30 Benefits of Fish Oils : Health – Beauty (#Scientific Research)

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Benefits of Fish Oils have many important role for beauty, health, and many diseases problems. Fish oil has been known worldwide to be one of the important supplements. However, not everybody knows exactly about what makes fish oil is so special. What is fish oil and what kind of wonders this kind of oil could do for human’s health? Fish oil is oil which is produced from fish, obtained for its tissue or organs.

Oil fish which is contained of Omega-3, EPA and DHA has several benefits for human’s health. By consuming fish you will get all the same nutrients as in oil fish but the risk of contamination of dangerous substances like mercury in fish is higher if compared to fish oil supplement. That’s why for all the benefits of Omega-3, EPA and DHA, choosing oil fish supplement is much more recommended.

However, before that finding out more about the benefits of fish oil is highly recommended. Below are some lists of the benefits of fish oil for your information as well as the list of cautions that you should be aware of:

For Heart Health

Health benefits of fish oil very important for heart, it was amazing to preventing hearth diseases. Consume it regurally will make you never know heart disease.

  1. Reduce Cardiovascular Disease

Omega-3 contained in fish oil is always good for heart since it is very effective in reducing the symptoms as well as the risk of any cardiovascular disease.

  1. Lowering Cholesterol Level

Fish oil is also already proven to be able in lowering the cholesterol level by increasing the production of HDL or good cholesterol and at the same time reducing the production of LDL or bad cholesterol.

  1. Improve Blood Circulation

As fish oil is good for your heart and then could assist in controlling and lowering cholesterol level it means that fish oil is overall having good contribution in improving blood circulation. Healthy and normal circulation of blood could reduce the risk some conditions caused by heart diseases like stroke, cardio attack, hypertension and many more.

For Beauty

  1. Skin Conditioner

Fish oil is excellent solution to improve the health of your skin conditions. Fish oil is very effective in getting rid of dry skin problem because of its moisturizer properties that could cast as natural skin conditioner. Furthermore, fish oil is also effective in getting rid of some more serious skin conditions like eczema, skin redness, rashes and many more.

  1. Treats Acnes

EPA contained in fish oil is effective in fighting acne. Besides that Omega-3 is good to treat the rashes caused by the bacteria’s infection and the EPA has function to inhibit the development o androgen formation and then sebum formation which could lead to acne. So, fish oil is not only able to cure acnes but also good as prevention action.

  1. Preventing Sunburn

Though there is no specific research that stated fish oil is effective to prevent sunburn but a lot of people have claimed it. Perhaps it is due to its ability to act as anti-inflammatory for your skin so the EPA is also functioning as the protector from sunburn as well as preventing the rashes and skin redness caused by UV rays that could harmful for skin.

  1. Fish Oils Prevent Wrinkles

Fatty-acid contained in fish oil is beneficial to moisturize your skin to look healthier and younger. Wrinkles are one of the signs of aging showed by degeneration of skin cells. Omega-3 is also able to act as anti-aging that could prevent the formulation of aged-cells that could cause wrinkles.

  1. Fighting Hair Loss

Omega-3 contained in fish oil is also beneficial in the stimulating of the hair growth and preventing hair loss. This substance will act as the nourishment to the follicles for stronger hair growth. Furthermore, if you are consuming omega-3 from the fish instead of supplement, the high rich of protein in fish is also beneficial for lustrous hair.

  1. Dealing with Dandruff

Dandruff might be common and relatively easy to get rid of. However, many people don’t realize that instead of hair problem dandruff is much more about skin problem. The DHA and EPA contained in fish oil are beneficial to treat dandruff.

For Mental Health

Benefits of fish oil for mental health will make your mental health in right ways.

  1. Could Treat Kids with ADHD

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder is one of the mental conditions when kids have problem with concentration, poor coordination that will lead to emotional instability. When parents found their kids too hyperactive with tendency of recklessness they tend to think their kids are needed to be disciplined. When the fact is they have problem with their brain function. Omega-3 and Omega-6 could assist in improving their brain function.

  1. Natural Treatment for Depression

One of the amazing things about Omega-3 fatty acid is its ability in promoting depression relief. This substance is very beneficial in stabilizing the moods of patients with depression symptoms. This statement is also supported by the fact that countries which consume fish frequently has lower rate of depression. So, fish oil is considered to be able in reducing the tendency of depression as well as reducing the symptoms.

