10 Health Benefits of Damiana Tea #1 Top Mood Booster

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Damiana leaf is one kind of herbal tea which have other name as Turnera Diffusa. It is from a plant which native to America and Mexico.

The plant leaf is commonly use as the main ingredients of damiana tea. Since many people believe the health benefits of damiana tea is enormous. Therefore, it start to popular as a herbal tea that believed can bring better healthy condition.

The history of the leave is used in ancient Aztec as one of the herbal remedies. It remains popular today as herbal beverage among western people. It is not really famous in Asian. But it is not too difficult to get the extract tea.

Nutritional Value of Damiana

Damiana leaves normally contain resin, tannin, flavonoids, beta-sitosterol, damianin and arbutin. Not much information can get for the tea nutrition value. But there are many informations available on the health benefits of damiana tea as below:

1. Anti Oxidant

The tea is famous as an anti oxidant. This help to fight the free radicals effect and bring a younger look. It can reduce the wrinkle appearance. Furthermore, it neutralize the risk of cancer and help to avoid dangerous diseases. Therefore, it also good as an anti aging. Which is the almost same health benefits of Eating Jaggery for the body.

2. Anti Bacteria

It has a powerful anti bacteria capability that can avoid the bacteria infection and inflammation into the body. Therefore, it is good in manage the digestive problems due to bacteria. It can soothe stomach feeling. Furthermore, it helps to bring a healthy skin due to the capability to eliminate skin infection, such as acne inflammation or eczema dermatitis condition.

3. Improve Digestive

Another health benefits of damiana tea is to promote some detoxification and improve the digestive system. It manages intestine bowel movement to be optimized in converting food into energy. Therefore, it can avoid the fat absorbed to the body. Furthermore, it can help with stomach upset. Which is this is the same health benefits of quinoa.

4. Weight Loss

Due to the capability in improving the digestive system, therefore, it is good to manage the weight. It helps to encouraged weight loss by produce thermogenic effects that can reduce the appetite. Therefore, it is suit to be added as a diet menu in the daily meal.

5. Aphrodisiac

Several studies found that the tea is able to perform as aphrodisiac. Therefore, it is good to increase sexual desire. Furthermore, it helps to manage sexual problems including sexual dysfunction. This benefit is the same way as health benefits of hala fruit that able to optimized sexual organs blood circulation. 

6. Reproduction System

The tea extract also capable of promotes fertility into the reproduction system. Therefore, it helps in planning pregnancy or to handle PMS syndrome. Furthermore, it helps to balance the reproduction hormone and help the menopause disorder.

7. Diuretic Properties

Another benefits including to help increase a frequent urination. Therefore, it is good to detox the body and bring fast recovery from viruses. Furthermore, it can prevent kidney stone and water retention in the body. It is the same health benefits of tatsoi green.

8. Mood Booster

Consuming the tea also bring joyfull feelings. It help to bring back the mood and help in managing stress. Therefore, it is good to bring a pleasant feelings and avoid stress effects.

9. Relaxant Stimulant

Since it is a good anti depressant, this can benefit to bring calmness and relaxation. Therefore, it helps to soothe a nerve tension and roducd relaxing mind. Hence, consuming the tea can soothe any pain due to stress effects. This is the same health benefits of oil massage.

10. Respiratory

The tea also good to soothe the respiratory system. It helps to calm the sensory nerves in producing cough. Therefore, it can eliminate respiratory inflammation. Furthermore, it produce smooth breath and act as a herbal mild decongestant. 

Recommended Intake of Damiana Tea

To extracted damiana leafs into the tea is not too difficult. Below is step by step method to serve a cup of homemade damiana tea:

  1. Boil some water in a pan.
  2. Get some damiana leaf that has been cleaned carefully.
  3. Turn off the boiling water and out the leafs unto it.
  4. Wait for some minutes until the water color is change. Means that the leaf extract has been blended into the water.
  5. Simmer it into a cup.
  6. Add some honey or ginger for additional flavour.
  7. Damiana tea is ready to serve.

To get continous benefit of the tea, it is recommended to consume it daily. During early morning or in the afternoon. The best is to consume before having some meals.

Side Effects of of Damiana

Like any other herbal, the tea might bring some unwanted side effects. Therefore, avoid to consume it in case below effects are happen:

  1. People with allergically history shall avoid to drink the tea. Mainly if the effects of swollen face, redness, itchiness, and nausea is happen. It is better not to continue rather than accepting those side effects.
  2. It rich with fibers and good for digestion. Therefore, consuming too much tea can lead to diarrhea. It is suggested to drink the tea as necessity in the morning. Hence, it bring benefit more than the effects.
  3. Pregnant woman and breastfeeding mother shall consume the tea in proper dossage.
  4. Be carefull to consume the tea together with any medical prescription. Since it can affect the medicine effectiveness to the diseases.
  5. Avoid continue consuming the tea if feels nausea, disorientation, pain or vomitting. Since it might mean the body reaction is not align with the herbs composition.

Those are some health benefits of damiana tea. Including the step of making it and the side effect. Consuming herbal shall be a healthy choice. But however, some other diseases might need to get medical perscription. Therefore, be wise in decide the medical methode choosen for the body health.