10 Unpredictable Benefits of Co Sleeping with Your Child

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sleepinghealth benefits of sleeping with a child in one room even one bed can provide many benefits for you. in fact, the phenomenon of sleeping with children is a natural thing in the West. Whereas if they sleep separately, it is one of the actions that are not responsible. Because a child still needs the love and warmth of his parents.

Despite the fact that there are still many parents who sleep separately with their children, but you need to know that the benefits of co-sleeping with your child provides many benefits such as:

  1. Reduce the risk of SIDS

SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) or sudden infant death can be minimized if parents and children sleep in the same room. This is based on a study that has been done

  1. Improve the quality of mother and child sleep

If you and your child sleep in the same room, then you will have more time to sleep. Because you can calm him down directly if he is crying at midnight. read more: benefits of sleeping on the floor

  1. Fewer sleep disorders

This is related to the quality of sleep you can get by sleeping with your child. you or your child feel comfortable each other so there is no interruption during sleep. More about benefits of sleeping 8 hours a night

  1. Child is safer

Sleeping together in one room also makes your child safer. Because of course if there is interference that happens to the child, you can immediately handle it. Risks such as falling out of bed or pillow covering his face can be reduced by sleeping with him. Read this: sleeping without a pillow benefits

  1. Breastfeeding is easier

If you are still actively giving milk to your child, it is an advantage for you to sleep with her. When your child is hungry and wants milk, you can give it immediately without having to leave the room. more about health benefits of sleeping without underwear

  1. Reduce anxiety

The instinct of parents would be anxious if away from the child. Especially if your child is still very small. Various kinds of negative thoughts must have crossed your mind. one to overcome it is to invite your child to sleep together in one room

  1. Method of body care

Sleeping with a child is one of the natural methods of body care. Many benefits you can get both mentally and physically. Indirectly, it will provide health care for your body

  1. The child can sleep soundly

Surely you have experienced a time where your child is very fussy at night. One powerful trick is to take her to bed with you. because the child becomes more comfortable so that his sleep will become more sound

  1. Strengthening the bond between mother and child

Benefits of co-sleeping with your child strengthen the relationship between them. Communicating with each other, the touch of skin and the love of a mother is what makes the bond between them stronger

  1. Risk of falling off the bed

Of course, it can happen because you are always on standby looking after your child during sleep