20 Health Benefits of Vegetables Salad #Top for Beauty

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Salad is one of easily to arrange food but rich of benefits. This kind of food is made by mixing various types of fruits and vegetables. This vegetables are mixed in fresh condition, so you don’t need to cook the vegetables. In its fresh conditions, you kept the nutrients contained by the vegetables and fruits so you can get the optimum benefits of its nutrient. After mixing the vegetables and fruit, we can pour some spices or sauces to make it delicious.

In arranging vegetable salad, you can put any fruits or vegetables you like. You also can choose to put fruit only (fruits salad), or vegetable only, or maybe you prefer the mix of fruits and vegetables. Fruit only salad may seem interesting because the taste of fruits are vary and some of them taste sweet that you can’t taste the sweetness in vegetables. That’s why some people mix fruits onto vegetable salad.
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The mix of vegetables and fruit in vegetable salad give your body various nutrients contained in the vegetables and fruits. This nutrients gives many benefits for our body. Some of those health benefits of vegetables salad in the following.

  1. Cholesterol level decreasing
    High level of Cholesterol in human body is known as the most cause of various dangerous diseases for health. Consuming vegetable salad that contained some of vegetables is said as an effective way to decrease cholesterol level. Those vegetables that may suitable are cabbage, carrot, celery, tomatoes, and beans.
  2. Cancer Prevention
    Most vegetables on salad contain various vitamins and mineral that rich of natural antioxidant. These antixidants is good for human body to prevent the development of cancer cell.
  3. Antioxidant
    As mentioned before, vegetables salad is rich of natural antioxidant. Consuming antioxidants routinely is said as a way to prevent some dangerous disease, like Alzheimer and immunity dysfunction.
  4. Anti-Aging
    The appearance of premature aging symptoms, like wrinkles on your face, may an terrible thing. Moreover for young woman. To prevent this aging symptoms, you can consume vegetable salad that contain various vegetables with rich antioxidants which is a extremely effective as an anti-aging
  5. Digestion
    Most of vegetables in salad contain fiber that good for digestion. So, you don’t have to worry about digestion problem if you consume vegetable salad everyday. You may also love to read Health Benefits of Salad for Breakfast
  6. Prevent from Contispation
    The fiber on vegetable salad is also beneficial to prevent constipation. Constipation happened because feces in the digestion lack of water and become solid. Fiber contained by vegetable help feces to bond water and the feces will be softer. So, it help you to prevent from constipation. You may also love to read Health Benefits of Tabouli Salad
  7. Prevent from Diarrhea
    In the opposite of constipation, diarrhea is a condition where your feces is become too soft or maybe in a liquid form. Moreover, the frequent of your defecate is more often than before. You have to solve diarrhea because it can cause dehydration. Diarrhea can be solved by consuming salad. But, you have to give some attention to some vegetables because there are some vegetables that should be avoided when you experience diarrhea. Some of recommended vegetables that good to solve diarrhea are carrots and potato.
  8. Have a Health Intestine
    Intestine is one of the most important organs that play role in absorption of food nutrients. That’s why, it is important for you to have a health intestine. To do that, one of the most recommended way is to consume vegetable salad with various vegetable. For example, you can add broccoli, kale, and spinach
  9. Save Stomach
    Another important organs in digestion is stomach. Consuming vegetable salad with various vegetable will be a good way to save your stomach and prevent you from having ulcer
  10. Eye Care
    Some vegetables contain vitamin A in it. Vitamin A play role in eye’s health. Some of vegetables that contain vitamin A are green cabbage, carrots, and spinach. You can add them on your salad to have a health eye.
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  11. Boost Metabolism
    What’s more health benefits of vegetables salad? Fiber contained on vegetables also play an important role for metabolism. It burns calories in your body optimally. So, consuming vegetables will boost your metabolism.
  12. Diet Program
    Good metabolism will affect the successful of your diet program. All calories on your body will be burned optimally and absorbed. The fiber will also make you full longer so it will prevent you from consume more food.
  13. Heart Care
    Some vegetables like celery, spinach, mustard, radish, swiss chard, broccoli, kale, and some other vegetables is extremely important for the health of your heart. Put them on your salad to prevent from any heart problem
  14. Maintain Bone Health
    Vegetable Salad is also good to maintain your bone health to prevent your bone from any bone problem such as osteoporosis. Especially if you put green cabbage or spinach to the salad whis is very good for your bone. 
  15. Good for Immunity System
    Consuming vegetable salad routinely is also beneficial for your immunity system. Have good immune system will prevent you from the attack of bacteria and virus. You may also love to read Health Benefits of Salad Greens
  16. Give More Energy
    Consuming vegetable salad will give you more energy, so you can do your daily activity with more excitement
  17. Prevent Inflammation
    Inflammation is a normal thing as a natural reaction of immunity system from any bacteria. This reaction could be a pain or red part of your skin. But, an excessive inflammation will be dangerous for your health. Consuming vegetable salad will help you to have your immunity and prevent from inflammation.
  18. Skin Care
    Some vegetables in salad contain vitamin and mineral that important for skin care. Vitamin E contained in vegetable is said to solve wrinkles and black spots on your face
  19. Oral Health
    Consuming vegetable salad is extremely good for your oral health. Various vitamins contained in vegetable salad is known play role in oral health. For example, vitamin C which is contain in peppers and broccoli is good for your gum.
  20. Fertility
    another benefits of consuming salad is its role for your fertility. These vegetables is know to accelerate and assist the pregnancy process.

Hence, it is very recommended for you to consume vegetable salad. May the information can be useful for your healthy life and prevent you from any diseases. Keep going on and be healthy!