17 Proven Health Benefits of Shaklee Vivix (No.4 Is Best)

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Have you ever heard about Shaklee Vivix? Shaklee Vivix is a great invention of supplements which contains resveratrol-polyphenol blend substances from muscadine grapes, the most potent grapes that provide a lot of health benefits. It is produced by Shaklee corporation, an American manufacturer and distribution of natural supplement, beauty products, weight-management, and also household products. The ingredients in Vivix have many health benefits that can support your body well. It has been developed and researched several times to get the optimal health benefits of Shaklee Vivix. Here are 17 proven health benefits of Shaklee Vivix for your body:

1. Acts as the best antioxidant.

Shaklee Vivix contains a unique polyphenol profile which has a great power of antioxidant. It is combined with ellagitannin and ellagic acid within it to create the most potent antioxidant to fight against free radicals in your body. This antioxidant will save your body from many diseases.

2. Protects the body from bacterial and fungal infections.

The unique phenolic profile of muscadine grapes in Shaklee Vivix gives the double protection for the body against bacterial or fungal infection. You can consume it when you get infections such as a sore throat, pneumonia, bacterial flu, or fungal oral thrush. It will help you to recover quickly.

3. Protects the body from the extreme temperature.

Shaklee Vivix contains the phenolic substance which can also protect the body from the extreme temperature and excessive moisture in the environment. It will prevent the bacteria growth in their environment so you can prevent the infection invade your body.

4. Acts as the great anti-aging.

Shaklee Vivix has resveratrol contains 6x much more than regular red grapes. This substance has the great anti-aging effect which impacts to 4 key mechanisms of cellular aging, including cell energy, cell defense, cell repair, and cell performance. If all of these mechanisms can be protected well, the cellular aging can go slower and you will always look younger. This is one of the best health benefits of Shaklee Vivix.

5. Helps to prevent constipation

shaklee vivixShaklee Vivix has more dietary fiber that rice or oat. This high-fiber will help to digest and absorb the food well do you will stay away from the constipation problem.

6. A good choice for the healthy diet.

Besides preventing constipation, the high dietary fiber in Shaklee Vivix a good choice for diet. It helps your digestive system absorb the nutrient from the food smoothly. In addition, Shaklee Vivix can also restrict your calorie intake because of its resveratrol compound.

7. Helps to prevent cancer.

Because of its antioxidant content, Shaklee Vivix has the capability to prevent cancer. The free radicals that can cause the cancer cells mutation can be inhibited by its powerful antioxidant.

8. Keeps all your organs work well and stay healthy

Resveratrol in Shaklee Vivix potentially improves the health of the organs. It can activate the genetic regulator of cellular longevity pathways and make the positive effects on cellular health and metabolism. It will keep your organs have a good metabolism.

9. Helps to treat diabetes.

Shaklee Vivix contains resveratrol which can restrict the calorie in the body. This is good for the diabetic patients to keep their calorie in the normal amount so the blood glucose can be controlled as well.

10. Helps protect and repair cellular DNA.

The resveratrol in Shaklee Vivix can also protect and repair the cellular DNA from the damage. It will help the cells in the body can recover quickly when they are in damage.

11. Supports heart health and cardiovascular function.

Trans-resveratrol is the stable resveratrol that supports the healthy heart. It has an anti-inflammatory effect to maintain the vessels of the heart especially the heart arteries from any damages. It can support the cardiovascular function run well.

12. Boosts the immune system.

Flavonoid is one of the form polyphenol compounds in Shaklee Vivix. Flavonoid compound can stimulate the immune system through its mechanism against the infection agent. It will make the antibodies always stay in an alert condition.

13. Supports the brain health.

The flavonoid compound in Shaklee Vivix can also support the brain health. It will increase the connections between neuron to improve the cognitive function of the brain. In addition, flavonoid improves blood flow to the brain to make sure that your brain gets an enough nutrition and oxygen. It will protect your brain stay healthy and prevent from several brain aging like Alzheimer or dementia.

14. Increases the energy.

Shaklee Vivix can increase the energy and reduce fatigue through its trans-resveratrol mechanism. This substance promotes the biogenesis of mitochondrial, part in the cells that regulate the energy production. Shaklee Vivix is good to be consumed especially for the athletes to boost their energy.

15. Helps to reduce inflammation.

If you have inflammation problem such as arthritis, it is recommended to consume Shaklee Vivix regularly. It has a good anti-inflammatory effect through resveratrol compound which prevents the cells release their inflammation substances.

16. Maintains the normal blood cholesterol level.

Shaklee Vivix has a high dietary fiber which can bind the cholesterol. It can also increase the HDL (good cholesterol) level to keep the balance of normal cholesterol level in the blood. If the cholesterol level can be maintained normally, it will prevent some diseases like heart disease or stroke.

17. Helps to remove the waste products out of the body.

Muscadine grapes as the main component of Shaklee Vivix are high in Quercetin, the healthy flavonoid compound. This compound has the diuretic effect which can help to remove the waste products out of the body through urinating.

17 health benefits of Shaklee Vivix have been explained above. All of those benefits have been proven through several types of research. This is best for anti-aging first and for optimal well-being of the body. You can consume Shaklee Vivix 1 teaspoon regularly once per day. It will bring a good change to your body for sure. However, Shaklee Vivix is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. You should consult your doctor first before you consume it.