Health Benefits of Kalachuchi (You Probably Haven’t Heard about It)

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Kalachuchi may sound a bit strange to most of us. But when we look at the real object, it is definitely not a strange item. This is so because kalachuchi is the same as frangipani (health benefits of Plumeria)! Meanwhile, the term “kalachuchi” is the Filipino name for “frangipani.”

Being native to the Latin American regions of Mexico, the Caribbean and also South America, kalachuchi have also made its way towards other warm-climate regions of the world. In addition to its renowned scent and beauty, kalachuchi also turns out to provide health advantages. And here it is, the health benefits of kalachuchi.

Biological Information of Kalachuchi

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 05d1bb88-kalachuci-benefits-1024x768.jpgKalachuchi, or frangipani (Plumeria) are alluring, yet beautiful yellowish white flowers. Their five petals are long and smooth, yet has its own distinctive fragrant as well. The flowers measure 5 to 7.5 cm in diameter with rare seeds. If any seeds are present, they are winged and stored securely inside a 17.5 cm pod.

All in all, there are 7 to 8 species of kalachuchi, with a majority of them are in the form of deciduous trees and shrubs. The trees themselves are small, with a height ranging 2 to 8 meters tall and similar width. The branches resemble sausages, however the branch when broken apart releases latex that could be irritative to the skin or mucuous membranes. The leaves are large, green and round-edged measuring 30 to 50 cm.

Symbolically, kalachuchi trees are nicknamed the “tree of life.” Why is that so? It is because frangipani trees continue to blossom, even when they are cut! The fragrant of frangipanis are also symbolized for spirituality and love. It is no wonder that there are lots of love-themed perfumes with a frangipani-based scent!

What are its Health Benefits?

  1. Kalachuchi for Skin Health

First, kalachuchi flowers are good for skin health as an astringent, moisturizer and also an aromatherapy. Kalachuchi extract ensures that the skin remains soft and supple, therefore very recommended for dry and cracked skin types. Meanwhile, kalachuchi extract is also an astringent by causing the contraction of skin cells.

  1. Kalachuchi Lowers Headache

Next, kalachuchi extract is also able to lower down headache by being an anti-inflammatory on its own right. And not only that, because kalachuchi extract is also able to cure headache up to the most severe cases, and also related aches such as muscular pain or back pain.

  1. Kalachuchi Acts as a Stimulant

Next, kalachuchi is also a stimulant in terms of assisting all-in-one health conditions, ranging from circulatory health, nervous health, psychological health, and others.

  1. Kalachuchis are Antioxidants

Frangipani or kalachuchi is filled with antioxidants and also anti-inflammatory like health benefits arnica features that aids the healthy functioning of the whole body.

Antioxidants in particular, help eliminate cancer causing free radicals from the body and also lowering the presence of germs from the body as well! So all in all, kalachuchi’s purifying nature protects the organ from damage, for a better health and longevity. 

  1. Kalachuchis are also Stress Relievers

Kalachuchi or frangipani essential oils are also helpful health risks of stress relievers in terms of lowering stress and promoting peace in return. In addition, kalachuchi essential oils when inhaled are also known to be able to reduce anxiety as well, even better than benefits of lorazepam for anxiety! 

  1. Kalachuchi Essential Oil Triggers Love

Frangipani essential oils are regarded to be one of the best perfume ingredients ever by having a provocative effect to anyone who inhales it, thus producing sensual feelings. Besides, the kalachuchi flowers have been culturally linked to femininity, and in Chinese Feng Shui kalachuchi is linked with love.

  1. Kalachuchi Essential Oil Reconnects One with Inner Peace

The calming qualities of kalachuchi essential oil reconnects one with inner peace by significantly reducing the toxics of everyday stresses, while boosting mood and inner spirit simultaneously.

  1. Kalachuchi Essential Oil Increases Confidence

Kalachuchi essential oil, as it is inhaled promotes good mood, self-esteem, and therefore confidence to face the everyday struggles of life!

  1. Kalachuchi Essential Oil Induces Health Benefits of Deep Sleep 

Since kalachuchi essential oil is already calming in the first place, in addition it produces sedative effect to those who inhale it. Sedative means that it induces sleep, by calming the mind and releasing stress along the way.  

  1. Kalachuchi Essential Oil is also an Aphrodisiac

Finally, in relation to kalachuchi essential oils being categorized as a “love potion”, they are also aphrodisiac, which means that they build up sexual desire among lovers.

Cautions & Recommendations

Common to other flowers, there are also allergies caused by kalachuchi flowers. Also, frangipani is surprisingly poisonous too, however only when it is orally consumed.

Avoid frangipanis from being eaten because it will lead to one feeling sick shortly. Also, the milky sap of kalachuchi can be skin irritating, causing rashes and blisters. Ingestion of the sap and bark can also end up in vomiting and diarrhea.

How to Make Hawaiian Leis with Real Frangipani


  • 50 blossoms of frangipani and other flowers, such as carnations, daisies and roses
  • Scissors
  • Sewing kit
  • Thread


  1. Gather all materials ready first.
  2. Cut off the stems of all flowers. Leave about ¼ to ½ of an inch remaining.
  3. Cut the thread measuring 100 inches in length. This will result in a 40-inch long lei necklace.
  4. Double it over, because it will end up with a spare 5 inch at the end for tying the finished lei.
  5. Thread the needle at the length of the string through the eye, until it doubles over. Tie the two ends of the string together to form a knot, which also doubles as a stopper for the flowers.
  6. Take one flower and pass the needle through the centre of the flower all the way up until the last piece of flower. As it progresses, gently push the needled flowers all the way back to prevent it from ruining.
  7. Finally, adjust the placement of the first and last flower so that they look like they have been nested together. And finally, tie the ends of the strings into a square knot.
  8. Your frangipani lei is now ready to be worn!