5 Incredible Health Benefits of Fish Oil for Muscle Building

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For body builders, omega-3 is one of the basic thing that they must consume to build up their muscle. Omega-3 is famous for healing many disease, from depression until cancer. And one of the biggest substance containing it is fish oil. This oil is already known years ago and researches found lots of benefit inside this oil.

For you who wants to build up your muscle, you better pay enough attention to the explanation below, because what will be explained will help you to make your muscles great in no time! So here are incredible 5 health benefits of fish oil for muscle building!

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What is Fish Oil?

Fish oil is basically oil produced from some oily fish, but mostly form cold water oily fish such as salmon, herring, mackerel, anchovies, and sardines. These fishes produces the biggest amount of omega-3. Another fish like tuna also produces omega-3 but in a lesser amounts. Back then, this oil used to be produced by predatory fish like sharks, swordfish, and tile-fish.

But since these fish are in the top of the food chain and have high risk of pollution, the production changed into other fishes. Nowadays you can find this oil in drugstores with the yellowish-colored capsules. This oil has lots of benefit for our body, and one that we will discuss below is 5 incredible health benefits of fish oil for muscle building.

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What is the good side of Fish Oil for muscle building?

Researches find that this oil has big role on improving your muscle conditions. Here are the benefits of having fish oil.

  1. Promotes insulin sensitivity
    Insulin is a protein that pancreas produces and releases when you eat any carbs or proteins. Insulin is act as growth or anabolic hormone. When the pancreas releases insulin and it reaches the muscles, then the muscles will open up and absorbs the extra glucose in the blood. This will surely increases your muscle mass in no time!
  2. Keeps flexible joints
    Since the process of body building includes lots of lifting heavy things and it includes joint movements. If you don’t maintain it’s flexibility, it will be damaged and that’s the last thing you want to be happened. Consume omega-3 daily, especially fish oil, will help you to keep your joints flexible and speed up your muscle building process!
  3. Increases muscle strength and physical performances
    Beside keeping your joints are all in place, omega-3 also increases muscle strength and physical performances. In other way, fish oil helps you to build up your muscle and improves your physical performances as well! 
  4. Negates intense training sessions effect
    When you build your muscles, you have the tendency to work harder than it has to be and ended up damaging the muscles and joints. To lessen this risk, you can start having good amount of omega-3, which is contained in fish oil. Fish oil will help you in modifying blood antioxidant status and protect your muscles from over-training damages.
  5. Loses fat
    Muscle building means all muscles and no fats. This oil will help you to get rid of those bad fats from your body, since it decreases cortisol which is a stress hormone that linked to fat gains. By having this oil for your supplement, then you’ll able to lose some fats and gain more muscle! Thus, that’s all  health benefits of fish oil for muscle building.
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What is the bad side of Fish Oil for muscle building?

Even though this oil has lots of benefit form muscle building, there are some precautions that you must pay attention to when having this supplement. Please take not that the maximum dosage of omega-3 is 3 gram daily, and exceeding it may cause to some discomfort such as bad breath, nausea, rash, and nosebleeds. Also for people who have bipolar disorder, liver disease, depression, diabetes, familial adenomatous polyposis, high blood pressure, HIV/AIDS, and seafood allergy, it’s better for not taking this supplement since it will increase the risk of the disease.

As for pregnant women and children, it usually safe but better to consult it with the doctor to get the best solution for the supplement. As long as you’re not overtaking it and didn’t have any internal rejection over it, then it should be okay to take fish oil daily.

What is the recommendation intake of Fish Oil for muscle building?

If you want to get the best result for muscle building, then the best intake for fish oil is 6 gram in minimum intake for daily dose. You can split it into two or three doses and it’s better to be taken after mealtime. If you’re confused with the parting, you can check at the bottle of the fish oil capsules and see how much DHA contained in it.

Basically, the precise approach for taking this oil is maximum 1.500 DHA daily. If you already know the amount of DHA in the oil, then it will be easy for you to divide your doses for daily intake. But please take note that is the dosage for people who do muscle building. When you’re not doing it, then it’s the best to reduce the dosage a bit to avoid some bad side effect that might happen.

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So that’s about health benefits of fish oil for muscle building, please do remember that before taking this supplement it’s the best for you to consult it first with your doctor. Since there are some good and bad consequences behind this supplement, your doctor will decide whether it will be good for you or not. If it’s not, then there will be substitute for fish oil that will be better for you.

But as long as you don’t have any problem with eating cold water oily fishes mentioned above, then you don’t have to worry with taking fish oil daily as supplement. Hope this information is helpful for you!