance Body Fluid

The coconut water is a good solution for those who wish to balance the body fluid. Even after doing some hard exercise. Therefore, it is better to replace the body sweat with bringing the coconut water during sports or exercise. Hence, it will help a balance body fluid and manage healthy body condition. This is the same health benefits of dragon fruit that also help to balance the body fluid too.

10. Blood Circulation

When the body away from exhausted, it means the body will keep running to manage a better blood circulation into entire body system. Therefore, consume the coconut water can be a good way to manage a better blood flow and distribute sufficient red blood cell to entire blood arteries. Since lack of water can affect this process, then through the coconut water it will make the process coming back better again.

11. Manage Oxygen Level

When the blood circulation is better, then automatically the oxygen level to entire body will be improve too. Therefore, keeping the body away from dehydration means helping the oxygen to contribute fairly to the entire body system.

Cautions and Recommendations

Even there are many advantages of the water for the body, there are several cautions that needs to be made. For a best result in consume the water, it is better to pay attention on below recommendations:

  • Consume too much coconut water without balance with white water will lead to a kidney problems. Therefore, make sure to balance the consumption to manage a healthier kidney system.
  • The coconut water may contain bacteria that will lead to diarrhea or upset stomach. Therefore, always make sure to consume a fresh coconut water.
  • Consume the coconut water with added sugar may lead to diabetes. Therefore, it is suggested to consume without adding any sugar.
  • People with several medication treatment shall avoid consume the coconut water to avoid any interference effect between the coconut water and the medical prescription.

Those all the benefits of coconut water for dehydration. Mainly after doing some tired activities, such as sports or running. Through consume the water immediately, it will help to bring back the body liquid and manage to fresh the tiredness. Furthermore, it keep the throat from dryness and dehydration. This is why coconut water is the best suggestion when having a hard day. Have a glass of this water and feel the fresh including the spirit back within a sudden.