14 Sweet Benefits of Laying Baby on Stomach for New Mother

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Every mother will be happy with their pregnancy and birth. Therefore, most of them also understand that there are many benefits of laying baby on stomach. That is why this habit is a natural thing that can be happen around the world. It gives a psychological effects, either for the baby, or for the mother too. This is the reason why laying baby on stomach is one of the good habit to perform. Doing it everyday will bring many advantages to increase a good and positive emotional and feelings.

As mention before that this activity can benefit the mother and the baby. Of course, as a new mother, you might asked what is actually the benefits that can gain from this great activity. If needs to know further, better to check on below lists. There are several benefits of laying baby on stomach for the mother side, and for the baby side. It will guarantee positive.

Benefits for Mother

1. Increase Bonding

The main benefits to get from this activity is helping to increase the bonding between mother and baby. This activity can let you close enough with your baby. So that you can have a good feeling on taking care your baby. Therefore, it is a recommended thing to perform every day when you have time. This can bring benefit such as the health benefits of white angelica essential oil that works to bond the mother and baby too through massage.

2. Positive Emotional

With doing the activity it helps mother with baby blue syndrome to feel better. Some new mother will feel uncertain about their pregnancy and birth. Whether they will able to take care the baby or not. Through this activity, it can help to bring some positive emotional that quietly nice on the mother side. It will grow their confidence in raise the baby.

3. Avoid Stress

The benefits of laying baby on stomach also will help to avoid stress on new mother. Since the baby sleeping time might very disturbing. Therefore, this moment can help to avoid this stresses by having a better feeling and thinking.

4. Relaxation

The activity also will help the mother to get some relaxing time with their baby. Therefore, it is a good thing to do after birth. Spend some time to lay your baby on your stomach will good to create a relaxing mind and feeling. The same as the benefits of drinking russian tea that also help to relax the mind.

5. Better Mind

Having this activity also good to increase a better mind for the new mother. It will make them feel happy and proud having their baby birth safely. Therefore, it is a good thing to do in the morning or while the baby sleeping.

6. Easier Breastfeeding

The position of laying the baby on the stomach of a mother also can ease the breast feeding position. Therefore, it is a common position that perform to new mother in breastfeeding time.

7. Better Respiratory

It is a surprise thing that this habit also helps the mother to have a better respiratory system. Therefore, it can help the lung to improve while the baby sleep above the stomach. This is the same health benefits onion tea that also works to bring better respiratory system.

Benefits for Baby

8. Warming Body

Not only good for the mother, it is also a good activity for the baby. It can help the baby to keep their body warm. Since the warm from the mother body can be pass to the baby. That is why it is good to avoid further hypothermia symptoms to the baby.

9. Better Blood Circulation

The activity also can help to bring a better blood circulation for the baby. Therefore, it can manage the baby to have  a good blood flow and avoid problems with their blood circulation too.

10. Positive Emotional

The baby also can have their positive emotional. Mainly they can feel that they are loved by their parents. This is a good way to grow a positive feeling and emotion for the baby. The same benefits of russian baby yoga that also can bring positive emotional to the baby too.

11. Feeling Protected

The baby will also feel protected with this position. This can be a natural feeling when the baby is near with their parents. Therefore, it is a good thing to perform while the baby is sleeping at day or night.

12. Ease For Breastfeeding

The position also can help the baby to easy find the breast. Therefore, this is a good way to perform when breast feeding session with the baby. It will ease them to drink and help their digestive perform better.

13. Stimulate Motoric

The activity apparently also can help to stimulate the baby motoric. Since it is natural for them to try hold the mother and reach for anything in the mother stomach. Therefore, it is good for their motoric development. The same health benefits of china grass that also good for the motoric too.

14. Good Heartbeat

By laying on stomach, it can help the baby to develop a better breath too. It can help to strong their lung and produce a good heartbeat. Therefore, always make this habit your daily good habit after birth. It will bring many positive impacts.

Recommendation of Laying Baby on Stomach

There are several recommendation when doing this activity. Since it is an activity that needs concern and careful. Therefore, the best is to check on below lists of recommendations:

  • Do the activity carefully, since it can make the baby fell down. Furthermore, make sure to do this activity in a safe place to avoid any injury or unwanted effects.
  • Make sure not to harm the baby with doing it safely and hold the baby while doing it. Since the baby can move around and slip on.
  • Make sure to look at the baby respiratory system. In case of the baby having breath difficulties, turn the baby around and get them some air to breath.
  • It is better to do this activity not after breastfeeding to avoid the baby get nausea or sickness and vomit.

Those all the benefits of laying baby on stomach. This activity is one of the good habit that should be developed by every mother in the world. So that it will bring many positive effects for the baby and the mother too. However, always concern on how to do it and make sure that it can consider safe. Do not do something movement while laying the baby on stomach that can be harmful for the baby. Therefore, not only bring advantages, it will keep the baby health to be optimum. Have it a try moms!