7 Health Benefits of Playing Games with Preschooler

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The thing you can do to relax your mind and body is by playing games with others. Games such as board games, card games, interactive puzzles and video games can be enjoyed in any age including with kid or preschooler. In addition, educational activity like playing games makes the preschooler smarter because while playing games they are also learning.

Moreover, it is recommended for the parents accompanying their kids in playing games which make parents get closer to them. However, there are still many health benefits of playing games with preschooler and here are the details:

  1. Improve motor skill

The games that need physical interaction like board games make a role in improving motoric skill, especially for the preschooler. Twister, is a game that also will increase the dexterity and help in coordination the body and brain. The other game is video and electronic game which has its benefit in improving hand-eye coordination and also visual focus. Or you can read health benefits of trampolining.

  1. Increase focus and memory

Preschooler who are playing board games or concentration games have good focus and memory, which has been proven by a study or you can read benefits of playing board games with family. The reason is because it needs memorization and repetition to win over the games. Later, it will be useful in remembering school materials. Consequently, it will lead them to a good grade and their whole life.

  1. Improve self-esteem

A study from Nottingham Trent University by Dr. Mark Griffiths proves that many educational video games probably improve self-esteem and support positive feelings. That is because almost all of educational games completing virtual level where if they complete the level can also lead to the inspiration of taking risks in real life.

  1. Increase creativity

Creative expressions in some games is important including in Pictionary and Cranium. Those are typical of games that emphasize the players to think out of norms. Due to that, self-esteem and self-acceptance supports more creative expressions. Those are essential in building up connection between personality and activity in real life. Therefore, creativity plays a big role to be a better person including for preschooler and it is one of health benefits of playing games with preschooler.

  1. Increase socialization

Some need interaction between each player. They need to discuss things which are mean exchange ideas in order to get solution and win the game. Moreover, it is not only for the games but also in socialization. Playing more games indeed makes the player, in this case preschooler, to get more friends and actually if they are playing it with parents they will get closer. Or you can read benefits of basketball.

  1. Boost mental health

Playing games can make your body and mind relax. That is due to a happy feeling and laughter when you are playing games with friends. Therefore, it also plays a role in mental health.  Mental health comes or probably increases and it is important thing for the preschooler. They are still need to boost the mental health and will continue for the physical health. Or you can read health benefits of listening to quran.

  1. Boost physical health

The preschooler is still grows up and supports it playing games is a common thing. Physical health mentioned above is in relation with mental health. When mental of preschooler is healthy, their immune system is increase and can against bacteria that can lead in to diseases. So, that is why physical health is increase while playing games with preschooler. Or you can read health benefits of fitness.

There are still more health benefits of playing games with preschooler, where can be concluded that playing games is not about win or lose but more than that.