12 Surprising Health Benefits of Thieves Oil for Immunity

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Herbal essential oil is a famous common product that believe can bring various advantages for the health, including the health benefits of thieves oil. Therefore, it is now a common way to use herbal oil as an alternative in keeping a healthy mind and body for several peoples. Such as in Asia, where herbal is a main choice rather than other medical treatment. Since it is more easy to get and minimum risk to happen.

Thieves oil is actually a combination of the essence of clove, lemon, cinnamon and eucalyptus. The four ingredients blend in one package and distillate to result an extract. Since each of the ingredients having its unique benefit, therefore, the combination can bring many advantages when used for medical treatments.

Finding this oil also not difficult. Nowadays, it is easily to get the oil get in the medical store around the world. Furthermore, the ingredients of the oil is easy to find. Therefore, the oil is quite easy to produce too.

Nutrient Content of Thieves Oil

There are no specific information on the nutrient content of the oil. This is due to the nutrient will vary depends on the brand of the oil. However, normally the oil contain several minerals that can benefit mainly for respiratory and immune system. For a better overview, below are several health benefits of thieves oil:

1. Increase Immune System

The main benefit of using thieves oil is to increase the body immune system. Therefore, it will help the body to avoid any bacteria infection or other kind of diseases. Furthermore, it will manage the body to keep healthy and away from sickness. This is the same health benefits grape seeds extract that will help to increase the immune system too and help to avoid further diseases.

2. Antiseptic

Another advantage is including to become an antiseptic. Therefore, the oil is good for hand wash. Easily dilute the air with some water and use a hand wash everyday. It will help to sterilize the bacteria and avoid the possibility of having diarrhea.

3. Anti Bacteria

The oil benefit is also to be as an anti bacteria. Therefore, it is suitable to avoid the possibility of bacteria infection which might be harmful for the body health. Furthermore, it is a good treatment to manage a healthy body condition and away from diseases. This is the same health benefits swiss chard that can act as anti bacteria too.

4. Stress Relieving

Another health benefits of thieves oil is to become some stress relieving aids. Therefore, many people using the smell to provide a better mood and feeling. Specially after a long hard day, where the body and mind need a better relaxation for a better psychological condition.

5. Avoid Insomnia

Creating a better mind will lead to a better sleep. Therefore, the oil also good to treat with insomnia and perfect for people with sleep disorder.

6. Peaceful Mind

Thieves oil also good to bring a peaceful mind. Therefore, people prefer this oil to create a better relaxation at home. Diffusing the oil into the room air is a good alternative to creating a comfort feeling. This is the same health benefits of goya chocolate that help to bring a relax mind too. 

7. Anti Inflammation

Using the oil can benefit to act as an anti inflammation. Therefore, it is a best aid to help with sore throat. Furthermore, it can help to avoid skin inflammation too.

8. Sore Throat

Thieves essential oil can help to soothe the pain during the sore throat. It will help to reduce the inflammation and avoid the redness. It also can act to handle the pain. This is the same health benefits of drinking warm water first thing in the morning that works to soothe the sore throat too.

9. Relieve Cold

Another advantage is including to soothe any symptoms of cold. Therefore, it is a good treatment to reduce fever and cough. No wonder if it use as treatment during influenza.

10. Avoid Headaches

The oil also benefit to help reduce the head pain or headache. Therefore, it will help to stabilize the blood pressure which normally the cause of head pain. Furthermore, since it can deal with cold symptoms, therefore, it can reduce the pain due to cold including migraine and headache. This is the same health benefits of salted eggs that can help to avoid headache too.

11. Better Respiratory

The thieves oil also good to manage with a better respiratory system. Therefore, people with severe asthma or breath problems can use the oil to manage with this condition. Furthermore, it will bring a relax breath and make the respiratory keep health. Hence, it is a good treatment for sinusitis symptoms too.

12. Wound Aids

Using the extract oil also known good for curing any wound. Therefore, when having small accidents or injuries, it is suggested to use some drops of the oil and apply to the wound. The high vitamin C content inside the ingredients can make a fasten cure. Hence, the wound can heal faster and including the pain will reduce too.  

Cautions And Recommendations

The essential oil has numerous benefit, however it also contain several cautions. Therefore, it is suggested to pay attention on below recommendations before decide to use the extract oil:

  • Avoid using the oil if having allergically symptoms such as itchiness, redness in the skin, nausea or even dizziness. It means that the body can not accept one of the ingredients inside the oil. Therefore, it is suggested to stop the using of the oil.
  • Do not using the oil too much or over the given doze. Otherwise, it can poison the body and cause dizziness or nausea feeling.
  • Pregnant woman suggested to consult with their caregiver before using the oil. It has risks that it can react with the fetus and cause miscarriage.
  • People with several medical conditions also suggested to consult with the doctor before using the extract oil. Since it may interfere the medical prescription or having effect to the current medical condition of the body.

Those all the health benefits of thieves oil together with several cautions and recommendation. Using the oil for positive purpose may lead to a good result. However, always consider the side effects too. Hence, it can bring maximum benefit to the body and not giving any further negative effects.