18 Unknown Red Lettuce Health Benefits #High Nutrition

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Lettuce is a vegetable that is often used as a complementary vegetable. Lettuce has a fresh taste and it does not sting so it is suitable as a vegetable whether it is served raw or processed. Lettuce is commonly found in the burger or made as a salad. Its fresh taste is preferred by a lot of people. Even for Indonesian people, lettuce often is consumed as Lalapan or salad. Moreover, health benefits of lettuce are very undeniable.

Well, for your information, lettuce has several kinds, one of them is red lettuce. Red lettuce is not often consumed as the green lettuce. Though red lettuce contains high nutrition which is very beneficial for human health.

The Content of Red Lettuce

Red lettuce is a new variety that is widely developed by the lettuce farmers because it is high-demanded by people. This, of course, cannot be separated from the excellent content contained in the red lettuce. What is it? Check out the following details. Red lettuce contains a fairly complete nutrition such as:

  • vitamin A,
  • vitamin C,
  • vitamin B6 and
  • vitamin K
  • Lutein substance
  • Rich in protein
  • Beta-carotene
  • Potassium
  • Iron
  • Folic acid
  • Choline
  • Alkaloids
  • Fiber
  • Low calorie

Benefits of Red Lettuce

Red lettuce health benefits can be utilized for many purposes, particularly in health and disease treatment.

  1. Optimize growth

Growth period in children up to adolescence is a very precious time. At that time the body will grow faster so you should consume the nutritional food which is good for growth-supporting.

One way that can be used is to eat red lettuce. Red lettuce contains iron, potassium, vitamin K and vitamin C and high protein that serves to help the growth of bones and teeth optimally. Health benefits of banana baby are also able to support the growth well.

2. Overcoming anemia

Anemia or deficiency of red blood cells is characterized by some symptoms such as lethargy, weakness, tired, lack of appetite and etc. Anemia which is not treated well may cause serious diseases. So, in order to overcome anemia, you should consume red lettuce.

Benefits of red lettuce have a complete nutritional content and qualified in the process of formation of red blood cells.

3. Overcome sprue

Sprue is a common disease that occurs in human’s mouth. That’s why many people do not get worried if they have a sprue in their mouth because it will be cured by itself.

But, it also can’t be denied that the presence of sprue is very disturbing because sometimes it creates a pain and sore when eating or drinking something. So, we are not able to eat and drink as the usual.

Therefore, if you want to treat your sprue and kick it away, you may drink the red lettuce juice. The content of vitamin C is high enough in red lettuce is able to help sores of sprue. The health benefits of water apple also can overcome the sprue. 

4. Overcoming diabetes

Diabetes is a disease where there are the excess blood sugar levels. This is a very dangerous disease because it can disrupt the performance of whole organs. Currently, more and more diabetes sufferers suffer mainly due to unhealthy lifestyles.

Well, for those of you who have diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes, you should eat this red lettuce because it contains no sugar so it is safe for consumption by diabetics though in large quantities. Red lettuce is also able to reduce blood sugar levels optimally.

5. Overcoming insomnia

Dense work activity may not be able to make you sleep well. This is because the hormone adrenaline works too hard so that the body and mind cannot be calm down. If you want to overcome this problem and get the health benefits of sleeping, you can consume the red lettuce.

In the red lettuce, there is a content called lactucarium where this substance has the benefits of a natural sedative. This content may keep your mind calmer so you are able to rest well.

6. Boost the immune system

One of the factors that leads the body gets sick easily is because it lacks the immune system. This immune system is produced naturally by the body as an antidote to various free radicals such as dust, pollution, and others.

To make the body stay healthy, it can be helped by eating this red lettuce regularly. You also can utilize the echinacea health benefits.

7. Helps diet

For those of you who are doing weight loss program or diet, you may have tried various ways but not be optimal. By eating red lettuce while in the process of diet can help your diet program to work well, because red lettuce contains high fiber which brings the health benefits of diet high in fruits and vegetables. These fibers also serve to smooth the digestion so that can prevent the accumulation of fat in your body.

8. Improve fetal health

For those of you who are in a pregnancy period, are also advised to eat red lettuce. This is because red lettuce has a high iron content that is needed by pregnant women for the growth of the fetus in the stomach.

However, it is advisable for you pregnant women not to eat red lettuce in a raw dishes because it is feared that there are bacteria or eggs worms that are likely to infect the fetus. So, you must boil the lettuce before consumed.

9. Overcoming headaches

As mentioned earlier that inside the red lettuce has a unique content of a substance that is soothing. It is able to overcome a headache and keep us calm so that we will be more relaxed.

10. Prevent cancer

Red lettuce health benefits are also can treat cancer. Cancer is a disease that is currently much feared because it appears suddenly without any definite symptoms before. Cancer is usually detected when it is severe and for treatment should be extra.

Therefore, there is no harm for you to prevent the disease. One of them is to eat healthy foods and rich in vitamin C such as red lettuce.

11. Restores muscles and nerves

When the activity forces the body to continue to work, sometimes the body also provides a response to stop but still ignored. Rigid muscles and nerves can be overcome by eating red lettuce.

In addition to providing a relaxing and quiet effect, it also provides great energy in your body so you can still work and the body remains healthy.

12. Overcome digestive disorders

Digestive disorders such as diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain and others certainly are very torturing the body. right?  A smooth digestion is also an indicator of healthy living.

Well, to get a healthy digestion and smoothly you can eat red lettuce. In the red lettuce, there is a high fiber content that will launch digestion so there is no buildup of dirt in the body that may become fat.

13. Prevent hair loss

Hair is the crown for everyone, especially women. But most of the women experience various problems in the hair, one of them is hair loss. Consume regular red lettuce to prevent hair loss and make it stronger. Besides red lettuce, you also can obtain the benefits of fish oil for hair loss.

14. Neutralize toxins

The increasingly unhealthy modern lifestyle makes many toxins enter the body. By eating red lettuce, it can help neutralize toxins because red lettuce contains enough water. 

`15. Healthful liver organ

The health of the liver or liver is very important and must be maintained. Eat red lettuce  and health benefits of garlic to the liver to keep the liver healthy

16. Lowers cholesterol

The content of fiber and water in abundance in red lettuce can lower cholesterol attached to the blood vessels.

17. Ward off free radicals

Various free radical threats can be avoided by eating healthy foods such as red lettuce. Make sure there is always red lettuce in your daily menu.

18. Detoxification of the body

Detoxification or the process of removing toxins from the body is an activity that must be done so that the body does not get sick easily. It can be supported by eating the red lettuce.

That’s the information of Red lettuce health benefits that you deserve to know and apply to your daily.