16 Amazing Health Benefits of Goldenrod You Should Know

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In the late summer, we can see the beauty of goldenrod flower everywhere. The plant with its yellow flower is not only beautiful, but also beneficial. Well, some people might not realize how special this plant is, until they know the health benefits of goldenrod. Goldenrod has been used as herbal medicinal property for years. We can use goldenrod plant either when it is fresh or dried.

The fresh goldenrod is usually simply brewed with hot water, while the dried goldenrod can be drank as a tea or capsuled. We can also take advantage of goldenrod essential oil. The essential oil is now widely available on store. Therefore, goldenrod can be taken either orally or topically.

Beneficial value of goldenrod

The health benefits of goldenrod are mainly credited by the beneficial value in the plant. Some of the values we can get from the flower, leave, stem, and the roots of goldenrod are:

  • Fiber
  • Flavonoids
  • Kaempferol
  • Quercitrin
  • Rutin
  • Quercetin
  • Mucilage
  • Resin
  • Saponin

And if we talk about how much value we can obtain, it basically based on how we take goldenrod. The value and the benefits might depend on which product of goldenrod we use.

The health benefits of goldenrod

Here are some health benefits of goldenrod we can get from the goldenrod plant. Here are some benefits we can obtain from consuming goldenrod tea, capsule, or decoction:

  1. Detoxifier

We can easily exposed by free radicals and toxins from our diet and lifestyle. The stacked toxins in the body are dangerous as it may cause some diseases. Therefore, it is important for us to regularly go through detoxification by taking some foods or supplement with the ability to perform as detoxifier.

The benefits usually can be taken from some natural ingredients such Health Benefits of Parsley Tea . Or else, we can also rely on goldenrod. Taking goldenrod tea regularly is believed to be able in removing waste and toxins effectively.

  1. Treat allergy

Some people tend to be easily getting allergy. The allergens might also be different. It can be animal, plants, or even seasonal. However, the form of allergy might be seen as common sneezing, rashes, or itching. In this case, goldenrod is able to present you the ability in treating the symptom of allergy.

You can simply drink dried or fresh goldenrod tea. Or else, you can also topically apply goldenrod essential oil on your skin for itching and rashes. 

  1. Treat sore throat

Just like the Health Benefits of Ginger and Garlic Tea, goldenrod tea is also excellent to deal with throat problems. It is able to effectively soothe sore throat. It can also be used to reduce itching in the throat during flu. Make sure you drink a hot goldenrod tea to make the medication effective.

  1. Potential expectorant

Taking goldenrod tea during flu is a good idea. It is possible since goldenrod is able to present the ability as potential expectorant. It can effectively expel mucus within the lungs and also treat nasal congestion. This way, taking goldenrod tea during flu may boost the recovery process, just like the Health Benefits of Onion Tea

  1. Relieve fever

As mentioned before, taking warm goldenrod tea is effective for flu. It is able to remove mucus, treat nasal congestion, and threat sore throat due to virus infection.

To add the health benefits of goldenrod in treating flu, the plant can also relieve fever. It is possible since goldenrod possesses anti-infection property which enables the plant to fight against infection. Goldenrod can also magically open up pores so that it enables optimum excretion through sweat to reduce fever.

  1. Improve kidney health

Just like the health benefits of green tea, goldenrod is also a potential diuretic. It is able to improve urine production. This way, goldenrod is able to support kidney and bladder health by consistently carry the toxins through urine. The ability of goldenrod as potential diuretic can also prevent the formation of kidney stones.

  1. Prevent UTI

UTI or Urinary Tract Infection is commonly caused by abnormal urine excretion which might be influenced by infection within the urinary tract. We can avoid the infection only by taking goldenrod either as a tea or supplement. It is because the diuretic property of goldenrod is able to effectively clean the urinary tract from microorganism which may lead to infection.

  1. Improve oral health

Drinking goldenrod as a decoction or as a tea is also good for our oral health. The anti-bacterial property in goldenrod is able to prevent infection within the mouth cavity. It is also effective to treat inflamed gum, toothache, and oral bleeding. This benefit can also be obtained from the Health Benefits of Lemongrass Tea.

  1. Treat wounds

This golden flowery plant is excellent to improve skin health. Not only maintain skin health, goldenrod can also be used as medicinal property to treat wounds and burns. In this case, you can use the goldenrod essential oil. Use as topical treatment for your wounds.

Apply it regularly to protect wound from dust exposure while boosting the recovery process and preventing further infection. We can have the similar effect from Benefits of Lemongrass Essential Oil for Skin Treatments.

  1. Relieve muscle pain

Suffer from muscle pain after a vigorous workout? You might need a little massage. Just apply goldenrod essential oil and use it to massage your ached muscle. Massage gently, and you’ll have the aching relieved.

Taking oral medication from goldenrod tea or supplement can also improve the medication process from the inside. It is done as goldenrod helps reduce inflammation which cause muscle pain.

The other health benefits of goldenrod as essential oil and tea are:

  1. Treat asthma
  2. Treat fungal infection
  3. Treat arthritis
  4. Good for diabetics
  5. Improve cardiovascular health
  6. Improve digestive health

Precaution in using goldenrod

Basically, there is no significant complain about goldenrod usage for health. However, there are some possible side effects we should pay attention as the precaution in using this golden flowery plant.

The first is, you should closely watch the usage if you tend to be allergic to other plant in the same species with goldenrod. It is possible since goldenrod might perform the similar allergic reaction.

The second, you should re consider to take goldenrod if you have had kidney problem. It is possible since goldenrod is able to influence the kidney functioning. And the last, goldenrod consumption should also be watched for those with hypertension. As we know, people with hypertension are very sensitive toward the content of sodium. In this case, goldenrod is able to affect the sodium within the body.