  1. Excellent to Treat Anxiety and Fatigue

Anxiety might be the one of the early symptoms that someone is actually having some kinds of mental problem that could lead to depression. Untreated anxiety could cause fatigue that will make a person feel tired all the time and lazy to do anything. This condition could lead to a serious mental problem. Fish oil is recommended to treat the anxiety as well as the fatigue but further action to deal with the main problem is still necessary to do.

  1. Reduce the Risk of Psychosis

One more mental condition which could be prevented just by consuming enough amount of Omega-3 is psychosis disorder. Furthermore, the same study that proved it also stated that omega-3 contained in fish oil also able to reduce the risk of schizophrenia.

For Brain Health

  1. Reduce the Risk of Alzheimer Disease

Fatty acid has been proven to be an excellent solution to reduce the risk of Alzheimer. Well, the best source where you could get high amount of fatty acid is fish oil which is rich of Omega-3. Furthermore, fish oil is also containing adequate amount of EPA and DHA which are good for improving brain function.

  1. Memory Benefits

Giving fish oil as supplement for your youngsters is recommended because of the omega-3 contained in fish oil is very beneficial to improve memory. In youngsters, omega-3 is also beneficial for their cognitive function especially mothers who have been consuming fish oil as part of their pregnancy diets could be beneficial for their children after they were born.

  1. Reduce the Frequency of Epilepsy

Epilepsy is also one of the conditions of brain dysfunction. Fish oil may not be able to cure epilepsy but so far, studies have been proven that fish oil is effective in reducing the frequency of epilepsy’s seizure. Furthermore, this is also effective for those who have suffered chronic epilepsy so even drugs and medications are not longer able to deal with the condition.

For Immunity System

  1. Excellent Immunity Booster

Omega-3 is also well known as excellent immunity booster. It contributes in the production of specific substances like cytokines and eicosanoids which are essential for immunity system. It is effective in providing one more layer of protection toward viral infection like cold and flu.

  1. Beneficial for Lupus Patients

What is lupus? Well, it is one of the conditions closely related to immune system. Logically, immune system will protect your body but in this case immune system is set into auto with no control so even healthy tissue and organs will be attached by the immune system itself. Recent studies have found that fish oil is beneficial for lupus patients but further studies are still required.

  1. Treatment for AIDS Patients

Another chronic disease which has close association with immunity system is AIDS. If in lupus immune system is too active, in AIDS the immune system is too weak so even common infection like flu and cold could be considered as life threatening for AIDS patients. Still, a great deal of research is still necessarily to conduct for convinced result.

For Eye Health

  1. Improve Vision

Fish oil has been proven to be beneficial for eye health. It has significant role in improving vision as well as a good prevention of any age-related macular degeneration. Untreated age-related macular degeneration could lead to several serious conditions and in the worst case is blindness. That’s why consuming fish oil frequently since a very young age could assist in preventing the degeneration of cells more effectively.

For Pregnancy

  1. Good for Fetus

Fish oil is rich of Omega-3 fatty acids and DHA. Those substances are already proven to be beneficial for the development of fetal inside the womb.

DHA has significant role in the development of eyes and brain of the fetal. If fish oil is consumed in the last trimester could assist in improving the development of motor system, sensory as well as cognitive ability. The healthy fat of Omega-3 is also preventing the baby to be born in low birth weight so fish oil is able to reduce the risk of premature born.

  1. Protect Mother from Post-Natal Depression

Post-Natal Depression may not a familiar subject yet but the case is progressively increasing in the recent years so it should become attention for couples who are planning or on the way of having baby. Recent study conducted in University of Connecticut stated that DHA contained in fish oil is able to reduce the potential of this depression as well as the symptoms.

For Bones Health

  1. Good for Arthritis Patients

Arthritis is one of the common bone conditions but it is not easy to deal with. It is probably hard to cure but even reducing the symptoms is not that simple. The recent studies have shown that fish oil is probably able to assist in reducing the system by reducing the impact of specific enzyme. That enzyme is the reason why the cartilage is destroyed that could cause the pain in the joints.

