15 Amazing Benefits of Using Coconut Oil as Body Lotion

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coconut oil body lotionIn addition to frying food, you will also get the benefits of coconut oil as a body lotion for your skin. What are the benefits? Check out the complete explanation and informative through the article below. After you read it, you may be more interested in using coconut oil as body lotion than other beauty products that use chemicals.

The nutrient content of coconut oil per 100 g

  • Calories (kcal) 862
  • Fat amount 100 g
  • Saturated fat 87 g
  • Polyunsaturated fats 1.8 g
  • Monounsaturated fats 6 g

Benefits of using coconut oil as body lotion :

  1. Moisturises the skin

One of the Coconut Oil Benefits is moisturizing the skin naturally. Just like the oil in general, coconut oil will hydrate the skin so it can be used as a substitute for a powerful nighttime moisturizer. Another advantage is that coconut oil is safe to use as a daily beauty product.

How to use it is quite easy. Pour coconut oil about 2 tablespoons into a small container and apply it to the face or other body parts that have been cleaned. Let stand for 20-30 minutes until the oil is dry and you are ready to sleep. For best results, do this treatment 2-3 times a week. Look more information about Benefits of Coconut Oil for Skin.

  1. Coconut oil can reduce the impact of allergy and infection

If you have skin diseases that also attack the skin like chilblains, eczema, and dermatitis, do not worry because coconut oil was able to treat it quickly, including treating it in the other skin, such as the face. Just apply coconut oil to all parts of the skin that itch or hurt and let stand for a few minutes without scratching or touching the skin so that the disease will not get worse during treatment.

Can be ascertained allergies and infections will be faster disappear and leave no traces. Do this treatment as soon as you get an infection and keep doing it until allergies or infections are completely lost from our body.

  1. Coconut oil for skin tightening

Coconut oil is also very good for adults who start aging because it can tighten the skin. Apply a little coconut oil after a shower every night to the face and another part of the skin that began to wrinkle. If you do it every day, the skin will become firmer and you will look a few years younger. This benefits of coconut oil is amazing, isn’t it? This is equivalent to the benefits of the Benefits of Almond Oil.

  1. Protect the skin

The other benefits of using coconut oil as body lotion are to protect the skin from microbial and bacterial infections. Coconut oil has high levels of antioxidants that are used to slow the harmful effects of free radicals in the skin.

  1. Scrub

If you have dry or rough skin problem then coconut oil can also be used as raw material to make a scrub. You just need to make a mixture of sugar and coconut oil to make sugar scrubs. The trick is to mix half a cup of sea salt or sugar with the same amount of liquid coconut oil, then use your hands to rub in on all the rough skin. Sugar scrubs help remove dead skin and coconut oil helps to keep your skin moist. You can also add salt to this type of scrub.

  1. Lotion

Coconut oil cream has a soft texture so it is suitable for moisturizing the skin. Apply coconut oil to your skin just after you take a bath so it can seep into the skin immediately. You can also add a few drops of peppermint or lavender oil to use it as a mixed massage ingredients. This is great for those with dry, cracked feet especially in the summer.

  1. Night cream

Coconut oil is an excellent intensive moisturizer for your face at night, especially for those of you who have dry skin problems. But keep in mind, before applying it to the face, you can test it on a certain area first because some people feel coconut oil is too oily for their skin and can clog pores. Alternatively, you can try using olive oil.

  1. Coconut oil to overcome injuries and skin problems

Coconut oil is also considered able to relieve skin irritation and help the healing process of wounds. In addition, coconut oil is believed to have effectiveness in fighting skin problems such as eczema when compared to Benefits of Applying Olive Oil On Skin.

  1. Coconut oil protects the skin from the sun

One of the benefits of using coconut oil as body lotion is to protect your skin from the sun. Coconut oil contains vitamin E which acts as an antioxidant that can help the skin protected from the dangers of UV rays. You can apply it to your skin before your skin is exposed to the sun.

  1. Makes skin more shine

All women would want their skin to shine. Shining skin will look fresh and pleasant when viewed. The skin will emit light when it has good moisture, especially on the forehead, cheekbones, and chin. If the parts are well hydrated, it can be ascertained facial skin shines. You can make it all by applying coconut oil to the three parts mentioned. The same benefits are shared by Benefits of Moroccan Argan Oil.

  1. Lifting dead skin cells

Coconut oil can also be used for this treatment. Yes, you can rely on coconut oil to remove dead skin cells on your body. Coconut oil also serves as a natural exfoliator to exfoliate dead skin cells, like salt or sugar. Coconut oil is able to scrape off dead skin and clean the dirt that inhibits the pores without irritating the skin. So the skin becomes healthier, brighter, smoother, and more beautiful of course. For the treatment simply apply coconut oil to the skin area evenly.

  1. Eliminate scars

Coconut oil can also help remove scars on your skin. Both facial skin and other body skin parts. You can use coconut oil by direct application on your skin.

  1. Overcoming dry skin

If you have dry skin, one of the best ways to overcome it is by using coconut oil. Use coconut oil as a body lotion. Apply on the skin like elbows and knees that tend to be drier than other parts.

  1. Overcoming stretch marks

Stretch marks usually occur due to changes in skin elasticity, which usually occur when weight gain or decreases or occurs due to pregnancy. Using coconut oil as a body lotion can help reduce marks left, so stretch marks fade faster while keeping the skin moist.

  1. Health of the skin thoroughly

Using coconut oil as a body lotion can help rebuild a flexible youth and fight the signs of aging. Coconut oil can also be used to heal wounds, infections and burns. Coconut oil offers the benefits as a moisturizer that heals and soothes the skin from the inside and outside.

So, don’t forget to apply coconut oil on all your skin before you sleep or before you go out to do your activities.