Benefits of Using Natural Gas As An Energy Source

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We have been using fossil fuel as the main energy source for years.  Related to the recently concerned issue, fossil fuel produces great pollutant and considered as the main contributor to global warming. Well, it seems that we need new energy source alternative which is nature friendly energy source.

On the other hand, there is a less pollutant form of fossil fuel which is able to provide energy for our daily life. Let’s call it natural gas. Natural gas is a form of fossil fuel with less greenhouse emission production. Some technologies have used natural gas. But it commonly has not reach house hold usage. Concerning about the environmental issue, the recent technology try to explore the use of natural gas as energy source.

Now, we can find stove, car, and electricity which employ natural gas as the main energy source. So what are the benefits of using natural gas as an energy source? We will discuss it later.

What is natural gas?

Natural gas is derived from fossil fuel which comes fromanimal and plants remains deep underneath the earth surface. The heat andcompression deep under fro a very long time form the remains into natural gas.Natural gas is usually found underneath the earth’s crust, trapped in thelayers of rock and soil. The location where the natural gas is found calledpool.

Natural gas is the lowest-carbon hydrocarbon which iscolorless and nontoxic. It is widely used as Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), compressed natural gas (CNG), or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) after going onsome process which involves cooling and compression. In this form,natural gas is easy to safe, carry and distribute from place to place. Naturalgas is able to provide energy for cooking, heating, and even electricity. Naturalgas is mainly composed of methane (CH4) and a small percentage of hydrocarbonssuch as ethane. From the name, hydrocarbon, we know that this gas is composedof hydrogen and carbon. However, this is the cleanest and safest hydrocarbon.

The Benefits of using natural gas as an energy source

Many technologies are developed to be compatible withnatural gas. It is aimed to explore the use of natural gas instead of oil andcoal. This act is led by the idea that natural gas is beneficial.  Here are some benefits of using natural gasas an energy source.

  1. Nature friendly

In term of burning, natural gas is over thetop. It has the cleanest burning as we can see that natural gas always producebright blue fire. The blue fire indicates the perfect burning, which lessenvironmental dissemination. In addition, it doesn’t leave any residue such asash, soot, and even bad odor just like the burning of the other fossil fuel

2. Reliable

Using natural gas as energy source is reliable. It is possible since natural gas is usually stored underground. It means that natural gas storage is safe from any physical disaster above the ground or in the air such as storm, flood, and extreme weather. So, the energy provider with natural gas as the source will be reliable for any kind of condition.

3. Less costly

The price of natural gas is considered to be stable compared to the price of gasoline. The price of natural gas is also cheaper than gasoline, that natural gas cost a half of gasoline price. It is possible since the technology to process natural gas is cheaper than the technology used to process crude oil to gasoline. but talking about economical view on fuel, we have to consider about environmental and economical benefits of public transportation.

4. Large supply

The supply of natural gas is abundant. Recent studies learned that there are still more than 100 years gas supply in United Stated alone. Based on analysis from International Energy Agency or IEA, if the consumption of natural glass is at present level, it is estimated there are enough resources to last around 230 years. These studies have not included the untouched natural gas source around the world which is estimated to be abundant.

5. Minimize the dependency of oil

As we know, oil is the most used fossil fuel for vehicle and electricity. Meanwhile, we know that oil is not available to all country. In the other words, some countries rely on their need of oil to foreign oil source. In case of natural gas, it can be access anywhere.  This way, any country can process and cultivate their natural gas as their energy source.

6. Flexible

In a matter of storage, we can also say that natural gas is the most flexible form of fossil fuels.  It offers number of safe storage forms. For instance, it can be stored in tanks above the ground or underground. Natural gas can also be stored in a form of liquid.

Precautions in Using Natural Gas as Energy Source

Despite the benefits of using natural gas as an energysource, there are some precautions we should consider. Here are some of theprecautions.

Natural gas is more combustible compared to the other fossil fuels. So, this is the reason why some people still reluctant to use natural gas as their main energy source. They are afraid of mishandling which highly possible leading to explosion. The explosion is commonly caused by leaking and the contact to heat source. Because natural gas is colorless and odorless it is quite difficult to notice the leaking. Thus, this is the reason why people use odorants in LPG, so that it is easily noticed when the gas is leaked.

How safe and clean natural gas is, it is still a non-renewable energy source. Therefore, we still need to consider the amount of the natural gas used as it is not easily replaced. Although the new source of natural gas is increasing, the use of natural gas is also increasing. So we still need to consider about the renewable energy source as the alternatives. For example, let’s take further study on benefits of cassava peel for environment.

This way, whatever the new energy source found, we need to closely observe the usage and take action. for example, we can get the benefits of public transportation for body health. or else, we have to occupy ourselves with more physical activities than using fueled vehicles, such as take benefits from cycling and benefits of walking 60 minutes a day. Not only mind about the supply, the considerate use will also safe our earth form the overflowing gas emission of fossil fuels including natural gas.