7 Benefits of Reading Surah Yasin on Friday for Spiritual Health

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Qur’an is the holy book belongs to Muslims which is revealed to the prophet of Muhammad Saw through mediator of Jibril gradually for 22 years, 2 months, 22 days. The purpose of derived Qur’an is guidance for Muslims. In addition, Muslims believed that in Qur’an contained so many superiority for the people who read it.

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Qur’an consists of 30 juz and 114 surahs (chapters). Every surahs in Qur’an must have virtues. One of surahs which is quite familiar is surah 36 or well-known as Yaseen surah. This surah contains 83 verses and it is categorized as Makkiyah surah (Surah which is derived in Makkah). A lot of people believe that Yaseen surah is one of the most important surahs in holy Qur’an and it is considered as the heart of Qur’an.

There are so many advices from the scholars which suggest us to read Yaseen surah, especially on Friday night. Do you wonder why? What is actually the reason of reading Yaseen on Friday?

Benefits of Reading Surah Yasin on Friday for Spiritual Health

Some sources have discussed the benefits of reading Yaseen on Friday. Then, it is found that there are so many incredible benefits that we will get when we read Yaseen on Friday routinely. Besides the benefits which include getting reward from Allah swt, reading Yaseen on Friday is also beneficial for our life, especially for our health mental (Read: Benefits of physical activity for mental health) . Are you curious? Let’s have a look on the lists below:

1. Brings Serenity

Reading Yaseen, especially on Friday can bring serenity for our heart and also our mind. It is also able to make us feel peaceful, relax, and calm. It is because by reading Yaseen it will make you remember and come near to God, Allah swt. He is the one who owns and runs everything in this world. Read: Secret health benefits of pyramid meditation for soul.

2. Overcoming Stress

If any chance you feel stress, depressed or anxious, instead of consuming any drugs that will bring side effects for you, reading Yaseen is the better way that you can choose. The more routine we read Yaseen the less we will get stress. Try to read Yaseen routinely on Friday night and you’ll see its power. Read: Health risks of stress.

3. Help to Control Anger

Anger and emotion are the nature of human being. But, it doesn’t mean that you can allow yourself to be angry and emotional with out of control because it will risk your life, more exactly your health heart. Just imagine when you get angry, your heart rate, blood pressure, adrenaline and non-adrenaline will increase more than normal.

 The one thing you can do to control your anger is by reading Yaseen. As explained before Yaseen can bring the serenity to our heart and our mind which is automatically will calm our anger. Read: Health benefits of optimism.  

4. Bring Happiness

Happiness is a feeling of positive or pleasant emotions. A study shows that reading Qur’an, including Yaseen the dopamine levels or hormones of happiness in our body will increase. So, if you want to be happy just read holy Qur’an, especially Yaseen routinely. Read: Health benefits of dark chocolate.

5. Spared from any Diseases and Illness

As what have mentioned above reading Yaseen in routine, especially on Friday night will make us feel peaceful, avoided from stress and able to control anger. Don’t you see that those all factors will make us away from the diseases such as stroke, high blood pressure and etc? Read: High blood pressure treatment.

6. Have a Long Life

What’s more benefits of reading Surah Yasin on Friday? If by reading Yaseen, especially on Friday night can make us away from many diseases, it means we have more chance to own a healthy long life. It is not wrong if we hope a long life but we should realize that everything is depend on Allah swt. He is Al muhyi (The giver of life) and Al mumiitu (The creator of death). Read: Health benefits of yard long beans for better life.

7. Ease Dying

Every living thing in this world must through dying. Iman Al-Ghazali describes the pain of dying process when it comes to human as bellow:

“The pain that is felt when the dying enters to the soul and spread to all members of the body so that the people who are dying feel themselves pulled and pulled from every vein, nerves, joints, from every root of hair and scalp to feet.”

From the notes above, we know that dying is really hurts and painful. Nothing we can do to stop it. But we may be able to ease it and the way is by reading Yaseen routinely. We also can read Yaseen when we face someone is dying with the hope he/she will through it easier.

Well guys, that’s all the incredible benefits of reading Yaseen on Friday for our life, especially for our mental health (Read: Health benefits of fasting). Fascinating, isn’t it? Don’t forget to apply it in your daily and Insya Allah you’ll get the benefits. But you should note that everything depends on HIM, Allah swt. as the creator.  We as his servant only can make efforts, pray, hope.