12 Worthy Health Benefits of Taking Soy Protein Powder

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Soybean is an important commodity that is increasingly in demand by the community. Soy which can be processed into flour or milk. As for the function of soy powder in the processed meat industry is, it is used as a mixture of meat or filler. The soybean powder can substitute the meat so it is able to reduce the production cost and keep the quality of meat product.

Products produced from soybean have a lot of benefits due to the high nutrition contained. As known that, soybean has enough protein content and natural fiber elements. Not only that, soybean also has several vitamin, mineral and other nutrition that needed by the body. Let’s see the following details:

  • Vitamin K,
  • Riboflavin,
  • Folic acid or vitamin B9,
  • Vitamin B6,
  • Thiamin, and
  • Vitamin C
  • Iron,
  • Manganese,
  • Phosphorus,
  • Copper,
  • Potassium,
  • Magnesium,
  • Zinc,
  • Selenium, and
  • Calcium

After seeing the list of nutrition, mineral, and vitamin contained in the soybean. Perhaps, you are curious about the benefits brought by the soybean itself, especially soybean powder. So, in the following discussion, we will review the health benefits of taking soy protein powder:

  1. Heart health

Protein in soy powder has the ability to lower cholesterol levels in the body. Therefore, soy powder can maintain heart health by preventing various types of cardiovascular diseases including heart attacks. Besides the soy powder, you also can obtain the health benefits of soy milk in maintaining the heart health of yours.

2. Increase Metabolism

Soy powder contains natural fiber that can dissolve easily to speed up the metabolism process so that calories can burn energy more quickly. It is certainly powerful enough to remove unwanted fat to achieve ideal body weight.

3. Prevent Cancer

According to some research studies, nutritional content in soy powder can prevent and protect the body from the development of cancer cells, mainly breast cancer and prostate cancer. But it can happen otherwise if we consume this soybean powder with an excessive amount of portion. So, always use adequate portions for maximum results and reduce negative risks. 

4. Improve Cognitive Function

Other studies have shown that soy powder can improve cognitive function, which is the ability to think optimally, for women under the age of 65 years. Cognitive function is one factor that is very important to get a quality life. The elements of cognitive function include attention, memory, language (communication), motor (movement), and execution (decision execution).

5. Strengthens Bones and Teeth

Besides the health benefits of soybean oil, soy powder also contains important minerals such as calcium and also phosphorus which is an important factor for maintaining bone and dental density. In addition, there is isoflavone that serves to minimize the damage that occurs in the bone like osteoporosis. Therefore, for the elderly, especially women who are experiencing menopause, soy powder can be a good calcium intake to keep the body from the symptoms of osteoporosis

6. Reduces Wrinkles

Another function of isoflavone content in soy powder is to stimulate the formation of collagen which can tighten the skin and reduce the number of wrinkles.

7. Antioxidants

Soy powder contains compounds called isoflavones, which are useful for improving health. These compounds are responsible for repairing cells and preventing cell damage caused by pollution, sunlight and normal body processes. The health benefits of boiled soybeans and the health benefits of black soybeans are also deserved for you to try.

8. Menopause

As mentioned before, one of the organic compounds in other soybeans is isoflavones, which are important compounds of the female reproductive system. During menopause, female estrogen levels will decrease significantly. Isoflavones can bind to estrogen receptor cells, so the body does not feel a dramatic decline.

In this case, it can alleviate many symptoms of menopause such as changes in mood, hot flashes, and hunger. Menopause becomes a traumatic moment in most women’s lives, but soy is one good way to ease this great transition.

9. Blood Circulation and Oxygenation

Copper and iron found in soybean are essential for the formation of red blood cells or hemoglobin. With the right amount of red blood cells in the body, the extremities of the body and the vital organs system can get the blood and oxygen flow needed to function efficiently. This will maximize metabolic activity and increase energy levels, while also avoiding dangerous conditions such as anemia. In addition, health benefits of Tempe are also able to prevent anemia.

10. Diabetes

Soy powder is an effective way of preventing and managing diabetes, especially as it shows the ability to increase insulin receptors in the body. Studies focusing on the association of soy products and the decline of type 2 diabetes are still in its early stages, but preliminary results have been particularly promising in Asian populations. That’s the best health benefits of taking soy protein powder.

11. Sleep Disorders

Soy powder helps regulate a number of aspects of metabolism, which can help reduce sleep disorders and insomnia. However, soy also has a high magnesium content, which is a mineral that is directly associated with improved quality, duration, and comfort of sleep. 

12. Maintain weight

The high fiber content in soy as a tool for management (regulate) body weight. This is a low glycemic index (GI) food that regulates blood sugar and insulin fluctuations. So it can help control hunger. This will greatly help you in the process of weight loss.

Recommendation Intake

Well, as you have read, that’s the information about the health benefits of taking soy protein powder that you can obtain. But, the healthy use of soy powder should be considered. Do not consume soy powder excessively because it will only cause negative effects on the body.

The content of isoflavones in soybeans can reduce sperm count for men. It is supported by the study which showed a surprising fact that experimental mice that consumed soybeans tended to interrupt their sperm production. Besides that, soy powder is also not recommended to be consumed by those who have allergies.

So, be wise when you decide to consume any meal, including soy powder. Consume properly, then you’ll take the benefits. But, if you consume excessively, then you’ll take the side effects.