  1. Improve Bone Health

Believe it or not, Omega-3 fatty acid and DHA contained in fish oil could do the wonder in maintaining the bone health. That’s why adding fish oil as part of your children supplement for healthier and stronger bones.

Chronic Disease

  1. Treat Cancer Patients

One of the cancer types which is already proven to be effectively taken care by fish oil is prostate cancer. Low fat diet is required to prevent the development of this cancer but omega-3 in fish oil is also closely linked to the reducing of the risk.

Furthermore, it is also already proven to be able in treating patients with colon and breast cancer. However, fish oil cannot do the wonder it is just part of healthy low fat diet that could help in reducing the risk not the magical drugs that will cure cancerous cells.

  1. Prevent Diabetes

One important thing to note about fish oil for diabetes is it is not curing diabetes or assisting in lowering the blood sugar level. Fish oil is effective to prevent diabetes.

Once a person was diagnosed with diabetes, fish oil is no the solution even further studies fish oil could endanger or make the current condition of diabetes patient worse. Consulting this matter with your doctor is highly recommended.

Others Benefits

  1. Aid in Losing Weight

The recent studies have been proven that it is true fish oil could aid in losing weight. However, it is not the Omega-3 that will cause the weight loss but omega-3 is only assisting in optimizing the exercise’s effect. So, regular exercises are still required while combining it with consuming fish oil as part of your daily diet.

  1. Enhance Fertility

Surprisingly fish oil is also beneficial to male fertility. Though the studies just have been conducted in animal but the result is convincing. Fish oil could enhance the rate of sperm survival after the ejaculation as well as the amount. However, it is not affecting the mobility of the sperm. Still, for those who have problem with fertility perhaps fish oil therapy is worth a try.

  1. Fish Oil as Anti-Aging

It is probably one of the new studies that still required further researches but so far fish oil is also considered to be powerful anti-aging due to its high content of Omega-3. The sign of aging could be shown by the ending of growing DNA chromosome caused by Omega-3 deficiency. Well, fish oil could provide and boost the intake of Omega-3 in your body.

  1. One Layer of Protection Against Air Pollution

Perhaps it is one of the wonders that fish oil could do to protect your health. It is almost hard to avoid the bad effect of air pollutions caused by traffics, passive smoker and many more. Even mask couldn’t prevent the worst effect of air pollution. Recent studies have shown that fish oil is effective in reducing the bad effect caused by air pollution.

Side Effects of Consuming Too Much Fish Oil

  1. Making the Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder Worse

Fish oil benefits to treat some of mental disorders like ADHD, reduce the risk of Post-Natal Depression and early symptoms of depression but one a patient has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder perhaps consulting this matter with the professional before highly recommended.

It is possible for substances contained in fish oil will interact negatively with medications prescribed for bipolar disorder patients and make their condition worse.

  1. Probably Dangerous for People with Liver Condition

Fish oil is not recommended to be consumed in high amount by patient with chronic liver condition. It could lead to a serious bleeding in the liver.

  1. Dropping Blood Pressure

As mentioned above healthy fatty acid contained in fish oil is healthy for heart. One of the wonders that fish oil could do is lowering the blood pressure but if a blood pressure patient already received medication to lower the blood pressure level if combined with fish oil the effect must be too much. They could drop the blood pressure which also dangerous.

  1. Weaken Immune System

Adequate dosage of fish oil is good to maintain the immune system. However, it is also the same like in previous point (no 3) that too much fish oil will give the opposite effect. Instead of maintaining the immune system it could weaken the immune system which is very dangerous for HIV/AIDS patients.

  1. Seafood Allergy

For those who are allergic to seafood or any fish products of course avoiding fish oil in all cost is a wise action since the effect will be the same.

It is probably wise to put fish oil supplement as part of your family’s diet. One thing to consider, don’t too depend on the supplement because fresh fish is also containing nutrients like vitamin, protein and minerals which are good for human’s health. However, when it comes to Omega-3 fatty acid there is no better source but fish oil.

When choosing fish oil supplement you have to know first from which fish the oil is derived since the amount of nutrients in each fish is different. So far famous supplement of fish oil is derived from salmon, tuna and cod. One more to considered, each person’s need is also different, kids and adults are also different. Consulting your need of fish oil as part of your daily diet with the professional is still necessary to do. Being healthy is important but being wise for your family is much more important.